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"Sharing was never one of my strong points."
―Reno to Jen[src]

Reno was a marijuana dealer working with Ted and Jen on the island of Oahu. When Karnak mysteriously appeared and began a relationship with Jen, Reno soon became jealous, killing Ted and planning on killing Jen and Karnak, only to be executed by Tua.


Growing Marijuana

Working with Ted and Jen

"You didn't trust me or Jen at first."
"Yeah. But I needed you both to pull this off."
Ted and Reno[src]

Reno set up a collaboration with Jen and Ted and together they settled a marijuana farming camp on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Despite distrusting them at first, Reno managed to maintain the activity running with customers like Tua.[1]

Capturing Karnak

"You just made a big mistake."
"I don't make mistakes."
"You sure about that?"
―Reno and Karnak[src]

While working at the farming camp, Reno was surprised to see the unexpected arrival of the Inhuman Karnak, who was lost on Oahu. Reno and Ted captured him and tied him up in a cabin, waiting to decide what to do with him, unsure about what to think of his story of his family.

While Jen and Ted were in favor of releasing him as he was no threat to their activities, Reno suggested to kill Karnak to make sure that he did not report them to the authorities. As Karnak had a violent outburst, Reno and the others decided to discuss the matter outside. They put it to a vote, which Reno lost. Therefore, Reno reluctantly agreed to untie Karnak and keep him at work in their camp under Reno's watch.[1]

Attempting Murder

"'Morning, sunshines."
―Reno to Karnak and Jen[src]

Despite Karnak helping the team of marijuana farmers to improve their yields, Reno kept distrusting him, as he considered him a potential threat and an extra person to share the benefits with. Moreover, Reno grew jealous of the bond forming between Karnak and Jen. He watched as they bathed in the ocean and kissed and remained silent when they returned to the camp.


Reno attempts to kill Karnak and Jen

Deciding to keep all the benefits of the marijuana business for himself instead of sharing with his associates, Reno murdered Ted while Karnak and Jen made love in the latter's tent and proceeded to dig a grave.[2] He then waited until the morning for Karnak and Jen to get out of the tent. When they did, Reno shot at Karnak, who used his powers to slice the bullet in half, much to Reno's surprise.

As Karnak and a wounded Jen attempted to escape, Reno shot at them again, but he missed them. Reno chased them in the forest until he got a call from Tua who informed him that he was coming early to the farm to pick up the merchandise.[3]

Murdered by Tua

Tua Shots Reno

Reno is executed by Tua

"I don't trust people who kill their partners."

Reno met with Tua and his group of traffickers in the camp's cabin, informing them about Karnak and Jen, who could report them to the police. As Tua asked him where Ted was, Reno pretended that he had been killed in an accident. Reno took Tua to Ted's grave but Tua figured out that Reno had killed his associate. Therefore, Reno was executed by Tua.[3]


"At times, he exhibits clear sociopathological symptoms."
"He's a New Yorker."
Karnak and Jen[src]

According to Karnak, Reno manifested some behaviors typically found in sociopaths. A harsh individual, Reno was willing to do everything to ensure his marijuana business is worth the efforts he made, to the point he considered committing murder to protect his secrets. Despite having greatly benefit from Ted's and Jen's help, Reno showed little if no remorse to murder the former and try to do the same with the latter so he would not have to share the profits with anybody else.



  • Machete: Reno carried a machete he drew out when first encountering Karnak.
  • Handgun: Reno had a handgun he used to shoot at Karnak and Jen, although he could not kill either of them.



  • Ted † - Associate turned Victim
  • Jen - Associate turned Attempted Victim
  • Tua † - Customer turned Killer
  • Karnak - Situational Ally turned Attempted Victim


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