"What did the lab rats say?"
"They think it's some kind of long-range transmitter."
"How long? Moscow-long?"
Jack Thompson and Roger Dooley[src]

The Remote Typewriter is a communication device used by Leviathan operatives. It can be dismantled into parts that resemble common household items, such as a Royal KMM typewriter, a razor and a can of talc powder.


The Remote Typewriter was assembled by the Man in the Green Suit when he wanted to communicate with his contact inside the Leviathan organization. After he assembled the machine, he sent a message that he was having difficulty in retrieving the Nitramene devices.[1]

The contact later sent the man a message via the remote typewriter that Leet Brannis was to be tracked down.[2]

The machine was remanded to the custody of the Strategic Scientific Reserve when Roger Dooley and Ray Krzeminski went to the Hotel Cosmopolitan and inspected the room used by the Man in the Green Suit as part of their investigation.[3]

The Remote Typewriter began receiving a transmission; Roger Dooley noticed the keys typing one night as he stayed late in the New York Bell Company Office.[4]



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