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"Our chemical plant on Staten Island has passed every onsite inspection."
"I have 15 documented cancer diagnoses that say you're wrong."
"I acknowledge how terribly unfortunate this is, but Rand Enterprises had nothing to do with it."
Joy Meachum and Melvin Ortiz[src]

The Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant is a chemical production facility located on Staten Island and owned by Rand Enterprises.


"Until we can be sure it isn't causing illness, we're shutting down the Staten Island plant. We're also gonna keep everyone on payroll. That way no one loses their job."
Danny Rand[src]

Rand Enterprises established a chemical plant on Staten Island. However, despite passing every onsite inspection by federal, state, and local agencies, 15 people living within a one-mile radius had been diagnosed with cancer.

Regina Fitzgerald, whose son was one of the victims, hired Melvin Ortiz to indict to Rand Enterprises. At the meeting, Joy Meachum stated that the plant passed all inspections. Ortiz said that they will hire their own team to inspect the plant. Meachum said that they have nothing to hide but she knew that if they will establish a connection between diseases and plant, the company is still following the law.

Fitzgerald informed Danny Rand about the plant and her son. He asked Meachum about it and she said that EPA cleared them but the real cause of diseases is still unknown. Later, Rand met with the Board of Directors and stated that Rand will shut down the plant until they figure the source of illness. They also will continue paying to plant's employees.[1]


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