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"The war has damaged us all, has it not Agent Sousa? We will never be the men we once were."
"I'm not listening to you!"
Johann Fennhoff and Daniel Sousa[src]

The Raid of Howard Stark's Warehouse was the SSR's successful mission to rescue Howard Stark from the clutches of Leviathan while capturing Johann Fennhoff.


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"I used to be so jealous of girls like you. I would have done anything to walk like you, to talk like you. But now... I can be anybody I want."
Dottie Underwood to Peggy Carter[src]

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"You play your cards right, son, and you could get a congressional honor out of this situation. The president wants to thank you himself."
Walt Cooper to Jack Thompson[src]
Agentc108 03409

Daniel Sousa and Peggy Carter

When Peggy Carter arrived at the New York Bell Company Office the next morning, she was given a standing ovation by her colleagues in the Strategic Scientific Reserve, recognizing her accomplishments in saving New York City, but when Senator Walt Cooper came, Jack Thompson was given the credit, with the President of the United States wanting to thank Thompson personally.

Howard Stark, after destroying many of his inventions to keep them from the wrong hands, thanked Carter for helping him by giving her a place to stay in one of his houses; Carter chose Angie Martinelli, who helped her when she was in trouble, as her house mate.


Johann Fennhoff arrives in prison

Though injured in the battle and from her fall, Dottie Underwood was able to escape from Howard Stark's Warehouse; Johann Fennhoff, however, was arrested. A muzzle was placed over his mouth so that he could not use his power and he was put in a cell with Arnim Zola.[1]


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