"You ladies have a good night."
"You know the passports were a gift from me. Least you could do is cover my shift, you rat bastard."
Jack Thompson and Ray Krzeminski[src]

Agent Ray Walter Krzeminski was a member of the Strategic Scientific Reserve under Roger Dooley's commands. He was murdered by Dottie Underwood while investigating a case of missing weapons designed by Howard Stark.


Early Life

"Tell me, Agent Krzeminski, who you are bringing to the show, your wife or your girlfriend?"
Peggy Carter to Ray Krzeminski[src]

Ray Krzeminski was a married man, but he had women on the side, including a regular girlfriend and a prostitute named Emily.[1]

SSR Agent

"You owe the lady an apology."
"Oh, you standing up for her now, Sousa? Better hurry I don't have all day... No? Okay."
Daniel Sousa and Ray Krzeminski[src]

Krzeminski mocks Daniel Sousa's disability

Ray Krzeminski attended a meeting at the New York Bell Company Office where Chief Roger Dooley informed the agents of the disappearance of Howard Stark and the possibility that he was a traitor, with many of his weapons having gone missing and appeared on the black market. At the meeting, he questioned Peggy Carter's virtue because she spent time with the playboy millionaire Stark and was known as Captain America's "liaison" during World War II. Hearing the comments, Daniel Sousa demanded Krzeminski apologize to Carter; Krzeminski teased the veteran's handicap and left while laughing at the pair.

Krzeminski and Yauch at a mission briefing

Jack Thompson did further research into the case and informed Dooley, Kreminski and Yauch that Spider Raymond was attempting to buy Stark's weapons; they agreed to infiltrate his nightclub dressed in high class suits, with Dooley mocking Krzeminski for his lack of style. Krzeminski joined the agents in infiltrating La Martinique and found the body of Raymond on his office's floor. Seeing the mission was a failure, Krzeminski mocked Thompson by claiming they should not have wasted time changing their clothes.[2]

Roxxon Investigation

Krzeminski and Thompson find a new clue

"I think it's magnets... What?"
"We got steel fused with wood fused with iron fused with concrete. Last time I checked stone and wood don't carry a magnetic charge."
"Well excuse me, Sir Isaac Newton."
―Ray Krzeminski and Jack Thompson[src]

Agent Krzeminski joined Roger Dooley and Jack Thompson in looking at a mass of metal and wood that was once the Roxxon Refinery. As they discussed what could have possibly done it, Krzeminski unhelpfully claimed it was likely magnets. Dooley tasked Krzeminski to take apart the imploded mass to see if he could find any clues to how it happened and anything that linked it to Howard Stark.

Krzeminski calls for Daniel Sousa's help

Returning to the New York Bell Company Office, Krzeminski went to Daniel Sousa for assistance and rudely ordered Peggy Carter to sort through a pile of transport reports. He later joined Sousa and Dooley in the interrogation viewing room once they had returned for meeting Hugh Jones at Roxxon and arrested one of his employees named Miles Van Ert. Once Thompson had finished interrogating him, they discussed how he had named Leet Brannis as his conspirator and links to Daisy Clover driver Sheldon McFee. Sousa mocked Krzeminski by comparing him to Van Ert as not being the brains of the operation to steal Stark's weapons.

Krzeminski finds a clue in the Roxxon mass

Returning to his original task, Krzeminski continued to pull apart the imploded Roxxon Refinery while listening to The Captain America Adventure Program with other SSR agents. Eventually after hours of searching, Kreminski discovered a license plate of the car belonging to Howard Stark. Unknown to Krzeminski, the car was used by Edwin Jarvis to help Peggy Carter escape the Nitramene blast. Having found the plate, Krzeminski proudly informed the agents that he had found something big for the investigation.[3]

Unwanted Shift

Krzeminski explores Sasha Demidov's room

"You sweet on her, Sousa?"
"Don't you have enough women in your life to worry about?"
"Alright, let me give you a nickel's worth of free advice, pal. Give it up, no girl's gonna trade in a red, white and blue shield for an aluminum crutch."
―Ray Krzeminski and Daniel Sousa[src]

Following a lead, Krzeminski and Roger Dooley investigated Sasha Demidov's room at the Hotel Cosmopolitan. As they followed the Building Manager, Krzeminski was greeted by Emily, a prostitute he knew. Dooley ordered Krzeminski to search the room, where he found various fake passports. Meanwhile Dooley discovered the Remote Typewriter Demidov used to communicate with his employers.

Krzeminski in Roger Dooley's office

Returning to the New York Bell Company Office, Krzeminski and Dooley listened as Jack Thompson told them about Leet Brannis, who had been found dead beside the exploded Nitramene. Thompson explained that officially Brannis had died two years earlier in the Battle of Finow. Krzeminski meanwhile explained what they had learned about Demindov and they discussed how the Remote Typewriter worked and if it reached Russia. Daniel Sousa then informed the group that the license plate Krzeminski had found belonged to Howard Stark.

Krzeminski asks Peggy Carter to take his shift

Krzeminski begged different agents, including Butch Wallace and Yauch, if someone could switch shifts with him when he was appointed to do a night duty; as there was a show he wanted to see with his girlfriend. Yauch recommended he ask Peggy Carter, but Krzeminski claimed a woman should not work night shifts and insulted her about her coming in late for work; she asked if he was taking his wife or girlfriend to the show. Krzeminski once again rudely demanded that Agent Carter take his shift, but she ignored him with bigger problems of her own.

Krzeminski speaks to Daniel Sousa

Krzeminski sat down with Sousa to begin the night shift. As he was leaving, Thompson confirmed Sasha Demidov's identity, ignoring Krzeminski's final attempts to swap shifts. Krzeminski and Sousa began discussing Carter when Krzeminski recommended he not fall in love with her, as Carter had been in a relationship with Captain America and he believed Sousa did not match up. As the pair ate their dinner, they got an anonymous call that told them that all of Howard Stark's weapons that had not been sold were located on the ship called The Heartbreak.[1]

Finding the Weapons

Krzeminski finds Howard Stark's weapons

"He's real convincing, gets guys to spill their guts. That's not an expression we've had to use a mop."
"I need a doc; my arm is broke."
"What's the point of fixing you up if we're just gonna break you again."
―Ray Krzeminski and Jerome Zandow[src]

Following the tip, Krzeminski and Daniel Sousa discovered not only Howard Stark's weapons, but also an incapacitated Jerome Zandow. Krzeminski was delighted at their discovery, as he hoped this would lead to them both getting a promotion, but Sousa was more skeptical, as many cases that they had had been wrapped up before they even got there.

Krzeminski speaks to Jerome Zandow

Regardless of Sousa's questions, they called Chief Roger Dooley, and waited upon his arrival. Dooley arrived with additional men, and a truck, and supervised the packing of the weapons into the truck. While Dooley spoke to Sousa and Jack Thompson, Krzeminski was tasked with guarding Zandow. As they drove back to the office for interrogation, Krzeminski told Zandow about Thompson's interrogation tactics while Zandow complained about his broken arm and demanded a doctor. Zandow asked Krzeminski is the English woman he had encountered was with the SSR.

Krzeminski is murdered by an assassin

Krzeminski paused at the description of a tough woman from England and asked Zandow what she looked like, suspecting it could be Peggy Carter. However, before Zandow could answer they stopped by a traffic light and another car crashed into the back of his car. When Krzeminski got out of the car to complain, he was shot and killed by the other driver before he could react. The assassin then proceeded to shoot Zandow, despite the his plea that he had not told anything; the killer then left the scene afterwards.[1]


"He was a brute, a cheat; he was disrespectful, rude, but he was good at his job."
Peggy Carter[src]

Everyone at the New York Bell Company Office was somber upon hearing of Krzeminski's death; the ladies of the New York Bell Company cried openly. Rose Roberts told Peggy Carter when she came to work. Chief Roger Dooley held Howard Stark ultimately responsible for his death. Daniel Sousa believed the anonymous tipster was involved. Dooley volunteered to call Krzeminski's wife while Jack Thompson called his subordinate's girlfriend.

Later, Carter went to L&L Automat and told Angie Martinelli that one of her co-workers died. Martinelli listened as Carter sobbed.[1] Sousa and Thompson were the only ones who knew Krzeminski's middle name as Thompson tried to give a speech when he was in charge of the New York Bell Company while Dooley was overseas.[4] Carter told Chief Dooley that the gun that killed Krzeminski was small and likely wielded by a female. She told him that she believed that an assassin from the training academy from where she just returned killed the agent.[5]





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