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"He is my most precious."
Kasius about Reese[src]

Reese was a human servant of Kasius and the Kree on the Lighthouse.


Serving the Kree

"Sometimes, the Kree take Humans to their levels to serve. Call it an honor."

Reese was among the survivors living in the Lighthouse. He became a servant of the Kree ruling the place and as such, he would occasionally go down to lower levels of the Lighthouse with his Kree masters.

Reese accompanied Sinara and two other Kree guards for a food distribution at the Exchange. Two survivors began fighting over the food and Reese was accidentally stabbed in the process. While Sinara executed the responsible, Reese was healed by Jemma Simmons with the assistance of Melinda May.[1]


"I demand perfection."

Reese was brought back to the upper levels of the Lighthouse and later summoned by Kasius, who lamented over the fact that his wounds would leave scars. Although his wound in the belly could be hidden beneath his clothes, the one of his forehead would remain visible. Dissatisfied with this imperfection on his valued servant, and despite Jemma Simmons' pleas, Kasius had Sinara execute Reese.

Afterwards, Kasius extracted a strange fluid out of Reese's ear and injected it in Jemma's.[1]


  • Lighthouse: Reese was a human resident of the Lighthouse. He was taken by Kasius as one of his personal servants, and as such he was granted access to Kasius' Suites. Reese sometimes went back to the human levels of the Lighthouse to accompany member of the Kree Watch and deliver messages for them.





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