"You're different than the others. Compassionate. Please, will you help us?"
"I am so sorry. We'll make this right."
―Regina Fitzgerald and Danny Rand[src]

Regina Fitzgerald is a woman who lives on Staten Island with her son.


Regina Fitzgerald lived on Staten Island with her son near Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant. Seemingly because of the plant, her son was diagnosed with cancer seemingly because of Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant on Staten Island. She hired lawyer Melvin Ortiz to represent her. At Rand Enterprises Building, they met with Joy Meachum and her lawyers. She denied any Rand Enterprises' implication with it. Fitzgerald couldn't stand it started crying in front of Meachum. Ortiz tried to comfort her and Meachum finished the meeting.

Following Danny Rand's return to the Rand Enterprises, Firzgerald met him outside the building and told him that she had heard about his recent action of lowering the drug price. She showed him a photo of her son and explained that her son got it from the Rand Chemical Plant near where they lived. Rand was sympathetic to Regina's plight and promised to make it right.[1]



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