"Two figures, not moving but alive. Assuming Bobbi and Hunter. The other figures moving in the room... assume bad guys. One of them has powers, so best we avoid him."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The Rescue in the Colombian Police Station was a rescue mission orchestrated by S.H.I.E.L.D. to extract agents Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse.


"Hunter and Bobbi were gone by the time we got there."
Daisy Johnson to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Elena Rodriguez, a young woman who had recently gone through Terrigenesis after ingesting fish soup that had been contaminated by the Terrigen Mist during the Inhuman Outbreak, decided to use her newfound powers to fight corruption in her country, believing her power to be a gift from God.

Bouncing Back 28

Elena Rodriguez with the stolen guns

Using her power to run at extreme speeds for the length of a heartbeat, Rodriguez stole a cargo of machine guns from Victor Ramon and a team of corrupt National Police of Colombia. She took the weapons to her cousin Francisco Rodriguez, who hid them in their apartment so they could dispose of them later by dumping them in a river and thus making sure that the police won't be able to hurt the innocent.

However, the theft of the weapons caught S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention, and a team consisting of Daisy Johnson, Joey Gutierrez, Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter, and Alphonso Mackenzie came to the site to investigate the theft at the hands of a powered individual. The latter noticed Rodriguez's worn out shoes and realized she was the one responsible for the stolen weapons. However, Rodriguez disarmed Mackenzie and pushed him into a van using her powers.

Bouncing Back 23

Alphonso Mackenzie meets Elena Rodriguez

Back at Rodriguez's apartment, she tied up Mackenzie in the bathroom. However, he managed to free himself and attempted to escape, but was once again defeated by Rodriguez thanks to her powers. Mackenzie accused her of being a criminal, which Rodriguez was offended about. She explained how she believed her powers to be a gift from God and that she wouldn't use her gift to commit a sin. Mackenzie questioned if it was really God who gave Rodriguez her powers or if it was fish, which made her realize that that was what she was eating when she went through Terrigenesis. A short amount of time later, Johnson, Morse and Hunter came into the apartment to free Mackenzie and abduct Rodriguez.


Elena Rodriguez in the Containment Module

Rodriguez was put in a Containment Module on Zephyr One, where she awoke from her unconsciousness. She tried to escape from the module by slamming against the walls at superhuman speed, however it did not work and she always snapped back to her starting point. Rodriguez was interrogated by Joey Gutierrez in Spanish, with a device translating the interrogation for the rest of the team. Rodriguez explained that she and her cousin weren't going to use the weapons, but instead get rid of them so the corrupt members of the police could not use them anymore.

At the same time Morse and Hunter found Francisco Rodriguez throwing the firearms into a river, which confirmed Elena's statement. Shortly after arresting Francisco, the pair of agents was approached by Victor Ramon and Lucio and were paralyzed by the latter. Ramon shot Francisco in the head for stealing their weapons.

The corpse was brought to the Zephyr and Rodriguez was shown that her cousin had been killed by Ramon. Gutierrez translated as Mackenzie told her that like her, he relied on his faith and maybe her gifts were from God. He told her that they needed to use these gifts for good and she agreed to help them save Morse and Hunter from the police. Rodriguez then explained that her powers are connected to her pulse and that she can run as far as she can get in one heartbeat.[1]


"The Inhuman... The power's in his eyes!"
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Outside the National Police of Colombia precinct, Elena Rodriguez used her super speed to still from a policeman his ID card. Daisy Johnson, Alphonso Mackenzie, Joey Gutierrez and Rodriguez then entered the precinct and Mackenzie split up to search for Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. Gutierrez used his powers to melt the weapon arsenal of the police.


Elena Rodriguez is defeated by Lucio

The three Inhumans used their powers to go more inside the precinct. Meanwhile, Mackenzie managed to rescue Morse and Hunter from Victor Ramon. The Inhuman Lucio came to the three Inhuman and used his power to stun Rodriguez. Gutierrez melted Lucio's glasses onto his face and Johnson knocked him out with a shock wave.[1]


BB HYDRA extracts Lucio

Lucio is kidnapped by HYDRA

"I made some moves this week to ensure we have all the Inhumans we need when the time comes. In fact... I just acquired one you might find useful."
Gideon Malick to Hive[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to rescue Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter from the National Police of Colombia and attempted to arrest Lucio. However, the latter was captured by HYDRA with an Extraction Claw before they could leave the station.[1] Lucio was taken to Hive, who used his power to control Inhumans on him.[2]

Victor Ramon was incarcerated for his actions, but after he was freed, he conspired to plan his revenge alongside the Watchdogs.[3]


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