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"The Remorath are marauders. They're intergalactic scavengers with no planet of their own, so they just take from others, and wherever they go, darkness follows."
Deke Shaw[src]

The Remorath are a race of scavengers that do not have a planet of their own. Because of this, they steal from whatever planet they find. The Remorath are in league with the alien alliance, the Confederacy.


Joining the Confederacy

"There are six seats. Kallusians, Rajaks, Astrans all count themselves members; obviously, the Remorath, and there are two other warrior clans."

The Remorath were one of the six extraterrestrial species who joined the Confederacy, an intergalactic alliance formed in order to be able to face and withstand powerful threats like Thanos. One of the representatives of the Remorath within the Confederacy was Qovas.[2]

Siege of the Lighthouse

The Remorath teleport into the Lighthouse

"They're already inside!"
"We don't even know who "they" are."
Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Due to Hale's failure to provide the Confederacy with the Gravitonium they were expecting, Qovas took his Remorath soldiers with his spaceship over the Lighthouse, where S.H.I.E.L.D. kept the element. A battalion of Remorath soon infiltrated the Lighthouse using their Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device and laid waste in the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, killing many agents with their razor claws, including Agents Wahl and Thomas.

The Remorath fought against the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in two different spots. A first squad faced Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Alphonso Mackenzie, Leo Fitz and Deke Shaw in the control room while another group of soldiers tried to make their way to the labs defended by James Davis, Piper, Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Jemma Simmons. However, the entire Remorath battalion was exterminated by Glenn Talbot, who infused himself with the Gravitonium and used his powers to crush the Remorath soldiers on his way.[1] Only Qajax survived the battle and was taken prisoner, but he chose to commit suicide with the Odium.[2]

New Leader

The Remorath kneel to Glenn Talbot

"I can take you to a real spaceship. What do you think about that, partner? It's a really big ship, and it's full of these crazy aliens. But don't worry. They're my friends."
Glenn Talbot to George Talbot[src]

Using his new powers, Glenn Talbot infiltrated Qovas' Ship with Phil Coulson. They were immediately apprehended by a group of Remorath and taken to Qovas. However, Talbot revealed the full extent of his powers, killing a Remorath soldier and forcing Qovas and his troops to kneel before him. Qovas, knowing that he would not stand a chance, agreed and ordered his troops to do the same, thus effectively bringing the Remorath under Talbot's leadership.

Talbot, who took possession of the spaceship, demanded to meet the other members of the Confederacy to renegotiate the deal previously struck by HYDRA in the name of Humans. At first, Qovas refused, claiming that he would rather die than betray the Confederacy, but he eventually agreed to take Talbot with him on a Confederacy meeting. The Remorath helped Talbot to prepare for the meeting, shaving him and giving him a new suit. While Talbot and Qovas left, Coulson and Hale, who had been staying on the spaceship since the death of her daughter Ruby Hale, remained with the Remorath soldiers.

While Talbot and Qovas returned from the meeting and informed Coulson and Hale of Thanos' attack on Earth, which led to a furious argument between Talbot and Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Quake and Melinda May also infiltrated the spaceship and fought against several Remorath soldiers. They eventually found Coulson and Talbot, who threatened to kill his former friend. Over the confrontation, Hale was killed while Quake, Coulson, and Talbot were taken prisoners of war by the Remorath.[2] Coulson and May were locked in a cell while Quake was taken away by two Remorath to be delivered to the Kree Taryan.

However, Coulson and May escaped thanks to Deke Shaw who also infiltrated the ship and killed the Remorath guard. Quake defeated her captors as well and the group reunited in the spaceship, taking down several Remorath soldiers in the process. Upon discovering the escape, Qovas ordered the Remorath to launch Ionizer Missiles on the S.H.I.E.L.D's Lighthouse. However, May and Shaw prevented the launch and changed the coordinates of the missiles' target. Unaware of that, Qovas attempted to kill May and Shaw but failed and he decided to launch the missiles himself. May and Shaw revealed their trick and then escaped with the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device, leaving the spaceship and its entire Remorath garrison to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Talbot took two Remorath soldiers with him to Earth. With their assistance, he kidnapped Polly and Robin Hinton in order to ask the latter where he could find more Gravitonium.[3] The Remorath guards remained at Talbot's side when he returned to the now destroyed Remorath spaceship and took its remnants to Chicago. While Talbot left to find the Gravitonium, the Remorath stayed in the ship and encountered Alphonso Mackenzie, who had come to rescue Polly. They attempted to kill them both, but they were ultimately killed by May and Leo Fitz, thus putting an end to the Remorath's presence around Earth.[4]

Alternate Timeline

"We just gave them whatever they wanted, and then said thank you and cleaned up the bodies after they left."
Deke Shaw[src]

In the alternate timeline where the Earth was destroyed, the Remorath attacked the remnants of Humanity who had sought refuge in the Lighthouse. Unable to fight back against these formidable attackers, the Humans gave the Remorath marauders what they demanded and then worked on continuing to survive after the massacre.[1]

Characteristic Traits

Physical Attributes

A Remorath wielding his claw

"Wherever they go, darkness follows."
"Darkness? That's a little vague."
"Well, it's not the concept of darkness, it's literal darkness. It follows them because they're magic, and they can see in the dark, and we can't, so it makes them kill us better with their claws."
Deke Shaw and Melinda May[src]

The Remorath, which appear human-like from a glance, don black suits, and masks. Most of them appear to have tattoos across their faces. Their mere presence causes nearby electronics to fail. Deke Shaw believed them to be somehow magic while Leo Fitz thinks they rely on an EMP technology. Remorath themselves are not affected by this as they are able to see through the darkness. Moreover, Remorath is quite durable, able to completely shrug off bullets, which they combine with their formidable proficiency with the retractable razor-sharp claws implanted in their hands they use to fight.

Cultural Traits

"We, Remorath, earn our kills. That is how we earn our rank."

Like other warmongering species, Remorath value violence, physical strength, and combat skills. An individual's rank and earned respect are assessed according to how many murders they committed and how they carried them. As such, Remorath despises the use of firearms, preferring to rely on their implanted claws to kill their opponents, and they despise Humans who resort to using such disgraceful weapons. They also consider that killing someone with their own weapons is a complete disgrace for the victim.

High-ranking individuals within the Remorath hierarchy are entitled to wield longer and more elaborate claws than standard Remorath, as shown with Qovas' fighting claws which significantly differed from his soldiers'.

Notable Remorath


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  • The Remorath's sigil appears to be three horizontally aligned crimson balls, with the one in the middle being slightly bigger than the two others. The sigil appeared on Qolpakc's chest as well as on the suit the Remorath gave to Glenn Talbot.


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