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"How does the defendant plead?"
"Not guilty."
Cynthia Batzer and Frank Castle

Regrets Only is the sixth episode of the second season of the television series Daredevil.


A lethal foe returns with a vengeance, Foggy and Murdock risk the firm to ensure justice, and Karen sees a different side of the Punisher.


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At Elektra Natchios' apartment, assailants break in, looking for the person who hacked into Roxxon Corporation's servers. Natchios and Daredevil are waiting for them and incapacitate their attackers.

Afterwards, Murdock and Natchios visit a diner, where he angrily asks why the Yakuza was after Natchios. She explains that she hacked into Roxxon's servers, and that Roxxon has connections to the Yakuza. He then asks her how she knew he was Daredevil, to which she replies she saw him on the news and recognized him by his ass.

Natchios convinces him to help her discover why the Yakuza has infiltrated Roxxon, and he reluctantly agrees. He makes her promise not to kill anyone, and also to leave New York City as soon as they are done. He also makes it clear that he is seeing someone and has no interest in reviving their relationship.

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At Nelson and Murdock's offices, Christopher Roth, the public defender assigned to Frank Castle, asks Karen Page to sign her witness statement. However, it is full of discrepancies so she refuses. Murdock arrives in time to hear Roth explain to Foggy Nelson that the District Attorney is seeking to extradite Castle to Delaware for crimes he committed there, so that Castle will face the death sentence.

Once Roth leaves, both Page and Murdock try to convince Nelson that they should take Castle on as a client. Murdock says that they do not have to actually defend him, only negotiate a plea deal that would take the death penalty off the table. When Nelson refuses, Page excuses herself to let the lawyers speak in private. Nelson is shocked that Murdock would want to help the man who chained him to a rooftop, but Murdock firmly believes that Castle should not die for his actions. Nelson reluctantly agrees and the three leave for the hospital to meet with Castle.

They find that Metro-General Hospital is swarming with security, who are trying to keep the press out. The three are met by the newly promoted Detective Sergeant Brett Mahoney, who leads them to Castle's room. Murdock asks Castle to let Nelson and Murdock represent him, but Castle is not interested. Page grabs the photo she removed from Castle's home and angrily tells him that he cannot find the answers to his family's murder if he is dead.


District Attorney Samantha Reyes arrives, furious that Nelson and Murdock are speaking to Castle without Roth present. Mahoney emerges from Castle's room stating that Castle has asked Nelson and Murdock to represent him.

The three retire to a spare room to discuss the case, but a chauffeur arrives, saying there is a car service for Murdock. Murdock informs Nelson and Page that he forgot he had scheduled a meeting with a potential wealthy client, and he leaves.

Murdock joins Natchios in the car and she presents him with a tuxedo. She explains that they are going to a gala held at the Roxxon building so that they can search for a ledger describing the Yakuza's illegal activities within the company.

At the hospital, Page and Nelson are stunned by the number of charges brought against Castle. They go to question him, but Castle insists on speaking to Page alone. Once Nelson leaves, Castle asks Page what she knows about his family. She reads him the official report, and he tells her that it is wrong. He describes a massacre in Central Park in which at least three groups starting firing at each other, and his family was killed in the crossfire.

He then asks her about his house, as he had not been there since the murders. She describes what she saw and answers his questions about it. He thanks her for helping him remember the details, and then agrees to answer any questions she has.

At the gala, Natchios and Murdock find Stan Gibson, an accountant with no fighting skills but a key card to a secure floor at the building, at the bar. When Murdock realizes that Gibson is being watched, he devises a plan to get him alone. He spills red wine on Gibson's white suit, pretending that it was an accident. Gibson is angry, but when he notices that Murdock is blind, he brushes the incident off and goes to the men's room to clean up. In the men's room, Gibson and his bodyguards are attacked by Murdock, who knocks them out and steals Gibson's key card. He finds Natchios and the two make their way to the secure floor.

At the hospital, Nelson informs Castle that he was able to negotiate a plea which removes the death penalty and gives him a chance at parole. However, at the arraignment, Castle surprises everyone by pleading not guilty. Nelson and Page leave the hospital, realizing that they are now the defending lawyers in the trial of the century.

At the Roxxon gala, Natchios and Murdock must evade security to get the secure floor. Once there, Murdock uses his senses to detect a hidden room, and they find the ledger. However, their presence has been detected and they need to find a way out. They retire into an empty office on the 11th floor and pretend to be a couple looking for privacy. Once the security guards realize Murdock is blind, they let the two leave.

In the car, Natchios is surprised that part of the ledger is coded and she cannot read it.

In the Roxxon building, Hirochi has Gibson's bodyguards killed for failing to keep Gibson safe. When Gibson says he has nothing but respect for the Yakuza, Hirochi asks why he thinks he is Yakuza.

Nelson goes to Matt Murdock's Apartment to tell him about the Castle case. He tells his friend to clear his calendar, because the trial of the People versus Frank Castle will begin the following week.


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  • The case number Karen Page reads of to Frank Castle is 211974, the investigation into his family's murder. 211974 is loosely based on the date 2/1974. February 1974 was the first appearance of the Punisher in the Amazing Spider-Man #129 comic book.
  • Upon hearing Matt's voice for the first time, Frank appears to recognise his voice as that of Daredevil, and subsequently says "I know who you are", though he then claims to be referring to Nelson and Murdock's reputation as lawyers. It is never confirmed whether or not Frank knows if Matt is Daredevil, either in Daredevil or The Punisher.


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