"Now you see this man here? If we're being honest with each other Mr. Farnum, I find his methods... unpleasant. But such are the times we live in."
James Wesley about Rance[src]

Rance was a hitman who worked for Wilson Fisk. He had a reputation for being exceptionally cruel and violent to his victims.



Under the order of Wilson Fisk, Rance was on the college campus of Tracy Farnum, watching her; in order to ensure the cooperation of Clyde Farnum. Clyde was approached by James Wesley who had Rance reveal himself during a conversation between Clyde and Wesley to show that Tracy's life was in danger, with Wesley noting that he found Rance's methods for assassinations highly unpleasant. The plan was successful and due to his fear of his daughter's safety, Farnum agreed to assassinate someone for Fisk.[1]

Attack on Karen Page


Rance fights the Masked Man

Rance was then hired to kill Karen Page and obtain the flash drive that she had of the financial discrepancies and embezzlement of Union Allied Construction. Rance went into Karen Page's Apartment and, after she obtained the flash drive from the bathroom's ceiling tiles, proceeded to assault her until she relinquished it. Rance then pulled out a knife to kill Page when a masked man began to fight him.

The fight became so intense that the two fell to the street below and fought in the rain. Rance fought well, making the masked man's mouth drip with blood. The masked man was ultimately victorious over Rance by knocking him unconscious and tying him with a chain.[1]


Rance was arrested. While in jail, he was found hanged from the ceiling by a bedsheet.[1]


"And a man broke into my apartment and tried to kill me. He dented the wall where he bashed my head into it."
Karen Page[src]

The damage Rance had done to Karen Page was more than physical when he rammed her head into a wall; she became afraid to go home because he shocked her when he appeared from the shadows.[2]

Leland Owlsley wondered why John Healy was not killed instead of allowed a trial when he was captured by the New York City Police Department; James Wesley noted that there were too many bodies recently, including that of Rance.[3]

When Union Allied Construction wanted her to accept a bribe for her "troubles", Page relayed that her troubles included two attempts on her life, one from Rance.[4]


  • Expert Martial Artist: Rance was a very skilled fighter and assassin. Wilson Fisk described him as a "professional" in this regard. He was able to give Matt Murdock a difficult time before he was ultimately defeated.
  • Knife Mastery: Rance was extremely skilled with a knife. He nearly managed to kill the masked man several times with it.





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