"Most of the lab equipment's been taken away. Files too. What hasn't been taken away has been destroyed."
Melinda May[src]

The Raid of the GT Agrochemical Facility was an attempt by S.H.I.E.L.D. to capture Giyera and his team of HYDRA agents.


"I want you to go there."
"Is that where they manufacture the Exoskeleton hardware?"
"That's not the technology we are interested in."
Hive and Giyera[src]
Following his return on Earth, the ancient Inhuman Hive took control over HYDRA and began gathering an army of Inhumans to fulfill what he believed to be his purpose. To that end, Hive enlisted the help of HYDRA leader Gideon Malick and enthralled many Inhumans such as Giyera.[1]

Desiring to recreate the experiment which had turned him into an Inhuman, Hive ordered Giyera to lead troops to a GT Agrochemical Facility and seize their research data and equipment. However, Hive's and Giyera's operations were also monitored by S.H.I.E.L.D., who decided to stop them.[2]


"I don't usually like getting my hands dirty, but for you, I'll make an exception."
"Don't bother."
Giyera and Melinda May[src]
Giyera led a squad of HYDRA operatives into the GT Agrochemical Facility, where they seized numerous research results and equipment and destroyed what they deemed unnecessary for their goals.

Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. flied the Zephyr One to the facility in an attempt to stop the HYDRA troops. Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Melinda May infiltrated the facility and soon figured out that all the research and equipment had been either taken away or destroyed. While investigating the labs, Coulson was alerted that Giyera was coming their way.


Giyera is defeated by Melinda May

Coulson incapacitated two HYDRA operatives and soon encountered Giyera, who hurled a canister at him. Coulson avoided it but knowing that he was no match to Giyera in these conditions, he ran away, leading Giyera into an airlock free of any object, where May was awaiting them. Once Coulson reached safety, May and Giyera began fighting. Being both highly skilled martial artists, May and Giyera landed several blows on each other, but May eventually defeated Giyera and knocked him out.[2]


"Daisy, come in. Giyera's taken control of the plane."
Melinda May to Daisy Johnson[src]
Leo Fitz was able to track down the facility where the GT Agrochemical data had been transmitted to the Schoonebeek Oil Field in Netherlands, prompting S.H.I.E.L.D. to go and investigate the place.

Giyera takes control of the Zephyr One

Giyera was locked inside the Zephyr One's Containment Module. However, he eventually regained consciousness and broke free of the Module. Using his powers, Giyera then overpowered the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and hijacked the plane, taking it by force to the Schoonebeek Oil Field[2], which would later trigger the intervention of the Secret Warriors.[3]


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