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"I know this is prideful and selfish. I want the last thing I see in this world to be you."
―Rebecca Pilgrim to John Pilgrim[src]

Rebecca Pilgrim was the wife of John Pilgrim and the mother of Michael and Lemuel Pilgrim.


"I need you. Where are you going this time?"
"Jesus said, "When you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing, so that your alms may be given in secret." I'll only be gone a couple of days."
"I love you."
―Rebecca Pilgrim and John Pilgrim[src]

Rebecca met and fell in love with John Pilgrim. The two married, had sons Michael and Lemuel Pilgrim, and settled to an Amish lifestyle.[2]


"My love, if you do this task quickly, if you stay strong in your faith, I promise I will be here waiting when you return."
―Rebecca Pilgrim to John Pilgrim[src]

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"Rebecca's fortitude is a wonder. Her spirit is so strong."
Anderson Schultz to John Pilgrim[src]

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  • In the comics, Mary is the Mennonite's wife who fell sick. Her illness is what forces her husband to take a mission to kill the Punisher.



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