"What is this place?"
"A pharmaceutical research facility. Relax, it's empty. Doesn't actually open for another month."
James Lucas and Luke Cage[src]

The Rand Enterprises Research Facility is a pharmaceutical research facility in Queens owned by Rand Enterprises.


"Look, man, I'm so sorry about the office."
"Oh, seriously, don't worry about it. It's not even mine anymore. I mean, it is, but I'm not running the day-to-day, so it's fine."
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

Rand Enterprises ordered to built pharmaceutical research facility at Queens and it should have been opened for several months. When Stylers began their manhunt for Mariah Dillard, Tilda Johnson and James Lucas, Luke Cage contacted with Danny Rand and requested asylum for them. Rand allowed them to cover in the unopened facility. Cage and Misty Knight took others and arrived to facility. Knight head to secure the back and informed Cage that building has too many entry points.

Cage and Knight informed Dillard that she sold Bushmaster her guns which meant if McIver gets taken down so will Dillard unless she cooperates. Dillard informed them that in return her charging McIver she must receive immunity for her gun deal. Cage agreed to the deal and Knight moved to precinct to make a contract.

However, Nandi Tyler informed McIver about Dillard's location. He lead the Stylers to the facility and issued an ultimatum to Cage to give him Dillard. Cage refused and the Stylers attacked the facility. McIver managed to fight against Cage but was defeated. Arming herself with the Hammer Industries Shotgun Dilalrd used to kill several Stylers and escaped.New York City Police Department then arrived to the facility to arrest McIver and remained Stylers.[1]


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