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"Leishmaniasis. If left untreated, latest numbers show roughly 50,000 a year."
"And we have the cure? We can save lives at five bucks a pill, but you wanna raise the price?"
Ward Meachum and Danny Rand[src]

The Rand Enterprises Leishmaniasis Cure is an anti-parasitic antimonial medicine manufactured and patented by Rand Enterprises in order to cure leishmaniasis in multiple countries.


"The World Health Organization will make most of the purchases and subsidize it for Third World countries. No one who needs this will be left untreated."
"No one should make a profit off of the misery of others. It's wrong. We need to sell the drug at cost."
Lawrence Wilkins and Danny Rand[src]

According to research, twelve million people are currently infected by leishmaniasis in 98 countries and fifty thousand dies every year. Rand Enterprises created and patented the medicine with far-reaching effects to cure it.

On the meeting, the Board of Directors of Rand Enterprises discussed Pricing strategy for a new drug before they were interrupted by Danny Rand. The new cure had possible customers, such as Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and Eastern Europe. Joy Meachum decided that Rand could make this in bulk, making the production price less than for a pill. However, Lawrence Wilkins suggested raising the price for the medicine instead, in order to fund new research and boost profits for the company in the pharmaceutical division.

Before they could make a decision, Rand insisted that they should sell the medicine at lower prices to just what they cost to produce in order to make sure everyone could afford it. Wilkins who attempted to reassure Rand that they as a company knew what they were doing and the medicine would be purchased by the World Health Organization and subsidized it for Third World countries.

However, Rand still insisted that they needed to sell the drug just at the cost that it took to produce it. As the largest stakeholder of the company, he made his decision final and Ward Meachum had to confirm his opinion.[1]


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