"What do you do?"
"Dictate the proper flow of time according to their dictations."
Loki and Ravonna Renslayer[src]

Ravonna Lexus Renslayer is a judge of the Time Variance Authority. Created by the Time-Keepers, Renslayer decides the punishments given to beings who break or split the "Sacred Timeline", as she did when a variant of Loki was brought before her for trial.


Created by the Time-Keepers

"Stepping off your path created a nexus event, which, left unchecked, could branch off into madness, leading to another multiversal war. But, don't worry, to make sure that doesn't happen, the Time-Keepers created the TVA, and all its incredible workers!"
Miss Minutes[src]

Ravonna Renslayer was created by the Time-Keepers to act as a judge for the Time Variance Authority: a massive organization run by the Time-Keepers that seeks to preserve the "Sacred Timeline" and prevent a multiversal war by resetting branches in the timeline and apprehending the "time criminals" responsible. Those who messed with the flow of time would become known as Variants, and judges like Renslayer would become incredibly familiar with them, deciding their fates when they were brought to trial at the TVA.[2]

Prior to becoming the top judge of the TVA, Renslayer was trained in the military and in fighting her muscle memory, serving as a hunter. After becoming judge, Renslayer stopped displaying her fighting skills as she used to do, relying all fighting to the Minutemen.[3]

Loki's Judgment

"Variant L1130, AKA Loki Laufeyson, is charged with sequence violation 7-20-89. How do you plead?"
"Madam, a god doesn't plead."
―Ravonna Renslayer and Loki[src]

Judge Renslayer, at Loki's trial

Renslayer was the judge chosen to give the ruling on a case in which a Variant of Loki Laufeyson caused a nexus event in the timeline. When asked how he pleaded, Loki repeatedly deviated from the subject of his trial and mocked the TVA, much to Renslayer's annoyance. Loki claimed the branching timeline was a result of the Avengers going back in time, suggesting they should be arrested instead of him; Renslayer informed the Asgardian that the Avengers' actions were supposed to happen, and that his nexus event was not, once again insisting that Loki make his case for how he pleaded.

Renslayer acts as judge for the trial of Loki

Eventually, growing tired with Loki's ranting, Renslayer gave him the "guilty" verdict and ordered him to be reset. Loki questioned what that meant as he was dragged away by TVA agents, but the intervention of Agent Mobius M. Mobius would save the God of Mischief. Mobius would stand before Renslayer, explaining that he wanted to question Loki to learn more about his current case, and while Renslayer was skeptical, she agreed to let Mobius talk with Loki. The two then left, while Renslayer moved on to her next case.[2]

Meeting with Mobius

After Mobius and Loki participated in a botched operation to track the Variant Loki in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Renslayer and Mobius met in Renslayer's office to discuss it. When Mobius noted how good her office looked and asked where some of her trophies came from, she explained that she employs multiple analysts and that she gets to keep the spoils of the missions she approves. Offering Mobius some liquor, she read him Loki's file, and said that he reminded her of someone. He said the same, and tried to put his drink on the table, but Renslayer made him use a coaster.

When Mobius said his tactics were controversial, Renslayer told him that they were more than that. Mobius tried to say that they learned from the failed mission, but Renslayer told him that despite his soft spot for broken things, Loki is irredeemable and his part of the Sacred Timeline is that of a villain. Mobius asked if Loki could change, but she said he couldn't unless the Time Keepers allowed it. When asked how the Time Keepers were, Renslayer told Mobius that they were extremely involved in the case. Renslayer gave him and Loki one more chance and had him sign some paperwork. As Mobius was leaving, Renslayer asked him if he truly believed in Loki, a question that he dodged before saying that if things went south, he would delete Loki himself.

After Mobius discovered a potential hiding spot of Variant Loki, he went to Renslayer for approval of a mission to search a Roxxcart superstore. She was doubtful, as the theory he was basing his idea on was from Loki, and told Mobius that trusting him is a bad idea, especially since he found a large hole in the TVA's security. She told Mobius that she trusted him, but not Loki. When Mobius expressed his full faith in the idea, she approved it, but warned him that she couldn't do much if the operation failed. They then exchanged goodbyes before Mobius left for his mission.

After Variant Loki used reset charges to bomb the Sacred Timeline, Renslayer watched the timeline split before she grabbed her temporal weapon that was on display and left to help fix it.[1]


"I feel like I'm always looking up to you. I like it. It's appropriate."
Mobius M. Mobius to Ravonna Renslayer[src]

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  • Martial Artist: As part of her military training as a hunter of the Time Variance Authority, Renslayer has impressive fighting skills, having an elegant and minimal fighting style. Since becoming a judge, however, she displays those skills less often than before.







  • Loki - Temporary Ally



  • In the comics, Ravonna Renslayer was the daughter of King Carelius, a ruler in 40th century Earth. She eventually met Kang the Conqueror and became his lover.


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