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"Karli bombed a GRC supply depot."
"What? What's the damage?"
"Eleven injured, three dead."
Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes[src]

The Raid of the Lithuanian GRC Supply Depot was an attack instigated by the anti-nationalist group known as the Flag Smashers, in which they stole a stockpile of supplies, including food and medicine, from a Global Repatriation Council depot in Lithuania. Karli Morgenthau subsequently burned down the depot by setting off a car explosion, killing three and injuring eleven others.


Flag Smashers' Campaign

"You had six months' worth of supplies, just sat there in that building. Don't you understand? We're fighting for our lives."
Karli Morgenthau to a GRC Guard[src]

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"There were still people in there!"
"This is the only language these people understand."
Dovich and Karli Morgenthau[src]

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"The depot that was bombed was funded and run by the GRC, the Global Repatriation Council. One of the workers killed was the father of two and had only been on the job for one week. After condemning this latest action by the radical group known as the Flag Smashers, the GRC formally began drafting legislation known as the Patch Act, which would seek to restore traditional border regulations."

The depot raid was publicized in the media, which attracted attention to the death of one of the workers, who was a father of two. A news report also directed attention towards the rising Flag Smashers' campaign, which had attracted more followers to join their cause. The Flag Smashers promised more attacks if their list of demands weren't met. The Global Repatriation Council announced the Patch Act in the wake of this attack, which by their own accord would seek to restore traditional border regulations to speed up the return to normalcy prior to the Snap.

Captain America and Battlestar traveled to Latvia to hunt down Karli Morgenthau, while also intending to put Baron Zemo behind bars, after he was broken out of prison by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. All five came to a situational alliance as to how to apprehend Morgenthau into U.S. custody following the funeral of Donya Madani. The attempt failed, and Morgenthau fled the scene.[3]