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"Well, instead of letting Fisk use you and the FBI to retaliate against innocent lawyers who put him in prison, why don't you ask him if he hired a fixer named Felix Manning to launder money through Red Lion?"
Karen Page to Ray Nadeem[src]

The Red Lion National Bank is a offshore firm managed by Felix Manning which was used by Wilson Fisk to launder his money.


Fixer's Services

"He's been funneling his money through Vancorp, which is the shell corporation that owns the hotel, and he's keeping it in an offshore firm named Red Lion National Bank."
Karen Page[src]

Due to his work as fixer, Felix Manning established offshore company Red Lion National Bank to provide illicit services. Manning was hired by Wilson Fisk who was incarcerated in Ryker's Island. Having received money from Fisk's offshore company Vancorp, Manning laundered it through Red Lion to make a purchase of the Presidential Hotel untraceable.[1]

Threat to Nelsons

"Out of the blue, I get this call from a bank I never heard of offering to help us out. Red Lion Bank. [...] The loan officer there, he coaches me on how to move the numbers around. Make our assets look healthier, you know. And bam! The loan comes through without a hitch."
Theo Nelson to Foggy Nelson[src]

Learning about financial problems of Nelson's Meats, Red Lion National Bank contacted with Theo Nelson. Red Lion's loan officer advised him how to falsify store's assets to make it look more healthier. It worked and loan comes through without a hitch. Sometime later, Felix Manning met with Theo and informed him about his accounting what could put Theo and his parents in jail. He said that Red Lion will contact with the loan and inform them about it, unless Theo could convince Foggy Nelson to walk back everything he said about Wilson Fisk.[2] In the wake of arrest of Manning and Fisk, Red Lion Bank was taken down by DA Blake Tower.[3]


Wilson Fisk
Nelson's Meats
Theo Nelson



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