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"I didn't want my son to see me as just an average federal employee. I messed up. I destroyed my life. My family's life. And I would do anything to take it all back again."
―Ray Nadeem to Matt Murdock[src]

Rahul "Ray" Nadeem was an FBI agent whose attempts to provide a comfortable life for his family had led to him to taking on the case of Wilson Fisk, supplying Fisk with all of his demands in exchange for damning evidence on other crime syndicates. However, as Nadeem's investigations had led him to looking into Benjamin Poindexter's true connection with Fisk, he then discovered that Fisk had already taken over much of the FBI, and forced Nadeem to become an unwilling pawn. In his final efforts to bring down Fisk's criminal empire, Nadeem joined forces with Matt Murdock, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson to give up evidence in court, however as this failed, Nadeem recorded a confession which leaked online, before allowing Poindexter to kill him.


Early Life

Ray Nadeem was born and raised in New York City in an Indian-American family. As a child, Nadeem was a neighbor of Jack Kem, known by everyone from their block as Jiggy. Kem proved to be a very generous man who supported a lot of his neighbors what made Nadeem see him as his personal hero. However, much to Nadeem's disappointment, Kem turned out to be a criminal who used his neighbors to cover his crimes.[4]

Many years later, Nadeem fell in love with a woman named Seema. With Seema's father's blessing, they married and gave birth to a child named Sami Nadeem.[5] In order to provide for his family, Nadeem joined the FBI New York Crime Division as a Special Agent and was stationed under Tammy Hattley's direct commands. Due to his service within the FBI, Nadeem and his family befriended with several agents, such as Benjamin Poindexter.[2]

Saanvi's Diagnose

"There's no way out, Ray. Fisk's had you marked for more than a year."
"What do you mean, had me marked?"
"Why do you think your sister-in-law lost health coverage? He made you desperate for this job."
Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem[src]

Much to his horror, Nadeem was informed by his brother Nihar that his wife Saanvi was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, Saanvi's health coverage was denied for unknown reasons and they had no money to pay for medical treatment. Nadeem financially supported his brother what eventually buried his family in debt. For several months, Nadeem was requesting for promotion at the FBI, however, for some reason, his performance reviews were deferred by Tammy Hattley.[1]

Deferred Reviews

"Your reviews have been deferred for reasons having nothing to do with scheduling or restructuring or whatever bullshit I fed you at the time. It's because I'm trying to protect you."
"Protect me?"
"Do you have any idea what your FICO score is? 557. Your FICO score is 557."
"So it's not stellar. You know, I–"
"You're buried in debt, and that makes you a recruitment target. It's Bureau policy not to promote someone with that level of vulnerability."
Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem[src]

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Protecting Wilson Fisk

Fisk Detail

"You tell D.C. that none of this could have happened without the unexpected connection between me and Wilson Fisk. Because that's the truth. And then none of the other shit in my file will matter. Come on, Tammy. How am I supposed to get out from under?"
"Okay, he's yours. But you need to keep him talking, Ray."
―Ray Nadeem and Tammy Hattley[src]

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Interrogating Karen Page

"Well, instead of letting Fisk use you and the FBI to retaliate against innocent lawyers who put him in prison, why don't you ask him if he hired a fixer named Felix Manning to launder money through Red Lion? Ask him if he's the true owner of a shell company called Vancorp."
"Why would I do that?"
"Because it just bought the Presidential Hotel."
"Where are you getting this from?"
"I ask questions for a living. I just ask better ones than you do."
Karen Page and Ray Nadeem[src]

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Interrogating Foggy Nelson

"With all due respect, I think you have Matt Murdock all wrong."
"Yeah, well, I don't think I do. I think Matt Murdock is hiding a double life. Lawyer by day and criminal by night. And you and Ms. Page both know all about it. It makes you uncomfortable. And complicit. And that's why you're no longer law partners or friends. Because once he's finally caught, you know you're on the hook as an accessory to his crimes. Or, if you're lucky, simply aiding and abetting."
Foggy Nelson and Ray Nadeem[src]

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"Congratulations, Ray."
"You were right. Your work with Fisk trumped your credit issues. The EAD approved your promotion."
Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem[src]

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Attack on the New York Bulletin Building

Nadeem is quickly informed of a certain attack

"What the hell happened? Who did this?"
"It was Daredevil."
FBI Agent and Ray Nadeem[src]

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"There's a damn good chance that Fisk is manipulating us."
"If it's true, every asshole we put away with Fisk's help will be back on the street by morning. Everything we've done, the people we've lost, it will all be for nothing. You can't unring that bell. Just give me a chance to figure out if it's true."
Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem[src]

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Meeting Daredevil

"Who are you?"
"I'm Daredevil. The real one."
"You don't look like–"
"I buried the red suit. The man who attacked the Bulletin, he resurrected it."
"You do, however, match the description of a guy who's been tuning up FBI agents."
"Which is the last thing I ever wanted, but you people haven't left me any choice. If you'd just wake the hell up instead of playing right into Fisk's hands. He's using you, and I think you know it."
―Ray Nadeem and Daredevil[src]

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Investigating Poindexter

"We're gonna slip into his place. Look for any evidence that ties him to the Bulletin attack or to Fisk. If we find any, we leave it where it is. And we set off his fire alarm on our way out."
"The fire department arrives, and you circumvent a search warrant."
"But if we don't find anything... the guy goes on with his life."
"Spit it out. Who is he?"
"Special Agent Ben Poindexter."
Daredevil and Ray Nadeem[src]

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Kingpin's Enforcer

Forced into Subordination

"Do you understand your situation now? Ray? You get this?"
"Yeah, boss. I understand."
"I'm not your boss anymore. Wilson Fisk is."
Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem[src]

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Kingpin's Mission

Nadeem feigns arresting Rosalie Carbone

"You could've gone to Homeland Security or the NYPD. Not take me down with you. Not murder an agent. You make a report. You get your family somewhere safe. Jesus."
"That's not an option with Fisk."
―Ray Nadeem and Tammy Hattley[src]

As the plan was put in motion, Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter led the group of the FBI agents to arrest John Hammer. The agents stormed his workshop where Poindexter brutally beat Hammer before apprehending him, to Nadeem's horror. Driving to Everett Starr's residence, Poindexter arrested Starr on the spot while Nadeem was suspicious of his actions as he handcuffs Starr. They then arrived at the charity ceremony hosted by Rosalie Carbone, but Nadeem stopped Poindexter and went to arrest Carbone himself. He whispered to Carbone that she should go with them and Carbone chose not to resist.

Nadeem speaks with Tammy Hattley about Kingpin

Returning to Presidential Hotel, Nadeem joined Tammy Hattley in the elevator as they were heading to Wilson Fisk's suite. Nadeem asked Hattley how she joined with Fisk and murdered Winn, but she replied that it was the only way to save Nadeem from death, as he should not investigate Poindexter in the first place. Nadeem was confident that they could still defeat Fisk, however, Hattley explained that he manipulated Nadeem for over a year, taking away Saanvi Nadeem's health insurance and making Nadeem being desperate for promotion, which brought him to Fisk's case.

Kingpin orders Nadeem to remove his ankle monitor

Despite Nadeem was shocked, he still argued with Hattley, stating that she could contact the Homeland Security or the NYPD and testify against Fisk. However, she informed Nadeem that is impossible, as Fisk had her own child killed and threatened to murder her daughter, what she can do with Nadeem's family, so he has to obey. As they entered Fisk's suite, he ordered Nadeem to remove his ankle monitor, which humiliated him and then headed to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant where the criminal bosses were waiting.[6]

Deal with the Crime Syndicates

Nadeem lures Daredevil into the trap

"If you tipped him-"
"I said exactly what you told me to say. You were there."
Benjamin Poindexter and Ray Nadeem[src]

As they arrived at the Red Fish Blue Restaurant, Kingpin ordered Nadeem to contact Daredevil and lure him into the trap. Nadeem called Daredevil, telling him that Fisk organized a criminal meeting and sent him the address, hoping that Daredevil will understand that this was a trap. Nadeem joined the FBI agents inside the restaurant where they were guarding Rosalie Carbone, Everett Starr, and John Hammer, as well as Latimer Zyl and Sophia Carter.

Nadeem is confronted by Benjamin Poindexter

While Nadeem was standing beside them, Fisk offered the bosses his protection from federal prosecutions, however, Starr dismissed his offer, so Benjamin Poindexter murdered him. Poindexter then noticed Daredevil is not there and confronted Nadeem, but he denied it, saying that he said exactly what Poindexter told him to do. Fisk then commanded Nadeem and Poindexter to leave the restaurant, as Daredevil avoided the trap. Nadeem and Poindexter then escorted Fisk out of the restaurant but did not head to the Presidential Hotel, as Fisk had another issue to deal with it.[6]

Exposing Kingpin's Conspiracy

Betraying Kingpin

Nadeem asks Brett Mahoney for a private talk

"Listen to me very carefully. If we take Karen Page into custody, she'll be dead before she reaches HQ. No, don't react. Just get her the hell away from us."
―Ray Nadeem to Brett Mahoney[src]

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Allying with Daredevil

"If we're gonna get your family someplace safe, you're gonna have to trust me."
"I can't trust anybody."
"Well, I trust you. You saved Karen Page's life tonight. So I owe you one."
Daredevil and Ray Nadeem[src]

Since he betrayed Kingpin by allowing NYPD to take Karen Page away, Nadeem rushed back to his house, knowing that he would send someone for his family. Returning home, Nadeem saw a broken vase and assuming the worst, he pulled out his gun and went to find his family. Fortunately, Nadeem found Seema and Sami in the bathroom, completely unharmed, to his greater relief. Nadeem told Seema and Sami that they gave to go away as far as they could to hide from Fisk, despite Seema was scared, Nadeem told her that there is no time and they need to go.

Nadeem walks his wife and son out of the house

Arming himself with a gun, Nadeem walked his family downstairs, however, he spotted some movements outside of his house and assumed that Fisk already sent his men for them. Nadeem managed to gun down one of the mercenaries who broke inside the house and told terrified Seema to take Sami and hide in the bathroom. Alone against the hostiles, Nadeem killed several mercenaries, however, he still was outnumbered by them, and on top of that, his ammo was not enough for a gunfight.

Nadeem holds Daredevil on the gunpoint

Suddenly for Nadeem, Daredevil appeared at Nadeem's house and emerged into a fight with the mercenaries, defeating almost all of them. One mercenary held Daredevil at a gunpoint, however, his weapon was empty, which allowed Nadeem to knock him out before he turned to Daredevil. Nadeem aimed his gun at Daredevil, being afraid that he came to take his revenge for working for Fisk, although Daredevil claimed that he came to help. Despite Daredevil was tried to convince him that he will help him to save his family, Nadeem replied that he cannot trust anybody at that point. Daredevil understood his situation and suddenly took his mask off, revealing his true identity as Matt Murdock, saying that he owes Nadeem for saving Page from the FBI.[7]

Nadeem and his wife hide at Bess Mahoney's apartment

Since Daredevil even chose to reveal his identity to him, Nadeem accepted his offer for help. Brett Mahoney brought both Nadeem and Seema to his mother's apartment where they could hide from Fisk. Nadeem thanked Mahoney for his help, however, he noticed that Seema was extremely anxious and mad at Nadeem. When Mahoney left the room, Seema lashed out at Nadeem, saying that his lies got them in that situation, despite Nadeem's attempts to justify his actions. Nadeem then completely admitted his guilt and promised Seema that he will fix it, whatever it takes, however, she replied that his words have no meaning at that point.[5]

Preparations to the Statement

Nadeem, Matt Murdock, and Karen Page plan the situation with Nadeem's family

"You tried to warn me about Fisk. I should have listened. And about what happened at the church-"
"Let's not... Let's not go there. In the end, you got me out alive, so I guess that means we're on the same side now."
―Ray Nadeem and Karen Page[src]

Since Nadeem was able to testify against Kingpin and expose his criminal conspiracy, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson decided to represent him as his attorneys. Nelson decided to strike a deal with Blake Tower and went to speak with him, while Murdock brought Nadeem to the Fogwell's Gym that they used as their temporary law office. Murdock calmed Nadeem, saying that nobody knows about the place apart from them, so they were safe from Kingpin. Nadeem talked to Karen Page and apologized to her for not listening to her warnings about Fisk and his criminal conspiracy. Page replied that she did not want to discuss it, however, since Nadeem saved her Benjamin Poindexter and the FBI agents, Page admitted that in the end, they are on the same side.

Nadeem thanks Karen Page for relief

Murdock then decided to plan what to do with Nadeem's family, noting that witness protection was not an option, since Fisk reached the FBI and probably could reach the United States Marshals Service. Page suggested to hide them outside of the United States of America with some relatives and Nadeem suggested hiding them in Bihar with his brother-in-law. Nadeem also noticed that the FBI would trace their bank account, but Murdock assured him that they pay for transportation themselves. Nadeem thanked Murdock for his generosity, although he admitted that did not deserve it, considering everything he had done.

Nadeem is confronted by Matt Murdock

However, Page admitted that Nadeem made a lot of mistakes but it does not have to define who he was, much to Nadeem's relief. As they were waiting for Tower, Murdock asked Nadeem was he ready to testify and Nadeem replied that he will do anything return on the right side of the line again. However, he was confronted by Murdock who reminded him that he still allowed Fisk to commit his crimes, and Nadeem insisted that he got Saanvi Nadeem's health insurance canceled and left his family with bills to pay.

Murdock still claimed that Nadeem had other ways, instead of backing Fisk's play and he still did nothing when Fisk was murdering people. Nadeem finally admitted that he took Fisk's bait, as he wanted to prove to his son that he more than just the FBI agent, but instead lost everything he had, and know he will do anything to take it back. Murdock accepted his words and advised Nadeem to tell the same to Tower, so they were able to help him.[5]

Deal with District Attorney

Nadeem makes his statement to Blake Tower

"Five years, on all counts. Final offer."
"Thank you for coming by, Mr. Tower."
"Wait. He's right. I did the crime. And I need to keep my family safe. I'll take it. It's okay."
Blake Tower, Matt Murdock, Ray Nadeem[src]

Foggy Nelson walked Tower to the Fogwell's Gym where he asked Nadeem does he trust Nelson and Matt Murdock, as they had their own agenda in that case, but Nadeem assured him that he trusts his lawyers. Nadeem then informed Tower about all crimes committed by Wilson Fisk during his sentence, as well as his manipulation of the FBI. Nelson offered Tower an official statement in exchange for full immunity, however, he insisted that Nadeem is a federal law enforcement officer that looked the other way while Class A felonies and homicides were committed.

Nadeem accepts Blake Tower's conditions

Despite Murdock's objections, Tower told them that Nadeem has to spend five years in jail on each count what Murdock and Nelson did not accept. Murdock then told Tower to leave, however, Nadeem admitted that Tower was right about what he did and accepted his conditions, as it was the only way to stop Fisk and save his family. Nadeem then called Sami, leaving him a message about what bad things he might hear about his father, and assured him that he did not do them. However, he did nothing to prevent them what made him responsible, so Nadeem told Sami that the only thing he cares about is Sami's safety.[5]

Targeted by Kingpin

Nadeem speaking with Matt Murdock about his double life

"We stick together. Understand?"
"I know what I'm doing. I'll get us to the courthouse."
"Stop, Ray. Listen to me. You need to trust me. You pretend to lead me, but you do what I say."
Matt Murdock and Ray Nadeem[src]

As Foggy Nelson and Blake Tower stayed to deal with some legal issues, Nadeem and Matt Murdock headed to the Supreme Court Building. However, instead of the police car, they got in the inconspicuous van, while the NYPD convoy organized a decoy to distract Kingpin's attention. While they were driving to the courthouse, Nadeem questioned Murdock about his vigilante life, noticing that his mistakes cost him his entire life, while Murdock is able to live two lives. Murdock answered that his mistakes almost resulted in the death of Nelson and Karen Page but they still chose to be with him.

Nadeem and Matt Murdock evade Felix Manning's mercenaries

En route to the courthouse, the van got caught in traffic and Murdock suddenly covered Nadeem before the van was shot up by Felix Manning's mercenaries. As their driver was killed, Murdock told Nadeem to shoot back and instructed him about the hostiles' positions, so Nadeem was able to shoot them blind. Nadeem then left the van to fight against the mercenaries, however, one of them got him from behind and prepared to kill Nadeem. Nadeem was saved by Murdock once again, knocking the mercenary out and instructed Nadeem to do what he says to get to the courthouse in safety.

Nadeem is fighting with the mercenary

Nadeem agreed to follow Murdock, who used his enhanced senses to inform Nadeem about the mercenaries' positions. With Murdock's pointers, Nadeem managed to kill several mercenaries on their way. Murdock then informed Nadeem that he found a way out, so they moved through the mercenaries, fighting them. Nadeem successfully killed more hostiles, before Murdock instructed him to get to the bus where Murdock played a simple blind man and lured the mercenaries inside the bus. They got inside where they were ambushed by Nadeem and Murdock, however, Nadeem had a problem in close combat with the mercenary before Murdock helped him. With all mercenaries taken down, Nadeem spotted the taxi and drove to the courthouse with Murdock.[5]

Testifying Against Fisk

Nadeem is preparing to make his statement

"Fisk is unstoppable. My family's never going to be safe."
"Don't talk like that, Ray."
"I'm sorry."
―Ray Nadeem and Foggy Nelson[src]

Nadeem and Matt Murdock had arrived at the New York State Supreme Court Building just in time before a grand jury started. Murdock informed Foggy Nelson and Karen Page that Kingpin knows that Nadeem was going to testify and sent a kill squad to eliminate him. Blake Tower asked Nadeem is he able to testify as they had planned to what Nadeem answered positively. Nelson explained to Nadeem that he will be taken for arrangement after his statement and then they will bail him out. Nadeem asked them about his wife and Page said that she and Sami will depart to New Delhi to hide from Fisk.

Nadeem tells the jury about Kingpin's crimes

Nadeem sincerely thanked his attorneys for their help, and Murdock encouraged him to take down Fisk for good. Nadeem told the jury everything about Fisk's criminal conspiracy and corruption within the FBI, and Tower noticed that he was quite convincing. Murdock further confirmed it, hearing Nadeem from the wall (what was concerning for Nadeem) and said that his son will be proud of him. However, while Nadeem was speaking with Nelson, Murdock overheard the jury and realized that Fisk got to them, as they had elected not to indict Fisk.

Nadeem punches Foggy Nelson and escapes

Frustrated Nadeem felt sick and went to the bathroom where Murdock and Nelson tried to comfort him. Despite Nelson encouraging Nadeem that they can fix it, Murdock was not so optimistic and went to speak with Tower about their situation. Nadeem understood that Fisk is unstoppable and his family is never going to be safe, despite Nelson tried to calm him. Nadeem apologized to Nelson before knocking him out with the punch in the face, so he could escape the courthouse. As their attempt to take down Fisk ultimately failed, Nadeem realized that he needs to go to extremes to protect his family and took the taxi to his home.[5]

A Dying Declaration

Nadeem returns to his house

"I am guilty of a number of criminal acts, and I was in no way acting alone. Wilson Fisk coerced me and a number of fellow FBI agents into aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy to extort protection money from New York crime organizations."
―Ray Nadeem[src]

Returning house, Nadeem took a look at his family pictures with Seema and Sami, feeling guilty for what his family had gone through because of him. Nadeem then took his phone to record his last message for his family, knowing that Kingpin will get rid of him to cover his tracks anyway. Nadeem spoke to Seema, reminding her about their wedding vows, as well as Sami, telling what his birth meant for his life.[5]

Nadeem looks at his family pictures

As he recorded his message for Sami, Nadeem decided to strike against Fisk the last time and decided to record his dying declaration about Fisk's criminal conspiracy. Nadeem stated that he was guilty of a number of criminal acts, as well as his fellow FBI agents, such as Arinori, Johnson, Mockta, Ramsey, Markham, O'Connor, and Tammy Hattley who was responsible for Winn's death. Noting that he had no excuse for his actions, Nadeem also revealed that Fisk had Felix Manning as his assistant and Benjamin Poindexter who impersonated Daredevil to incriminate him, murdering Paul Lantom and several New York Bulletin employees.

Nadeem is recording his dying delcaration

Nadeem claimed that he knew what was going to happen but still let it happen which makes him guilty for all of Fisk's crimes, however, all other agents on Fisk's payroll must be punished as well. Nadeem told Seema to take the footage to his attorneys and instead of run and hide, cooperate with the FBI, as it was the only way for her and Sami to get through this. Nadeem finished the recording and left the footage for Seema, waiting for Fisk's next move.[8]

Murdered by Poindexter

Nadeem speaking with Benjamin Poindexter

"As long as I'm alive, my family's at risk."
"Let's go, Ray."
"I'm not going anywhere with you, Dex. Whatever you need to do, you do it here."
―Ray Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Recording his declaration, Nadeem grabbed the bottle of beer and went to the backyard of his house where he was waiting for whoever Kingpin will send for him. Finally, Nadeem spotted Benjamin Poindexter who told him to enter the house for a proper talk, while holding him at a gunpoint. Poindexter's lie was too unconvincing for Nadeem, so he easily guessed that Poindexter simply wanted to kill him inside the house which would be much easier.

Nadeem warns against trusting the Kingpin

Poindexter ridiculed Nadeem for his decision saying he was in a tough spot and how must have been really hard for him. Nadeem then told Poindexter that as soon as he becomes no longer useful for Fisk, he will be discarded too. Nadeem's words did not convince Poindexter but Nadeem insisted and tried to convince him to turn away from Fisk who manipulated Tammy Hattley and their colleagues within the FBI. Nadeem proposed Poindexter to cut a deal with Blake Tower and testify against Fisk, as the FBI agents.

Nadeem getting shot by Benjamin Poindexter

However, Poindexter rejected Nadeem's offer and informed Nadeem that he is more than an FBI agent and that he had never felt more than himself in his whole life. Understanding that he would not be able to convince him, Nadeem told Poindexter that as long as he is alive his family is at risk, while Poindexter continued to offer him once to leave with him. Nadeem told Poindexter that whatever needs to do he will do it where they are standing. Nadeem then pulled a gun and attempted to shoot him, only to be shot and killed by Poindexter who left his body in the hole.[5]


Fisk's Downfall

"The court says that a person who believes that they're dying has less incentive to lie. Therefore, anything they say is-"
"You're telling me this is admissible in court?"
"Every damn word. It's the silver bullet to take down Fisk."
Foggy Nelson and Karen Page[src]

Since Benjamin Poindexter successfully assassinated Nadeem, Kingpin ordered Tammy Hattley to change the narrative of the events and keep his involvement from exposal. Hattley organized an official press conference and stated that Nadeem was charged with the murder of Winn, as his fingertips were found at his sidearm, and was killed by the FBI agents for resisting arrest.

However, Seema Nadeem found his declaration and went to New York City FBI Office to cooperate with Hattley and Poindexter, as Nadeem told her. They contacted Foggy Nelson and Seema secretly gave him Nadeem's phone with his declaration. Knowing that every Nadeem's word is admissible in court, Nelson and Karen Page realized that his declaration was able to take down Fisk. New York Bulletin uploaded Nadeem's confession online what allowed the NYPD to arrest Fisk, Poindexter, and every single agent on his payroll. Hattley also collaborated with Nadeem's declaration what allowed NYPD and Blake Tower to take down Fisk and his criminal network once and for all.[8]


"You confident this FBI agent can be trusted?"
"Nadeem's a ball breaker, but he seems genuinely interested in the truth. Yeah. I trust him."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

When first introduced, Ray Nadeem is quite similar to Brett Mahoney when Nadeem is investigating Matt Murdock as well as pursuing Daredevil as well as the fact that they both have a distaste for Wilson Fisk due to his activities as the Kingpin. Nadeem is also a highly skilled investigator similar to Mahoney. Nadeem has been proven to be quite an ambitious federal agent as he was desperate to be assigned a promotion and the Wilson Fisk case which is why Nadeem was motivated to transfer Fisk from a prison to a luxury hotel just to protect Fisk from his criminal rivals in order to ensure that Fisk protected them. Nadeem has also been shown to be quite arrogant as when Fisk told him that Murdock was his criminal fixer, Nadeem willingly went to Foggy Nelson's campaign party for district attorney to interrogate him in front of the guests of Nelson's partner Murdock being corrupt. This hints that Nadeem is not concerned about how he prosecutes her suspects in front of the individuals close to them.

Despite being a federal law enforcement officer, Nadeem was willing to work with Daredevil, a vigilante and a federal fugitive, outside the law to investigate Poindexter when Nadeem suspected him of attacking the Bulletin. Nadeem was still trying to give Poindexter the benefit of the doubt due to a special bond that the FBI agents had. Ultimately, Nadeem then realized that Daredevil was right about Poindexter being corrupt and feared that the FBI was being compromised by Fisk who Nadeem firmly believes is engaged in a criminal conspiracy.

Nadeem has been proven to have loved his family deeply as he would anything to protect them. For instance, when Nadeem was informed by his brother Nihar that he couldn't afford to treat Saanvi for her cancer, Nadeem financially supported his brother what eventually buried his family in debt. Fisk took advantage of that by having SAC Hattley murder Supervisory Agent Winn in cold blood using Nadeem's handgun in order to blackmail Nadeem into cooperating with the other agents who were corrupted by using his family as leverage. Even before that, Nadeem warned Fisk to never say the names of his wife and son when Nadeem went to interrogate him in the hotel room. To protect his family, as Blake Tower noted, Agent Nadeem was willing to look the other way when the FBI murdered people in front of him. Nadeem even willingly lured Daredevil into a trap despite knowing that Fisk would kill him there.

As time went on, Nadeem became increasingly disturbed by the murders Poindexter was committing and the fact that his coworkers were willing to ignore them. When Poindexter murdered an elderly mobster in front of him in cold blood, Nadeem wanted to check if the man was fine only to find he was dead. After driving Dex to the church, Nadeem became disturbed by the murders Dex did at the church. Finally having enough of all the corruption in the FBI and of the murders, Nadeem disobeyed Fisk by having Karen Page, whom Fisk wanted to kill for murdering James Wesley, arrested by Brett Mahoney and the NYPD rather than the FBI, knowing that his team would kill her before they reach HQ.

After Matt helped Nadeem save his family as Daredevil, Matt wanted to talk to him about a few things: for instance, when SAC Hattley murdered Supervisory Agent Winn, Nadeem didn't report this (after learning Hattley was blackmailed into working for Fisk due to the threats made against her daughter, Nadeem tried to convince Hattley to contact the NYPD or Homeland Security only for Hattley to refuse. Nadeem could have followed his own advice by informing the NYPD or Homeland Security about what Hattley did to Winn and of Fisk's takeover of the Bureau). Matt also questioned Nadeem as to why he didn't try to warn anyone at the church what Dex was doing and why Nadeem didn't say anything to the NYPD when he knew Dex murdered a priest. Nadeem refused to take responsibility for his actions and blamed Fisk for his mistakes even though Matt knew otherwise. Finally, Nadeem broke admitting that he didn't want his son to see him as just some average federal employee. Nadeem then started expressing regrets for helping Fisk as he could have took down Fisk sooner.

Nadeem has become more selfless since Murdock interrogated him. As when Blake Tower refused to give Nadeem immunity due to his involvement in the murders, Nadeem still agreed to be in prison after testifying against Fisk in order to protect his family and take responsibility for his involvement. Nadeem lost faith in the system after Fisk blackmailed the jury into opposing Tower's motion for an indictment against Fisk and went to make a dying declaration knowing that Fisk was going to kill him. In the video, Nadeem expressed guilt for his actions and pleaded with his wife, knowing that Hattley would frame him for Winn's murder, to say that he murdered Winn and that he is a monster in order to protect her and their son. Nadeem's dying declaration would be used as evidence by the NYPD and Homeland Security to bring down Fisk and all the corrupted agents.

Nadeem was truly a noble man at his core. His death would be mourned by Matt, Foggy, Karen, Mahoney, and his family.


  • Expert Marksman: To be added
  • Bilingualism: Nadeem fluently speaks his native Hindi and English.



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