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"Why would Rand wanna buy this pier?"
"I don't really know. Ward said to buy it. I facilitated its purchase."
Danny Rand and Joy Meachum[src]

Red Hook Pier is a pier located in New York City and owned by Yangsi Gonshi.


Purchased by Rand Enterprises

"Why did your company steal our pier away from us?"
"We had a deal with the previous tenant. Joy Meachum broke that deal. We wanted words with her."
Hai-Qing Yang and Danny Rand[src]

Hai-Qing Yang, leader of Yangsi Gonshi, had a deal with Raj Patel to use Red Hook Pier for their advantage.[1] In order to establish the Hand's heroin business, Madame Gao ordered Harold Meachum to purchase the pier at any cost. Ward Meachum asked his sister Joy to help him with the purchase. They asked Patel about a deal but he was not interested in selling and refused the offer, despite the fact that the offer was a million dollars over the appraised value.[2]

Patel was taken out to dinner with Joy and Ward. During their trip, they stopped at Metro-General Hospital, where they showed him Kevin Kennedy, who was dying and who was also an organ donor. Patel was informed that upon the boy's death, his liver would be given to his nephew. Finally, Patel agreed to sold the pier to Rand Enterprises.

However, Yang learned about the deal and decided to interrupt it. He sent his men to kidnap Joy but they were defeated by Danny Rand. At Golden Sands, he met with Yang and asked about his intentions. Yang returned the question by asking why Rand Enterprises had also taken the pier away from them. Yang explained that his gang had a deal with Patel and that the Meachum's actions broke the deal, and they just wanted to have a word with her. Rand said that he came to warn them not to get near her again. When Yang questioned why Rand wants to keep the pier; Rand answered by saying "The Hand". Yang hurriedly urged Rand to send their deepest apologies to Joy.[1]


Exploring Rand Enterprises' files, Rand learned that the Hand had transported Steel Serpent through Red Hook Pier and distributed it throughout the city. Rand asked for Colleen Wing's assistance to infiltrate the pier and find whatever evidence there was there. They eventually reached the pier at night and infiltrated it. While they looked around the area, Wing noticed that all of the guards were armed with machine guns, as Rand noted that they did not know how to fight.

Rand and Wing evaded the guards and moved to the main container. Reaching the top, they watched closely as the guards opened the Rand Enterprises shipments, with Rand filming everything on his phone for evidence. However, none of the containers appeared to be carrying anything illegal, but Rand refused to accept this, pointing to the guards armed with guns and rashly headed down to enter one. Rand began searching inside the container for anything that could link back to the Hand, only for the guards to close the container, trapping him inside.

As the truck pulled away through the pier, Wing followed it. Inside the truck, Rand found a small and decorated make-shift living room. Inside it, he found Radovan Bernivig and questioned who he was, to which Bernivig revealed himself to be a chemist producing the heroin. Before they could talk further, King attacked Rand. During their fight, King had then inadvertently stabbed Bernivig through the chest, mortally wounding him. Having finally defeated King, Rand then grabbed Bernivig who was now bleeding heavily from his wound and prepared to make his escape with him. Finding that the door to the container was still locked, Rand summoned his Iron Fist to punch open the rear of the container. He found that Wing had stolen a vehicle and followed the truck. Rand and Bernivig jumped from the container into the car. Once they then got Bernivig inside and they immediately called for Claire Temple's assistance.[3]

Homeland Security Operation

Sam Stein leads Homeland Security's ambush

"The exchange is set for tomorrow at a warehouse on the docks. Agent Sampson is our buyer. Snipers will post here, here and here. Our seller is coming in from Newark by road."
Sam Stein[src]

Homeland Security set up a sting operation at the Red Hook Pier to arrest members of the Greek Mob who shipped a batch of illegal weapons to New Jersey. Homeland contacted NYPD, ATF, U.S. Customs and Border Protection to keep them away from the pier ensure that they did not interfere. Homeland Security arrived at the pier and prepared their ambush. Two tactical teams and snipers took up their positions. Dinah Madani supervised the operation from a mobile hub disguised as a taco van and Sam Stein controlled agents outside.

Punisher stealing the Greek Mob's weapons

The Punisher and Micro arrived at the pier to interrupt the operation and stole Greek's weapons. When the truck reached Castle's position, Lieberman muffled Homeland's audio and hacked their video feeds to create a looped video. All communications were corrupted and Castle leapt onto the truck. He threw the driver away and sat in the driver's seat. Agents continued to follow him before the truck stopped at the pier. They approached the truck, but Castle threatened them with a flamethrower, forcing them to jump into the water so they did not pursue him.

Frank Castle looks down upon Dinah Madani

Lieberman arrived at the truck and sat down behind his wheel and Castle took a Mustang. However, Madani took a car herself to find the truck, locating Castle and Lieberman before they could escape. Castle managed Micro to head to the highway while Castle cut her. He drove to another side to distract Madani. The chase continued until both cars were facing head on. They charged at each other with a collision inevitable, but Lieberman crashed into Madani at full speed and knocked her off the road. Castle ordered him to drive to their hideout and rescued the unconscious Madani. However, she awoke and recognized her savior. He told her to stay away from him and left her before her car exploded.[4]

Back to Yangsi Gonshi

"We'll hand over control of the Red Hook docks in exchange for your real estate holdings in New Jersey. An annual payout over ten years at 45%."
Sherry Yang to Ho[src]

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Davos' Shipment

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