"People always want to see if the myth is true."
"I see it's not a myth in your case. You realize I have more guys."
"Doesn't matter. I'll never stop."
Luke Cage and Rosalie Carbone[src]

The Raid of Rosalie Carbone's Office was an attempt by Luke Cage to take down the Carbone Crime Family.


"Rosalie Carbone wants to take over Harlem. The same way her father did back in the day when he tried to push the Stokes out of Harlem's Paradise. She's been waiting for an opening like this, and now she has one. I don't like you, Carl. I never have, I never will. But you are the only person that can make this right."
Shades to Luke Cage[src]

Because of arrest of Mariah Dillard, "wall" around of Harlem fell and situation has grown dangerous because of gang wars and chaos on the streets. Rosalie Carbone of the Carbone Crime Family decided to take the opportunity and took over Harlem. She continued to throw oil on that bonfire to make her job easier.

While Luke Cage tried to figure on who was responsible for the attacks, he was visited by Shades. Despite the tension, Shades explained that Carbone was responsible for the current situation in Harlem and advised Cage to take control of Harlem in order to protect it.[3]


Cage meeting with Rosalie

Luke Cage speaks with Rosalie Carbone

"I will destroy your trucks. I will raid every single warehouse. I will disrupt the profits of your partners so much that they will hand you over to the feds. I will make your life a living hell."
Luke Cage to Rosalie Carbone[src]

Using his contacts, Sugar learned about Carbone's location and informed Cage. He broke into the building before defeated men on the security post. Cage made his way to meet Carbone before one of her men tried threw a hood over his head to strangle him. Cage broke his arms and beat. Carbone's personal bodyguard threw his gun to shot Cage several times, but it didn't even seem to hurt Cage due to his bulletproof skin. Carbone told him to stand down and decided to speak with Cage.

Cage demanded Carbone to stay out of Harlem to hear her refuse. To give meaning to his words, Cage grab her bodyguard and started to broke his fingers with every single word. Carbone tried to threaten him with Russian Mafia who will shot school yards, if Cage killed her because they makes too much money together. In response, Cage said that he will destroy all of her criminal assets if she stay in Harlem.[3]


"I repaired the wall."
"There's a new gangster in town."
Luke Cage and Mariah Dillard[src]
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