"Hang on a second, before you go swinging those jazz hands around, making a mess in your friend's house – and, it's a lovely home."
Talos to Captain Marvel[src]

The Rambeau Residence is the home of Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica, located in New Orleans, Louisiana.



After Carol Danvers and Nick Fury discovered that Danvers had a life on Earth, they decided to go to New Orleans to find Maria Rambeau, the last person to see Danvers and Dr. Lawson alive. When they arrived, Monica Rambeau was excited to see her "Auntie Carol," but Danvers did not remember her. After she explained her situation to them, Monica went to her bedroom and brought back photos and objects in an attempt to bring back Danvers' memory. As Danvers looked at them, she began to piece her memory back together.

When Rambeau's neighbor Tom visited them, Danvers, convinced he was Talos, told him to leave. When they turned around, they found Talos had infiltrated the residence. He told them of his desire to show them a tape that he stole from the black box from the plane crash six years ago. Grudgingly agreeing to hear the tape, Danvers realized how she got from Earth to Hala after Yon-Rogg shot them down and killed Lawson, who she learned was a Kree operative named Mar-Vell. With her full memory back, she decided to help Talos find the core of the Light-Speed Engine. After they brought the Quadjet into Rambeau's backyard, Norex modified it to be able to fly into space to find Mar-Vell's Laboratory.[1]

Celebrating Victory

Carol Danvers and her friends celebrate their victory

Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau and the Skrulls returned to Rambeau's house to celebrate their victory over the Kree. After enjoying a dinner with her friends, Danvers then decided she would go help the Skrulls find a new home far away from the Kree, and she said goodbye to everybody on Earth, bidding Maria and Monica a farewell.[1]

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