"He's not gonna kill you if you let me go."
"Come up here, and she's dead! You hear me?"
"Hey, hey, hey, hey! You touch her, I'll kill you!"
Amy Bendix, Martin and Frank Castle[src]

The Battle at Crescent Street was a mission carried out by Martin and his mercenary crew to abduct Amy Bendix. Eventually, Bendix was rescued by the Punisher who killed all hostiles, including Martin himself.


"Kid, you need to come home. There's a contract out on us. Every piece of shit in this city is looking for you right now. I need you to come back now."
"I'm leaving like I should've in the beginning."
"Okay. Listen to me. I will put you on a train myself, but you need to come back. Let me ask you a question. How much do you trust this friend of yours, huh? Because right now you're the most valuable thing they've ever seen."
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]

When Amy Bendix had taken photos of David Schultz kissing another man at a funeral David's parents, Anderson and Eliza had ordered John Pilgrim to massacre all of the grifters. Pilgrim had succeeded however Bendix was the one that had the photos of David and had managed to avoid the massacre. Bendix had gone on the run to avoid Anderson and Eliza's wrath. When Anderson and Eliza had saved Pilgrim's wife they had convinced him to hire mercenaries to go after and kill Bendix. Pilgrim had the old gang he was in come in contact with several mercenaries to kill Bendix for a five million dollars. One mercenary leader and his group had failed by being killed by the Punisher while trying to find Bendix. One of Pilgrim's fellow gang members, Danny came into contact with another mercenary named Martin and had sent him and his crew of three mercenaries to Crescent Street to kill Bendix.


"Come out! Or I'm gonna start putting bullets through the door!"
Martin to Amy Bendix[src]
Under John Pilgrim's orders Martin and his henchmen are dispatched into Crescent Street, Martin and his henchmen search the place in hopes of finding Amy Bendix. Martin and two of his three mercenaries go up the stairs while one stays on the first floor. The Punisher manages to shoot the mercenary left behind while hiding under the staircase, killing the mercenary. Martin and one of the men with him are alerted when they hear gunshots and assume it's the Punisher, the mercenary Martin is with and another mercenary goes to investigate while Martin goes to find Bendix.

Martin starts to investigate the rooms in order to find Bendix. Martin finds the door of the room Bendix is in and threatens to kill her if she doesn't open the door, Bendix opens the door and pleads to Martin not to kill her. The two other mercenaries run down the staircase in order to kill the Punisher but the Punisher uses an SMG and guns down the two mercenaries, leaving Martin the only one alive. Martin hears more gunshots and the screams of the mercenaries before being finished off by the Punisher, Martin threatens the Punisher that he would kill Bentrix. While Martin is distracted on the Punisher Bendix disarms Martin and gets his Desert Eagle.

Martin doesn't believe Bendix will shoot him but is proven wrong when Bendix shoots him in the chest, mortally wounding him. Martin yells out in pain as the Punisher comes over to Bendix, Bendix tells the Punisher that she shot Martin and tells the Punisher to finish Martin off, the Punisher obeys and shoots Martin with his own Desert Eagle, killing him.


"I know you hated pulling that trigger. But you did it. That kept you alive."
"Yeah. But is that all there is now? That's it? It's just... alive or dead? Them or us?"
"Yeah, I'm... Yeah, I'm gonna do whatever I can to make that different for you."
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]

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