"This is a family business. My daddy fought a world war, built this place from nothing."
Lillian to Jigsaw[src]

ReadyQuick Check Cashing is a bank located in New York City.




Jigsaw's Crew assaulting the bank

Gathering together, Billy Russo and his crew decided to rob the ReadyQuick Check Cashing. The crew secretly contacted Anton Reed and bribed him for being the inside man to steal the money without causing too much of a scene. Having donned their masks in order to disguise himself, the crew charged inside the store and then immediately assaulted the security guard by striking him on the head with his gun.

Robbery of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing

Jigsaw demands Lillian to open the door

With Bobby and Mike as his backup, Russo demanded that all the customers put their hands up, leaving Mike to tie them while Russo demanded Lillian to open the door. However, Lillian refused to open the door, claiming that it was on the timer and could not be opened. Russo guessed that she was lying to him and threatening to kill her if she continued to refuse his instructions. However, Lillian told Russo about how her father fought in World War II before building the bank up from nothing, telling him that she would not allow it to be robbed.

Becoming tired of Lillian's defiance, Russo threatened her with a grenade, as this resulted in Reed begging Lillian to open the door. Lillian did not believe Russo and, so Reed pushed past her and unlocked the door despite her protests, allowing Jigsaw's Crew to finally get inside. Russo then tied up the remaining hostages until the money was collected. Russo then captured Reed, knowing that he is, in fact, the inside man and escaped the bank. However, before Jigsaw's Crew could escape, they were attacked by the Punisher.[1]


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