"Check these out. Remote Access Kimoyo Beads. Updated to interface directly with my sand table."
Shuri to T'Challa[src]

The Remote Access Kimoyo Beads are advanced versions of the standard Kimoyo design, used by Shuri to control vehicles from her console in her lab in Mount Bashenga.


Arrest of Ulysses Klaue

The Remote Access Kimoyo Beads were designed by the Wakandan Design Group led by Shuri. As T'Challa prepared to depart to Busan, South Korea to intercept a Vibranium deal by Ulysses Klaue, Shuri instructed her brother to take the Beads with him when he agreed to let her help in the arrest.

During the mission, when Klaue escaped from the Jagalchi Market Casino, Okoye threw a Bead onto the hood of a nearby car as she and Nakia chased after Klaue and his crew in Nakia's car. As T'Challa followed, Shuri's console activated, with her and T'Challa joining the chase thanks to the Beads.[1]

Battle of Mount Bashenga

Before joining the battle between the Border Tribe and Black Panther, Shuri instructed Everett Ross to take control of the Royal Talon Fighter to take down the Dragon Flyers sent by Erik Killmonger to deliver Vibranium weapons to the War Dogs around the world. To that end, Shuri planted a Remote Access Kimoyo Bead on the Royal Talon Fighter so that Ross could control it from Shuri's Lab.[1]


The Bead manifesting a car's interface

The Remote Access Kimoyo Beads can transmit control to the console in Shuri's Lab, allowing a user to remotely pilot any vehicle they're placed on, even from large distances. The Beads relay the information from the vehicle they're mounted on, creating a nanite-constructed interface that mimics a vehicle's controls, and a built-in camera allows pilots to see the vehicle's surroundings in real time in an AR environment.

The Beads give users access to all of the systems of the vehicle they're connected to, which allowed Everett Ross to activate the Royal Talon Fighter's sonic blast capabilities from the console in the Great Mound.


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