"Hey, chief! We still have this load from yesterday. We're supposed to turn this in, right?"
―Randy Vale to Adrian Toomes[src]

Randy Vale is a former salvage worker turned professional criminal and one of the key members of Adrian Toomes' crew who sold alien-human hybrid weaponry created by the Tinkerer.


Bestman Salvage

Battle of New York Cleanup


Vale learns that he will be losing his job

Randy Vale was originally employed by Bestman Salvage, cleaning up after the Battle of New York. Vail was present at the argument between Adrian Toomes and Anne Marie Hoag, eventually being evicted from the cleanup site and losing the cleanup contracts.

SMH Vulture 7

Vale is told to keep all of the technology

The next day, Vale discovered that the team still had possession of numerous Chitauri equipment, notifying Toomes of this, Toomes decided to keep the technology and the group became black market traders.[1]

Tracking the Energy Source


Vale and Shocker search for their technology

Several years later, Vale went with Herman Schultz to locate the missing Chitauri Gun that was lost in the confrontation with Spider-Man. The two take a scanner and eventually track the Chitauri Energy Core to the Midtown School of Science and Technology. Looking through the workshop room where the scanner told them was where the energy source had last been activated, Schultz thought he heard a noise. Checking the sound, Vale deems it was nothing and the two leave and head for Maryland for the Attack on the Damage Control Truck.[1]

Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry

SMH Ferry Car 2016 Registration and Inspection

Vale waits to meet with Mac Gargan's men

Several days later, Vale heads to the Staten Island Ferry with Schultz and Toomes. Vail and Schultz left Toomes dealt with Mac Gargan. Meeting him at the front of the boat and negotiating for a while, Spider-Man suddenly showed up, quickly dispatching Gargan and his associates, webbing Vale to the boat's railing and arrested by the FBI.[1]


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  • In the comics, Randy Vale was a minion of Carrion, who gave him gadgets and equipment in order to become the criminal, known as Darter. He attempted to betray Carrion but was killed in response.


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