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"I am queen of the most powerful nation in the world, and my entire family is gone! Have I not given everything?"
―Ramonda to Okoye[src]

Queen Ramonda was the Queen of Wakanda, wife of T'Chaka, and mother of T'Challa and Shuri. She stood by her son's side when he became King of Wakanda, but was soon forced into exile when Erik Killmonger defeated T'Challa in ritual combat and took over the throne. Ramonda fled with Shuri, Nakia and Everett Ross to Jabari Land. There, she was reunited with her son T'Challa, who she saved thanks to the powers of the Heart-Shaped Herb. Ramonda remained in Jabari Land while T'Challa and his allies left to fight Killmonger, only to return in the Golden City following T'Challa's victory.

After the Battle of Wakanda, she became queen regnant of Wakanda after both T'Challa and Shuri were killed in the Snap. Although they were resurrected after the Blip, Ramonda would assume the position of queen once again after T'Challa passed away of an unexpected disease. With geopolitical relationships growing strenuous over Wakanda's private reserves of Vibranium, Ramonda was confronted by Namor, who threatened war against Wakanda unless they could locate the scientist responsible for creating the underwater Vibranium Detector that threatened their livelihood. When Nakia rescued Shuri and Riri Williams from Talokan, it ignited the Talokanil-Wakandan War, where Ramonda was killed during Namor's attack.


Early Life[]

Marriage to T'Chaka[]

Ramonda was born to Lumumba in the River Tribe. Her marriage to King T'Chaka allowed her to became the Queen of Wakanda. The couple eventually had a son whom they named T'Challa, and later on a daughter named Shuri. She and her husband would always talk about the day when their son would finally be crowned king.[3] Ramonda raised her children to love and believe in their country, its people, and its legacy.[4]

New Wakandan King[]

Reunited with T'Challa[]

"How are you feeling today, Mama?"
"Proud. Your father and I would talk about this day all the time. He is with us, and it is your time to be king."
T'Challa and Ramonda[src]
Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 16

Ramonda greets her returning son T'Challa

Ramonda welcomed her son T'Challa when he returned to Wakanda for his impending coronation after having rescued Nakia from a group of terrorists in Nigeria. Ramonda was then greeted by Nakia, who expressed her condolences for T'Chaka who was unintentionally killed by Helmut Zemo.


Ramonda reprimanding Shuri for swearing

After thanking Nakia for her condolence, she remained silently smiling as Shuri mocked her brother and reprimanded Shuri for her obscene gesture towards T'Challa. As her son asked her how she was, Ramonda replied that she and T'Chaka always talked about this day and that she felt pride at the idea that his son would become King of Wakanda and that T'Chaka's spirit was with them.[3]

Incoronation of T'Challa[]

Shuri, Ramonda & Dora Milaje

Ramonda arrives at T'Challa's Incoronation

"Show him who you are!"
―Ramonda to T'Challa[src]

Ramonda later took part in the incoronation ceremony, dancing with Shuri on the Golden Tribe boat before attending the rest of the ceremony. Like everyone else, Ramonda expressed shock when Shuri raised her hands as Zuri asked whether a member of the royal family intended to challenge T'Challa, only to be annoyed by her daughter's insolence when she expressed that she wanted to be over with the ceremony so she could change clothes.


Ramonda watches T'Challa duelling M'Baku

While all other tribes declined the challenge, Ramonda then watched as the Jabari Tribe surprisingly joined the ceremony, with its leader M'Baku challenging T'Challa for the throne. During the duel, Ramonda strongly encouraged her son, telling him to show M'Baku who he was when T'Challa was briefly stunned by M'Baku. T'Challa eventually won the duel much to Ramonda's happiness. Following the coronation, Ramonda attended a Royal Council during which she remained mostly silent as T'Challa decided to chase down Ulysses Klaue in South Korea and bring him back to Wakanda.[3]

Meeting Erik Killmonger[]

BP Teaser Trailer 48

Ramonda first encountering Erik Killmonger

"I found my daddy with Panther claws in his chest! You ain't the son of a King, you a son of a murderer!"
"Uxoki! Lies!"
"I'm afraid not, Queen Mother."
Erik Killmonger, Ramonda and W'Kabi[src]

Although the mission to capture Ulysses Klaue ended up in a failure, Erik Killmonger, Klaue's killer soon arrived in Wakanda with Klaue's body in an attempt to gain trust of the Wakandans, who firmly wanted Klaue to face justice and punishment for his various crimes including the Attack on Wakanda. Killmonger was apprehended by the Border Tribe and was brought before the Tribal Council.


Ramonda approaching Erik Killmonger

As Killmonger entered the room, the Tribal Council allowed him permission to speak. He requested the throne for himself and intended to spread Vibranium all over the world, prompting Ramonda to call him a fraud and to ask T'Challa to send him away. He then explained that Wakanda had the sources to liberate people of African descent all across the world. When Ramonda asked about his true identity, Shuri called revealed his identity to the tribal council as well his history as an American mercenary.


Ramonda learns the truth of Erik Killmonger

Instead, he rejected that name and claimed to be N'Jadaka, son of N'Jobu who had been killed by T'Chaka, Ramonda's late husband. Ramonda called him a liar but was soon forced to accept this as the truth as W'Kabi handed her over a Wakandan Royal Ring that N'Jadaka possessed. When Killmonger reminded the Tribal Council that, while T'Challa himself could not apprehend Klaue and bring him to justice for his crimes, he could. Before Killmonger was escorted from the room, T'Challa accepted his challenge for the throne, much to Ramonda's dismay and horror.[3]

Incoronation of Erik Killmonger[]

Black Panther5a8bb490f12c8

Ramonda attends T'Challa's second challenge

"Zuri, don't!"
―Ramonda to Zuri[src]

Ramonda attended this new duel next to her daughter Shuri, although she did not share her daughter's confidence that T'Challa would prevail. Ramonda watched in anguish as Erik Killmonger progressively gained the upper hand, eventually stabbing T'Challa in the stomach.

However, the fight did not stop there as Zuri tried to intervene, which caused his own death at the hands of Killmonger. Finally, Ramonda screamed in horror and grief as Killmonger threw T'Challa down a waterfall, seemingly killing him. As they were in danger with Killmonger as King of Wakanda, Nakia rushed at Ramonda and Shuri and took them away, forcing them to leave the Golden City.[3]

Exile from Wakanda[]

BP EW 10

Ramonda goes into exile with her allies

"What has happened to our Wakanda?"

Ramonda waited in despair with Shuri while Nakia left to find Everett Ross, a CIA Agent who had been rescued by T'Challa and who had to go into exile as well. When Nakia returned, she informed them that Okoye would not join them. Ramonda, Shuri, Nakia and Ross then made their way to Jabari Land, where they planned to give the last Heart-Shaped Herb to M'Baku so he could dethrone Erik Killmonger. However, Ramonda questioned this plan, fearing that they could create a monster worse than Killmonger. Ramonda suggested that Nakia should take the Herb, but she replied that she was only a spy without an army.

BP Teaser Trailer 50

Ramonda, Nakia, and Everett Ross arrive in Jabari Land

The group was soon found by Jabari warriors who took them to M'Baku. Ramonda explained to M'Baku that T'Challa had been murdered, although M'Baku suggested that he had been defeated within the rules of a ritual combat. Ramonda then remained silent as Nakia offered the Heart-Shaped Herb to M'Baku. However, he did not take it and instead instructed Ramonda and the others to follow him. Thus, Ramonda learned that her son was still alive albeit in a coma.

T'Challa On Ice

Ramonda discovers T'Challa is still alive

Ramonda requested the Heart-Shaped Herb from Nakia and mashed it into a liquid extract she gave to T'Challa, enabling him to restore the powers of the Black Panther and be revived, much to Ramonda's joy. They all gathered in M'Baku's throne room once again and T'Challa expressed his wish to have Ramonda and Shuri leave Wakanda for their own safety. However, Ramonda refused to leave her country. Eventually, M'Baku agreed to provide shelter to Ramonda in Jabari Land while T'Challa left with Ross, Shuri and Nakia to fight Killmonger.[3]

Return to the Golden City[]

Black Panther (film) 127

Ramonda back in the Citadel's throne room

Following T'Challa's victory over Erik Killmonger, Ramonda could safely remain to the Golden City to sit in the Tribal Council. As such, she was present when T'Challa returned into the Citadel's throne room as the rightful King of Wakanda.[3]

Filling In Role[]

In 2018, Ramonda survived the Snap. However, she lost her son and daughter, much to her grief. She then took on the role of leading Wakanda, while grieving her children. She did this for the next five years and worked with world governments.[5]

Sometime later, she would find out that T'Challa and Nakia had a son and would come to meet him, keeping his existence a secret to honor her son's wishes.[1]

Reunited with Her Children[]

Ramonda (Endgame)

Ramonda reunites with her children

In 2023, as a result of the Blip, Ramonda was reunited with her son and daughter. They reunited together at the Citadel in the Golden City and watched as a celebration took place in the city.[6]

Losing Her Son[]

Ramonda Long Hair

Ramonda telling Shuri of T'Challa's passing

"Your brother is with the ancestors."
―Ramonda to Shuri[src]

In 2024, Ramonda's son, T'Challa, had fallen terminally ill from a disease. While her daughter worked on recreating the Heart-Shaped Herb to cure him, Ramonda stayed by his side. Despite Shuri's best efforts, Ramonda was next to T'Challa as he passed away. Shuri hastily rushed to bring a completed recreation of the herb to her brother, though Ramonda, who had entered the lab, despairingly confirmed his passing. Ramonda then took his place as the queen of Wakanda.

Wakanda Forever funeral salute

Ramonda saluting to her late son

Ramonda and Shuri then took part in T'Challa's funeral. Ramonda, alongside her daughter, Sope, the elders, M'Baku, and Okoye and the Dora Milaje, all saluted her son and proceeded through with the coffin. She stood in front as they prepared for a Royal Talon Fighter to beam up the coffin. But before it could, Shuri put her face against the coffin and wept, as Ramonda comforted her. She and Shuri then stepped back and watched as the coffin ascended into the air.[1]

Meeting Assata[]

"I believe someday the entire world will know your name. Because instead of believing something is impossible, you found a different way, a new way, your own way. Because instead of giving up, you have the courage to dream."
―Ramonda to Assata[src]
Assata Meets Ramonda

Ramonda congratulates Assata for following her dreams

Shuri told Ramonda about a young girl named Assata, who chose to follow her dream of becoming a member of a the Dora Milaje despite it seeming impossible due to her disability. Ramonda approached Assata weeks into her training, and was greeted cheerfully by Assata, who said it was an honor to meet the Queen. Ramonda smiled and told Assata what Shuri told her, saying that the honor was hers and using her name. Assata got excited that Ramonda knew her name, so Ramonda told Assata that the world would know her name because she did not give up and had the courage to dream.[7]

Talokanil-Wakandan War[]

United Nations Summit[]

United Nations BPWF

Ramonda listens to the U.S. State Secretary

"You perform civility here, but we know what you whisper in your halls of leadership and in your military facilities. 'The King is dead. The Black Panther is gone. They have lost their protector, now is our time to strike.'"

One year following T'Challa's death, Ramonda found out about mercenaries trying to steal Vibranium. Luckily, they were stopped by the Dora Milaje. The next day, Ramonda attended a United Nations meeting. The leaders believed she was not honoring the agreement set by T'Challa about sharing the Vibranium. However, Ramonda said that they never agreed to it.

Ramonda and Dora Milaje UN

Ramonda along with the Dora Milaje

She then talked about how everyone believed Wakanda was vulnerable from losing their king and protector. Though Ramonda disproved this notion as she had the Dora arrive with the apprehended mercenaries, sending a message to the UN not to do anything.[1]

First Encounter with Namor[]

Ramonda Shuri's Lab

Ramonda talking to Shuri

"T'Challa is dead, but that doesn't mean he is gone. When that illness took your brother from us, I had to lead a wounded nation and a broken world, but I still took time in the bush."
―Ramonda to Shuri[src]

Ramonda arrived home and met Shuri up in her lab. Greeted by Griot, Ramonda stated her distrust of Shuri's AI, thinking it would destroy them. Though Shuri claimed that that only happened in movies. Ramonda then told Shuri to stop working and asked her what day it was. Shuri refused to answer the question seriously and Ramonda told her it was a year since T'Challa's death.

Ramonda talking with Shuri

Ramonda telling Shuri of T'Challa

Ramonda brought Shuri out to the coast of the river and lit a fire. She wanted Shuri to burn her cerimonial garment as a sign of moving on, claiming it helped her with the death of T'Challa. However, Shuri refused to let go, still thinking it was her fault. Suddenly, a man came out of the water. He introduced himself as the K'uk'ulkan or Namor. He claimed to be from a secret underwater nation called Talokan. He also stated they had Vibranium, which Ramonda refused to believe until Shuri pointed out that he was covered in it.

Ramonda threatening Namor

Ramonda demands Namor tell her who he is

Namor said that T'Challa's actions of exposing Vibranium had destabilized Talokan. He wanted Wakanda's help as they had a part in his problems. Ramonda claimed it was not their problem, but Namor begged to differ. He talked about a scientist who made a Vibranium Detector. He wanted Wakanda to bring her to him, or he would rage war on Wakanda.

Ramonda listening to M'Baku

Ramonda listening to M'Baku's suggestion

Ramonda called a meeting with the elders to discuss what to do. M'Baku also arrived and traded insults with Okoye before being told to stop and sit down by Ramonda. M'Baku wanted to just simply kill Namor, but others believed it would cause a war. The Merchant Tribe Elder especially believed this, saying without the Black Panther, they were dangerous.[1]

Disciplining Okoye[]


Ramonda talking with Okoye about the legends

"I stood by you after Killmonger took the throne, and you and the elders in this room stood by him while I ran begging the Jabari for protection, and I warned you about taking my daughter on this mission and you lost her. So today, I am done."
―Ramonda to Okoye[src]

Back in Shuri's lab, Ramonda's daughter ripped apart the Vibranium Detector, fascinated about what was inside. Okoye brought Ramonda off to the side and asked for Shuri to come to Cambridge with her to find the scientist. Ramonda was reluctant, but Okoye convinced her, saying it was a good way to get Shuri out of her lab.

Ramonda Throneroom

Ramonda condemning Okoye

When Okoye returned, she reported that Shuri was captured by the Talokanil, and that she wanted to retrieve her immediately. Ramonda sat quietly before disappointingly telling Okoye she would be stripped of her rank as well as position as Dora Milaje. An already saddened Okoye broke down in tears, begging Ramonda that she let her die for her country. M'Kathu spoke up for Okoye, saying she had put a spear up to her own husband for Wakanda.

Black Panther II Trailer (40)

Ramonda yells that she has lost everything

Ramonda reminded him that Okoye had the liberty of visiting him whenever she wished, but that her own husband was gone for good. Speaking up to near yelling, Ramonda emotionally exclaimed that she was queen of the most powerful nation in the world and that her entire family was gone, that she had truly given everything. Ramonda then reminded Okoye that she had forgiven her for standing by Erik Killmonger when he took the throne, and that she was done giving her a second chance after she lost her daughter.[1]

Reunion with Nakia[]

Ramonda BPWF

Ramonda asking Griot to track the Kimoyo Beads

"Nakia, daughter of Yaa, wherever you go, you are still Wakandan, and you know death is not the end."
―Ramonda to Nakia[src]

Ramonda went to Shuri's lab and asked Griot to bring up Shuri's Kimoyo Beads. On the other end was Everett Ross. The two talked and Ross said he picked them up at the site. Ramonda told Ross that Shuri and Riri Williams were with the enemy. Ross was worried that his superiors knew Ross betrayed them, but asked who the enemy was. Ramonda said that all she could reveal was that it was a new threat. Before hanging up, Ross told her he would do anything to help. Ramonda then asked Griot to locate Shuri's earrings. They were lost around Yucatán, but he did hear the enemies speak Yucatec Mayan.

Ramonda and Nakia

Ramonda assuring Nakia

Ramonda traveled to Haiti to see Nakia. Along the way, Ramonda met her secret grandson, Toussaint, who helped her find Nakia. Ramonda mentioned to Nakia her absence at T'Challa's funeral, and that she expected her to at least come for the ceremony after having left Wakanda. Nakia explained to her that she was afraid of returning, though Ramonda reminded her that she would always be Wakandan no matter what. Ramonda then explained that Shuri had been taken hostage and that she needed Nakia to rescue her.

Namor and Ramonda BPWF

Ramonda threatening Namor

To give Nakia enough time while she infiltrated Talokan to rescue Shuri, Ramonda met with Namor on the beach. Namor claimed that Shuri wanted to be taken, but Ramonda asked what she could trade for. Namor told her nothing, so Ramonda gave him an ultimatum of her own. She said she would tell the Americans about the Talokanil if he did not return Shuri and Riri Williams. Namor then said that if she told the Americans, he would kill both herself and Shuri.

Shuri Hugging Ramonda

Ramonda hugging Shuri

Ramonda then got into the Royal Talon Fighter and was able to locate Nakia, Shuri, and Williams in the sea. She beamed them up and consoled Shuri, hugging her as she knew her daughter was safe. She asked if they hurt her, but Shuri said they did not. Ramonda then thanked Nakia before telling Griot to return them to Wakanda right away.[1]

Attack on the Golden City[]

Ramonda and Ironheart

Ramonda helps in saving Wakandans

"Go, child."
"Wait, what? And leave you here?"
―Ramonda and Riri Williams[src]

Ramonda and the others returned to Wakanda, when they were attacked by the Talokanil. Ramonda called Shuri and told her to stand down, though Shuri explained that she and Aneka could provide air support with the Sunbird. Ramonda told Aneka to not let her leave her lab, though Shuri hung up on her before she could stop them. Ramonda then instructed Ayo and the Dora Milaje to cover their ears from the Talokanil's hypnosis, and she and Riri Williams then helped send Scarab Beetles to aid the Wakandan citizens from the Citadel.

Ramonda saving Riri

Ramonda saves Riri Williams from drowning

Namor then approached the two of them, and charged at Ramonda with a spear, but she did not flinch as the spear made contact with the glass. Namor then threw Hydrobombs in their direction, and the pressure from the water broke through the glass floors and submerged an unconscious Ramonda and Williams.

Ramonda's body

Ramonda being found dead by Okoye

While underwater, Ramonda soon regained consciousness and saw that Williams was sinking. Ramonda swam down to her and carried her up to the surface, but in doing so, sacrificed her own life, drowning in the process. Ramonda was then found by Okoye and Nakia. Okoye tried her best to restart Ramonda's heart, but was unsuccessful. Nakia then tried to access her Kimoyo Beads but also to no avail. Shuri then ran in and saw the event unfold, crying as Aneka and M'Baku held her back. Nakia and Okoye were ultimately too late, as Ramonda had already passed.[1]


Giving Wisdom to Shuri[]

Ramonda Ancestral glimpse

Ramonda guiding Shuri

"Show him who you are."
―Ramonda to Shuri[src]

As Shuri, now the Black Panther, faced off against Namor, preparing to kill him for revenge, she saw a vision of Ramonda in the Ancestral Plane. Ramonda told Shuri to show him who she was, leading Shuri to spare his life and promise to protect his people if he yielded.[1]


"I am not a woman who enjoys repeating herself."
―Ramonda to Namor[src]

Ramonda was a polite, courageous and hard-willed individual who deeply cared for her family and nation. She did not consider other Wakandans as inferior despite her status as the Queen Mother, as shown by her treating Nakia and Okoye as equals. Her care for T'Challa was shown when she supported him as King and was visibly deeply saddened by his apparent death and very relieved when he was still alive. She also showed a deep respect for her deceased husband, being infuriated upon hearing Erik Killmonger call T'Chaka a murderer rather than a King. Her bravery was shown when she refused to escape Wakanda despite the danger N'Jadaka posed for her.

Following T'Challa's death, she became very protective of her daughter Shuri, even going as far as to start a war with the Talokanil to protect her, which ultimately led to her death. In her final moments, she saved Riri Williams from death, at the cost of her own life, demonstrating her care for her allies, and choosing to put others lives before her own, even if they were not Wakandans.

However, despite her outstanding qualities, the immense grief of losing her husband and son could cloud her judgement and led her to be quite stern and harsh towards others, especially when it came to the welfare of her family and Wakanda, as when Okoye lost Shuri to the Talokanil, Ramonda stripped her of her rank and status despite their friendship.


  • Master Tactician: Following T'Challa's death, Ramonda took over as the queen of Wakanda. She defended her country's best interests and dealt with international politics. Ramonda confronted the United Nations when other countries covertly attacked Wakandan outposts wanting to obtain Vibranium for themselves.
"Uyaxoka![8] Lies!"
―Ramonda to Erik Killmonger[src]
  • Multilingualism: Ramonda was fluent in her native Xhosa, as well as English with a Wakandan accent. She could also speak and understand French and Haitian Creole as seen at the United Nations Geneva Office and Haiti, respectively.



  • Ring Blades: When she was forced into exile, and while waiting for Nakia to join them, Ramonda kept Ring Blades with her to be able to defend herself and Shuri should they be attacked.

Other Equipment[]

  • Kimoyo Beads: Like many Wakandans, Ramonda possessed Kimoyo Beads she carried as a bracelet and which could serve many purposes.


  • Citadel: The Citadel is the palace of the Golden Tribe and the rulers of Wakanda. They notably held Tribal Council meetings in the Citadel's throne room. Ramonda was present when her son T'Challa held a Tribal Council meeting during which Okoye announced that they had discovered Ulysses Klaue had resurfaced, when Erik Killmonger had come to claim the throne of Wakanda and challenged T'Challa in the throne room, and when T'Challa and his family to reclaim their place in the Citadel once after he survived his fight against Killmonger.






In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Ramonda is the second wife of T'Chaka, the mother of Shuri and the stepmother and surrogate mother of T'Challa.
    • T'Challa's biological mother was N'Yami, T'Chaka's first wife that died shortly after their son's birth.

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