"Take me there."
"I've thought about it, but it's a fortress. It's impossible to get inside."
Daredevil and Stan Gibson[src]

The Rescue in the Farm was an attempt to save Daniel Gibson from the Hand orchestrated by Daredevil.


"If I tell you anything, they will kill my son."
"Where are they holding him?"
"Some kind of drug operation. I don't know what they're doing there. They call it the Farm."
Stan Gibson and Daredevil[src]

Daredevil located Stan Gibson in the Yakatomi Building parking lot and took out his bodyguards. Having knocked out and subdued his guards with ease, Daredevil revealed to Gibson that he found out that the Hand had infiltrated the Roxxon Corporation and told Gibson to tell him what they are doing. Gibson revealed that the Hand was keeping his son, Daniel Gibson, hostage. Gibson revealed that the Hand had a heavily guarded facility that they called the Farm. Daredevil then demanded that the clearly terrified Gibson take him to that place.[1]



Daredevil fought against Nobu Yoshioka

"You still have scars to remember me by, I hope."
"Wait. You're dead."
"There is no such thing."
Nobu Yoshioka and Daredevil[src]

Stan Gibson took Daredevil to the Farm, leaving him outside. Daredevil knocked out the guards and found Hirochi. Daredevil could hear blood dripping in another room and he demanded Hirochi take him to the source. When Hirochi showed him the inner workings of the Farm, Daredevil was horrified to find young kids caged like animals and being drained of their blood through a tube. The tubes went into a huge stone sarcophagus. Daredevil went to free the children and Hirochi escaped. Gibson entered the Farm and was horrified to see his son in one of the cages. Then, unknown masked ninja ambushed Daredevil, letting him know that the draining wasn't complete, as he took out an all too familiar chain and knife.

Daredevil fought the ninja as long as he could, but the ninja became victorious. The ninja pushed the sarcophagus into an elevator; then, Daredevil figured out who the ninja was: Nobu Yoshioka. Daredevil was shocked, stating that he should be dead after their confrontation at Pier 81 Warehouse: However, Yoshioka replied that there was no such thing.[1]



The children wait for the Hand to rescue them

"Let me guess. You're the one who found 'em."
"The cages, the medical tubing. They were being drained."
"For what?"
"Doesn't matter. We need to find the people who did this to them."
Brett Mahoney and Daredevil[src]

Having been called to the Farm, Brett Mahoney and NYPD officers discovered a children held in cages by Hand. Outside he was called by Daredevil. As soon as he arrived, he told him about the caged children and that they needed medical attention, warning him about the Hand trying to get them. Daredevil told him to take them to Metro-General Hospital.

Mahoney organized transporting of children to the Metro-General and they was put under Claire Temple's care. However, several days later, hospital was assaulted by Hand ninjas. Daredevil managed to fight against ninjas but they abducted Daniel Gibson and other children and escaped from the hospital. Children was returned to the Farm, where Hirochi regrouped with Nobu Yoshioka and cut the prisoner's wrists, draining their blood which was spilled into the sarcophagus.[2]


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