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"That's my building."
Danny Rand[src]

The Rand Enterprises Building is the headquarters of Rand Enterprises, located in New York City, New York.


Foundation of Rand Enterprises

"Last time I was up here was with your father. Building wasn't even open yet. We came up here and looked down at New York. We had the world at our feet. We were standing on that little ledge over there. And here's the funny part. I had this overwhelming urge to push Wendell over."
Harold Meachum to Danny Rand[src]

When Wendell Rand and Harold Meachum founded Rand Enterprises, their business ended up creating Rand Enterprises Building in New York City. As the day they first stepped onto the roof of their new building, Meachum felt a desire to push his friend off the roof, although he did not.[2]

Danny Rand, son of Wendell and Heather Rand, spent a lot of time in the building. He skated around the hall on a skateboard, glued the stickers under his father's table and made friends with the company's employees.[3]

Danny Rand's Return

15 years after the deaths of Wendell and Heather Rand, Danny Rand returned to New York City from K'un-Lun. He found Rand Enterprises Building and, upon entering the building, he immediately introduced himself as Danny Rand, much to the disbelief of the receptionist. Rand asked to meet with Harold Meachum but the security arrived and escorted him out of the building. However, Rand returned to the building and defeated all guards on his way and went to the elevator.

He succeeded in reaching the office floor and met with Joy and Ward Meachum. They refused to believe that he was Danny without any proof. They informed him that Harold had passed away from cancer and demanded that he leave. As security arrived on their floor, Rand was forced to leave the building, but Joy began to doubt and their decision.

At next day, Joy met with Ward in building and informed him about Rand's persecution and his gymnastic skills. Also, she offered to talk with him but Ward refused it. He suggested that the return of "Danny" is a corporate sabotage in order to take the company away from them. At night, Ward sent Shannon and several employers to attack and kill him. He had a supper in building, when Shannon called him and informed about their failure. Ward called Harold who was alive and arrive to his penthouse to discuss next steps.

Rand arrived to building and informed Joy about attack. When she asking him how he managed to get inside, he responded that he knew all the entrances and exits, perceiving it as his second home. Joy finally agreed to speak with him and gave him a cup of water. While they talked, drugs in the water worked - Rand lost consciousness and was transported to Birch Psychiatric Hospital.[3]

Possible Mistake

Joy and Ward met in the building to discuss a deal with Red Hook Pier. Joy said that she regretted the decision to drug him; however, Ward reassured her that she did the right thing. Later, Joy was called by Paul Edmonds, Rand's therapist. He asked her about day when Rands and Meachums filmed in the Rand Enterprises' commercial and she confirmed Rand's story.

Joy brought Rand's photos to her office and asked Megan to try to compare the boy аt photos from Rand. She decided to check it and sent sent pack of M&M's to Rand. With Colleen Wing's help he returned pack to Joy without brown M&M's - just like they did in childhood - and she was assured about Rand's identity. She told it to arrived Ward but he didn't believe her.

In the building, Ward told to Director's Board about deal with Red Hook Piers but was interrupted by Harold's call. He informed Ward of his confidence in the Rand's identity and ordered Ward to move him to safe place.[4]

Ward met with Joy in her office and discussed with her the opportunity to leave the Rand Enterprises. She said that they can't leave without losing everything. Also, she promised Ward support if he wanted to leave the company. In Ward's office, Joy demanded from him all information about Danny because following meeting with Jeri Hogarth. Ward gave her all files. She informed him that Harold visited him in the hospital.[5]

Meeting with Hogarth

Hogarth and Rand arrived to the building to discuss deal with Meachums and Director's Board. They managed to prove their case by showing a clay bowl that Rand once made with a fingerprint in the clay that was the exact same match as Rand's. Now with undeniable proof about Rand's identity, there was nothing else to discuss. Ward, however, threatened to bury them with motions, delays, discoveries and depositions in order to delay Rand for ten years. Hogarth replied that they will see them in court. After discussing, Rand listened to Ward's call with Harold and decided to track him.[5]

Rand's Reinstatement

When Harold Meachum decided to reinstate Danny Rand in Rand Enterprises, Ward organized meeting with the journalists. Rand told them about his long journey to get back home. Jennifer Many, journalist from New York Bulletin asked him about his сustody in Birch Psychiatric Hospital, to which Rand confirmed.

After end of meeting, Rand asked Joy to discuss the pier deal. She told him to talk to Megan to book time for a talk. Rand was informed that he could meet Joy in three days time and he had first appointment with Hogarth. They walked into Rand's office that once used to be Wendell Rand's office. Hogarth gave documents for Rand to sign on, in order to affirm her law firm's partnership with Rand Enterprises. Hogarth explained that Rand had the strongest voice in the board due to his 51% share of the company and he had access to many places in the building due to his status. Before leaving, Hogarth advised Rand that shouldn't waste the opportunity that he had.

Rand joined the Board's discussion about how to sell the cure for leishmaniasis. Rand said that they should sell the medicine at lower prices in order to make sure everyone can afford it. Rand made his decision final with his position as the largest stakeholder of the company much to the annoyance and opposition from the board members. Joy told Rand that she had time to talk about the pier deal.

At night, Ward was called by Harold who ordered him to resolve the problem with Many and make amends for his failure with price deal. Later, he invited Many to his office and told her about Rand and cure's price. When Many received the necessary information she quickly managed to leave.[6]

Steel Serpent

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Battle at the Rand Enterprises Building

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Seeking for Information

In order to investigate the Hand's business transaction through, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing went Rand Enterprises Building to speak with Ward Meachum. His assistant informed them that Meachum took a business trip and offered to help. They asked her to track down transactions of several companies used by the Hand. She found out that all companies was shut down at one day and their assets was transferred to Midland Circle Financial.[7]


Having received a letter from Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, Misty Knight arrived to the building. Rand Enterprises' technicians equipped her by bionic arm to replace her missing limb.[8]


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