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"Someone created the Time-Keepers. They created this whole place. They gave us all purpose. I have to believe they had a reason."
―Ravonna Renslayer to Mobius M. Mobius[src]

Ravonna Lexus Renslayer, born Rebecca Tourminet, was captured by He Who Remains and turned into the Time Variance Authority operative, known as Hunter A-23. During one mission as a Hunter, she was assigned with capturing Sylvie Laufeydottir, although she managed to escape and became a fugitive. After eons of service at the TVA, during which she formed a close friendship with Mobius M. Mobius, she was promoted to preside as a judge. Working for the TVA, Renslayer sentenced a Loki variant who breached the Sacred Timeline to be pruned. However, Mobius convinced her to get Loki as the TVA's consultant to hunt down Sylvie, although the case started to unravel the truth behind the TVA. Renslayer pushed to protect the TVA, even turning against Mobius, sending both him and Loki to the Void. When Mobius came back and tried to bring the TVA down, Renslayer stopped him and left to search for her own free will.


Early Life

Taken by the Time-Keepers

In a branch timeline, a variant of Rebecca Tourminet became part of a Nexus Event and was captured by He Who Remains. He suppressed her memory, altering it to make her believe she was created by the beings known as the Time-Keepers and renamed her "Ravonna Renslayer" so that she could be a member of the Time Variance Authority, an organization he created to protect the Sacred Timeline from dangerous Variants, and stopping the potential creation of another Multiverse. He Who Remains made sure to purge himself from her memories, making her think the Time-Keepers themselves created the TVA.[3]

Arresting Sylvie Laufeydottir

Renslayer arrives on Asgard

Renslayer was trained in the military and in fighting her muscle memory, serving as a Hunter under the name of Hunter A-23. On one mission, Renslayer and some Minutemen arrived via Timedoor to Asgard in an alternate timeline. There she and the other Minutemen arrested the Variant, who was a young child at the time, and kidnapped her, taking her to the TVA.

Renslayer brings the Variant to the trial

Renslayer then accompanied the Variant to the courtroom for her trial. However, the Variant bit her arm, stole her TemPad, and ran away from her into a Timedoor.[4] Sometime afterwards, Renslayer became a TVA Judge. After becoming a judge, Renslayer stopped displaying her fighting skills as much, relying all fighting to the Minutemen.[5]

TVA Judge

Judgment of Loki

Judge Renslayer attending Loki's trial

"Variant L1130, AKA Loki Laufeyson, is charged with sequence violation 7-20-89. How do you plead?"
"Madam, a god doesn't plead."
―Ravonna Renslayer and Loki[src]

Renslayer was the judge chosen to give the ruling on a case in which a Variant of Loki caused a nexus event in the timeline. When asked how he pleaded, Loki repeatedly deviated from the subject of his trial and mocked the TVA, much to Renslayer's annoyance. Loki claimed the branching timeline was a result of the Avengers going back in time, suggesting they should be arrested instead of him; Renslayer informed Loki that the Avengers' actions were supposed to happen, and that his nexus event was not, once again insisting that Loki make his case for how he pleaded.

Renslayer acts as judge for the trial of Loki

Eventually, growing tired with Loki's ranting, Renslayer gave him the "guilty" verdict and ordered him to be reset. Loki questioned what that meant as he was dragged away by TVA agents, but the intervention of Mobius M. Mobius would save the God of Mischief. Mobius would stand before Renslayer, explaining that he wanted to question Loki to learn more about his current case, and while Renslayer was skeptical, she agreed to let Mobius talk with Loki. The two then left, while Renslayer moved on to her next case.[1]

Meeting with Mobius

Renslayer meeting with Mobius M. Mobius

After a botched operation in Wisconsin, Renslayer met with Mobius M. Mobius in her office to discuss it. When Mobius noted how good her office looked and asked where some of her trophies came from, she explained that she employs multiple analysts and that she gets to keep the spoils of the missions she approves. Offering Mobius some liquor, she read him Loki's file, and said that he reminded her of someone. He said the same, and tried to put his drink on the table, but Renslayer made him use a coaster. Mobius acknowledged that his tactics were controversial and Renslayer told him that they were more than that. Mobius tried to explain that they learned from the failed mission, but Renslayer told him that despite his soft spot for broken things, Loki is irredeemable and his part of the Sacred Timeline is that of a villain. Mobius asked if Loki could change, but she said he couldn't unless the Time Keepers allowed it. When asked how the Time Keepers were, Renslayer told Mobius that they were extremely involved in the case. Renslayer gave him and Loki one more chance and had him sign some paperwork. As Mobius was leaving, Renslayer asked him if he truly believed in Loki, a question that he dodged before saying that if things went south, he would delete Loki himself.

Renslayer expresses all of her concerns

Later, Renslayer was approached again by Mobius asking for approval for a mission to go to 2050 Haven Hills in hopes to find the variant they were looking for. Renslayer told him that basing his idea on Loki's theory wasn't a good idea, but that she trusted Mobius, not Loki. When Mobius expressed his full faith in the idea, she approved it, but warned him that she couldn't do much if the operation failed.

Renslayer confronts Loki and the variant

Renslayer was in her office when she noticed the Sacred Timeline splitting as a result of the reset charge bombing and quickly grabbed her Time Stick that was on display and left to tend to the crisis.[2] Renslayer and two Minutemen then arrived to find Loki and the Variant in a stalemate outside her office. The Variant threatened to kill Loki if Renslayer came any closer, however, Renslayer said that she could go for it. She then prepared to strike them, but Loki used the Variant's TemPad and teleported away.[3]

Protecting the TVA

Renslayer silences Hunter C-20

"When we're out there fighting for the fate of the Sacred Timeline, we're also fighting for this. For us. Friends against time, allies to the end."
―Ravonna Renslayer to Mobius M. Mobius[src]

When Hunter C-20 was brought back to the TVA, Renslayer conducted a trial in the courtroom since C-20 had exposed the location of the Time-Keepers. During the trial, Renslayer filmed C-20 with her TemPad and listened as C-20 proceeded to tell them that she, and everyone in the TVA, were Variants and had a life on Earth and were happier there. Before C-20 could continue, Renslayer silenced her and stepped in front of the TemPad in order to discipline C-20 offscreen.

Renslayer meets with the Time-Keepers

Shortly after, Renslayer was summoned to meet with the Time-Keepers in their chamber, following the escape of the Variant and the disruption of the Sacred Timeline. Before meeting with them, Renslayer recalled a memory when she was a Hunter. She remembered when she had arrested the Variant and brought her to the TVA for the first time.[4]

Lying to Mobius M. Mobius

Renslayer speaking with Mobius M. Mobius

Following the meeting with the Time-Keepers, Renslayer was approached by Mobius M. Mobius, who asked her about it and asked about Hunter C-20's status. Renslayer dismissed the concerns for C-20 telling Mobius that she was changed after being enchanted and that she couldn't function upon returning and had been taken care of.

Renslayer talks to Mobius M. Mobius

Renslayer was later approached by Mobius in her office. She offered him a drink and the two sat on the couch to talk. Renslayer asked Mobius if he could what place would he go, but Mobius told her that he already had access due to being employed at the TVA. Renslayer was then pressed about C-20, but she decided to remain evasive about it, not wanting to discuss what really had happened. Mobius then told her that enjoyed their friendship with which she relayed back. Once Mobius asked why Sylvie Laufeydottir's Sword on the table was not in the trophy case, Renslayer got up and put it there. When she turned around, Mobius told her he had to leave and tend to Loki, leaving her surprised by the sudden change.[4]

Mobius M. Mobius' Betrayal

Renslayer confronting Mobius M. Mobius

Once Mobius M. Mobius left, Renslayer found out that he had taken her TemPad, and set out to apprehend him. On her way, she summoned a group of Minutemen to guard her and confronted Mobius and Loki just as they returned from the Time Cell in the interrogation room. Renslayer then told Mobius that he had something that was hers and Mobius returned it to her, via a Minuteman. Mobius then told Renslayer that the place he wanted to go to was the place where he used to live on Earth before the TVA. Upon hearing this, Renslayer ordered Mobius to be pruned and watched as a Minuteman used his Time Stick to prune and erase Mobius from the TVA. Renslayer then ordered the Minutemen to take custody of Loki as she needed to take sometime to realize what just happened. She then went to the second interrogation room and told the Minutemen to be on the lookout for Hunter B-15 since she was also "compromised".[4]

Learning the Truth

Renslayer speaking with Loki and Sylvie

Renslayer then met up with the Minutemen who were in custody of Loki and Sylvie and told them that she would take the two from there. They then entered the golden elevator to the Time-Keepers' chamber. In the elevator, Renslayer was asked by Sylvie if she remembered her and why she was taken by the TVA. Renslayer told Sylvie that she did not remember what the reason behind the investigation was. When the elevator stopped, she then led the two into the chamber.

Renslayer fighting against Sylvie

Renslayer watched as Loki and Sylvie walked up closer to the Time-Keepers and when Sylvie ran to confront them, she used the Time Twister on her. She repeated this a second time, until the elevator opened again and Hunter B-15 appeared. Renslayer watched as B-15 deactivated Loki and Sylvie's neck collars and threw Sylvie her sword. Having watched the Minutemen Royal Guards fighting Loki and Sylvie, Renslayer grabbed her Time Stick and confronted Sylvie. Following their duel, Sylvie got the upper hand and punched Renslayer in the face, knocking her out.

Renslayer being threatened by Sylvie

Once she had regained consciousness, Renslayer grabbed her Time Stick and pruned Loki, who was speaking passionately to Sylvie. Having witnessed Renslayer prune Loki, Sylvie angrily confronted her and disarmed Renslayer. As Sylvie pointed the Time Stick at Renslayer, she told Sylvie to prune her but Sylvie told her that instead she wanted to know everything about the TVA.[4]

Using Sylvie

Renslayer is confronted by Sylvie

Renslayer was brought to the courtroom by Sylvie, who knocked her the floor and kicked her, trying to get information on the Time Variance Authority's origins. Renslayer was also forced to give up her TemPad to Sylvie. When Renslayer got up she told Sylvie that she was clueless on the TVA's origins. She then asked Miss Minutes to look up files for the origins of the TVA. As Miss Minutes was looking up the files, Renslayer told Sylvie that Loki was still alive in a place called the Void. Renslayer then asked Minutes to look up a Void timecraft, disrupting her search for the TVA's origins, and asked for Sylvie's trust, stating she wanted to know who created the TVA also, shaking her hand.

Renslayer tricks Sylvie

However, Minutemen then rushed inside, leading Sylvie to realize that Renslayer had tricked her, and lept over the judge's desk. Renslayer told Sylvie that she was interested in finding the TVA's origins, but wanted Sylvie to be in custody first, suggesting a Time Cell. To Renslayer's surprise, Sylvie decided to prune herself using her Time Stick.

Renslayer speaks with Hunter B-15

Later, Renslayer met with Hunter B-15, who was in custody in a Time Theatre. Renslayer angrily told B-15 that she had betrayed the TVA and asked her what Sylvie's plans were. B-15 proceeded to tell Renslayer that whereas she wanted to know who created the TVA, Sylvie needed to know, because she was doing it out of revenge. B-15 then told Renslayer that Sylvie would find out sooner rather than later.

Renslayer asks Miss Minutes for help

After leaving the Time Theatre and walking through the hallway, Renslayer asked Miss Minutes to continue her search for the TVA's origins. Renslayer thought that whoever was behind the TVA's creation was in danger if Sylvie got to them first.[6]

Confronted by Mobius

Renslayer speaks with Miss Minutes

"No, no. You betrayed me! I looked out for you, hung my neck out for you, and you suffer a crisis of faith and turn to those Variants? Eons of friendship. And you threw it all away on a couple of Lokis."
―Ravonna Renslayer to Mobius M. Mobius[src]

Renslayer returned to her office and began sorting out through the files she had regarding the Time Variance Authority. She was then met by Miss Minutes who popped up on her table and asked her what took her so long, in which Minutes told her that she had to take care of something. Renslayer looked at her TemPad and saw that the files given to her weren't the ones she asked for, but Minutes told her the ones she sent were the ones that He Who Remains wanted her to have.

Renslayer speaks with Mobius M. Mobius

Renslayer began to pack her belongings and clear out her room when the door opened and Mobius M. Mobius walked inside, holding a Time Stick. Renslayer turned around and told him that if anyone could get out of the Void, it would have been Mobius. She then asked Mobius if he would prune her, but he told her that he wouldn't do that to friends. Renslayer, feeling guilty for her actions, told him that she had to protect the mission, but Mobius countered that since the Time-Keepers were fake and that they were all Variants, there was no mission. Renslayer believed that it all had to have been for something though. When Mobius told her that she had betrayed him, she replied that he had betrayed her and their friendship for two Lokis.

Renslayer talks about free will

Renslayer then tried to call Hunter D-90 to come in and take Mobius away, but Mobius told her that wouldn't work out and showed her a pen from Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. He told her about her secret, which was that Hunter B-15, D-90, and the other Minutemen found her main self and learned the truth about the TVA. However, Renslayer told Mobius that if they didn't protect the timeline, death and chaos would happen. Mobius told her about free will, but she replied that only the one in charge had that.

Renslayer threatens Mobius M. Mobius

Renslayer then was confronted by Mobius, who prepared to use the Time Stick on her, but she disarmed it quickly and kicked him onto the floor. She then threatened him with the Time Stick, only to put it aside, and told him that it would be hard to get rid of her.

Renslayer leaves the Time Variance Authority

Renslayer then used her TemPad and opened a Timedoor and grabbed her bag. As she was walking towards the Timedoor, Mobius asked her where she was going, and she replied that she would be searching for free will. With that, Renslayer walked into the Timedoor and left the TVA.[7]


"Free will? Only one person gets free will. The one in charge."
―Ravonna Renslayer[src]

Ravonna at first appears to be very straightforward with little empathy, specifically towards the variant Loki, but she shows her lighter and more eccentric side when she is talking with Mobius M. Mobius. She is often skeptical, and precise. However, she is shown to be a delusional and hypocritical individual who blindly follows the TVA rules, removing anyone who finds out the truth about the organization. She had the audacity to say Mobius betrayed her for variants, being a variant herself and having betrayed him and at times it seems like Renslayer takes pleasure in tormenting others to an extent, an example of this being when she pretended to not know smugly why the TVA brought Sylvie in and what her nexus event was. And she can often be very by-the-book, referring to people like Sylvie as variants instead of people.


  • Expert Martial Artist:

    Renslayer fighting against Sylvie

    As part of her military training as a hunter of the Time Variance Authority, Renslayer has impressive fighting skills, having an elegant and minimal fighting style. Since becoming a judge, however, she displays those skills less often than before, but even that, she can still quickly disarm Mobius when he attempted to prune her.[8]
  • Staff Mastery: To be added



Other Equipment

  • Time Twister: Renslayer used the Time Twister on Sylvie when she tried to confront the Time-Keepers.
  • TemPad: Renslayer was equipped with a TemPad upon becoming a Hunter. However, her TemPad was stolen by Sylvie leading Renslayer to acquire a new TemPad. When Renslayer was a Judge, she used the TemPad to make calls to Hunter D-90 and other Minutemen, Miss Minutes, and Mobius M. Mobius. She also used her TemPad to record Hunter C-20's trial. Her TemPad was later taken by Mobius, but shortly returned to Renslayer, where she looked at files that Miss Minutes supplied her with. Renslayer used her TemPad to open up a Timedoor for her departure from the Time Variance Authority.
    • Timedoor: Renslayer used a Timedoor to transport herself to an alternate Asgard and to other locations during her time as a Hunter. She later used a Timedoor to leave the Time Variance Authority to search for free will.
  • Uniform: Renslayer wore her Hunter uniform while she was a Hunter and wore her Judge uniform when she was promoted to be a Judge. She often wore a red sash over her Judge uniform and always tried to remain presentable.







  • In the comics, Ravonna Renslayer was the daughter of King Carelius, a ruler in 40th century Earth. She eventually met Kang the Conqueror and became his lover.
  • Renslayer's code name Hunter A-23 is a reference to Avengers #23 (1965), where Renslayer made her first appearance.


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