"Now, you're looking at a picture of an empty husk of a building. I'm looking at millions of dollars of contraband."
"You know this money belongs to Cottonmouth. Allegedly."
"Allegedly. Thing I can't figure out is why would somebody go through all this hell outside, cause all this mayhem, and then leave the money behind."
"To take it off the streets. Once it's logged, whoever it belongs to doesn't have access to it anymore."
Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

The Raid of the Crispus Attucks Complex was an attempt by Luke Cage to expose Cottonmouth's weakness by depriving his criminal empire of several million dollars.


"They got drops and stash houses across the city. Apartments, sham businesses, street pushers. I mean, they got it locked in."
"Is there a final spot? A central bank?"
"They got a plan if shit goes down. Everything goes to Crispus Attucks. I even heard they got this locked room, like a vault, right in the middle of the whole joint."
Chico Diaz and Luke Cage[src]

Dealing with the death of Pop, Luke Cage became enraged by the actions of Stoke's former henchman.[4][5]

Cage vowed he would not let anyone take the shop for themselves. However, Bobby Fish claims it to be impossible unless he pays the bank on time, although technically not too late despite the fact they would need to somehow raise eighty thousand dollars. Cage revealed his plan to take the money from Cottonmouth, due to the fact that Shameek Smith stealing all the money was the reason Pop died in the first place. He plotted out what he was going to do, all the while not laying a finger on Cottonmouth. Afterwards, Cage left to check up on Chico Diaz while he recovered in the hospital.

Cage visited Diaz, reassuring him that Cottonmouth is no longer trying to kill him, as he executed Tone for his rash shootout and taken the money. Diaz assures Cage that he was no longer getting into trouble, but Cage told him that Pop died the minute he decided to help him. Diaz, then, replied that it may be on Cage, because one of those bullets bounced off of his skin, calling Cage one of them, but Cage quietly denied this. Diaz stated that regardless, the death is on Cottonmouth, to which Cage asked to find a way to hurt him what Diaz knew about all of Cottonmouth's operations.

Diaz explained Cottonmouth's operation and that the money goes into storehouses, with the main being Crispus Attucks Complex, where the money was hidden.[5]


"Some big black dude in a hoodie takes on direct bullet shots slaps, punches and pulls people all over the place and doesn't kill a single one? That doesn't seem strange to you? It's like this person wanted us to shut this place down."
Misty Knight[src]

Luke Cage spied on the Crispus Attucks Complex, planning out how to infiltrate strategically. He looked over and saw Mariah Dillard enter, taking note how heavily fortified it was, now that he made with all his break-ins at Cottonmouth's stash houses. He simply looked away and plotted the next move, ensuring that he was not seen by Zip or anybody else who might recognize his face and warn Cottonmouth early.

Cage force enters

Luke Cage breaks into the Crispus Attucks Complex

Later that night, Cage watched the complex, as Dillard left with a few of the soldiers. Seizing the opportunity, he put on his headphones, played music by the Wu-Tang Clan and headed out. Seeking a weapon to increase his strength, Cage ripped off a car door and busted through the fortified door of the complex. The noise stirred up a bunch of soldiers to attack. Regardless, Cage was able to get past through all of them with little effort, even binding a soldier to the car door before throwing him and the door down the stairs where he crashed into the other soldiers heading upstairs.

Cage went to the next few floors, still breezing through the soldiers, while looking for the vault. He encountered the last guard, as he threw a couch at him. The man dodged the couch, causing it to be launched out of the window and smash hard against the ground while the man locked himself in front of a bar door, spraying a barrage of bullets. However, the bullets bounced off of Cage and he just walked closer towards him while his hoody was torn apart by the bullets, grabbing him by the neck and knocking him out against the door. With that done, Cage kicked the door down and continued.[5]


Luke discovers

Luke Cage discovers all of the stolen money

"I know who's been busting up your shit all day, and who raided the projects all by himself. Don't imagine you know anything about Luke Cage, do you?"
"Luke Cage? That's who did all this shit?"
"That's what I'm telling you."
Rafael Scarfe to Cottonmouth[src]

With all the guards either subdued or having to ran in terror, Luke Cage walked inside Mariah Dillard's office, looking around for another entrance. He saw another door on the opposite side and entered, despite there being a second steel door, which he pulled off it's hinges with almost no effort required. He came across the locker room and looked into one of the ziplock bags; he smiled when he found the money and walked out with it, stepping into New York City's streets and disappearing into the night before he could be caught by the police or any more of Cottonmouth's thugs.

Having to learned that he lost money, Stokes had Mariah Dillard's office reinforced with steel barricades and more armed guards to ensure that Cage could not get inside. Stokes met with Dillard in the park as she expressed her own hatred for the situation. The pair argued about using her office as a main base and if Dillard was really a criminal or legitimate politician as she had convinced herself she was, with Dillard arguing that the only way to save Harlem was to do it all legally, noting all the work Mama Mabel had done to serve a greater good of their dear city which they were dedicated to.[5]


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