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"You think Ray Ray is talking to the cops?"
"Nah, bro. Ray Ray's a rock. He's built for this. Forever."
"Then why ain't he calling? When have you known Double Ray not to show? Or at least call? Kiki got shot and Ray still held it down and made his pickups. Kid's like clockwork."
Shades and Comanche[src]

Andre Jackson, nicknamed Ray Ray, was an enforcer who worked for Mariah Dillard.


"Ray Ray, stay with Mariah."
"Of course. I'm on her every step."
Shades and Ray Ray[src]

Ray Ray was one of Mariah Dillard's bodyguards, working under Shades. When Bushmaster came to Harlem's Paradise, Shades decided to follow him. He left Ray Ray to watch over Mariah.[1]

The next day, Shades questioned his men about trying to locate Bushmaster and his crew. Ray Ray did not show up to the meeting, and Comanche told Shades that Coco had not seen him either with Bushmaster having murdered him, decapitated him to later place his and the severed heads of Cockroach Hamilton, and Mark Higgins on pikes at the Shirley Chisholm Complex to intimidate Mariah.[2]






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