The Raymond Residence is the place of living of John, Michelle and Lexi Raymond in New York City.


Raymond Case

Dealing with the death of her husband, Michelle Raymond was visited by Jessica Jones on any other possible leads that could help in the investigation of John Raymond's whereabouts during his Midland Circle project. While in tears, Michelle continued to tell Jones that there was nothing she was keeping from her before she is visited by relatives to mourn. As Jones was about to leave, she encountered Lexi Raymond with red eyes and quiet. Jones requested that she informed her mother that she let herself out.[1]

Later that night, Jones returned to Raymond Residence, waking Michelle and mildly drunk. She informed Michelle that her investigation continued to become weirder and weirder the deeper she dug into it while keeping the information to a minimum. When Jonee commented that she was going to work on providing the Raymonds with protection, Michelle replied that she thought it had already happened, noting that there was a black SUV parked across the street. Concerned, Jones asked that Michelle went back to bed, locking the doors and that she unite with her daughter.[2]

Jones revisited the house once more, accompanied with Matt Murdock. Knocking on the door, they are greeted by Lexi, whom informed Jones that her mother was working. Murdock asked if the two could question her on her father to see if there was something she knew that could assist in their investigation. At first, Lexi prompted that there was not much to her father, perceiving his abandonment as him escaping the house and family; Jones shared the story of Murdock's father, mentioning that he wanted to become someone that his child could be proud of, only to die in his efforts.

Lexi gradually changed her perspective, revealing that after he accepted the architectural contract, John became sleep deprived, pacing around the living room while she slept, and that he did not play the piano like he used to. Murdock took advantage of the piano and requested to play; Jones initially questioned his motives until they heard a note sound off. They examined the interior and found a map of Midland Circle and the diagram for a cavern for which the building sat upon. The two leave the residence, keeping the map as they went.[3]


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