"Yeah, yeah I got the case, hold on. Yeah the moneys all here Mr. Finn... Wait, wait there's something else..."
―Rafe to Finn Cooley[src]

Rafe was a member of the Kitchen Irish who was killed in an explosion when the Punisher detonated a bomb within the stolen money that Finn Cooley had sent Rafe to collect.


A Fatal Mistake

Under the orders of Finn Cooley who had captured and tortured the Punisher, Rafe was sent to Frank Castle's Van to locate the money he had stolen from the Kitchen Irish. Upon finding the van with the money inside, Rafe called Cooley to keep him updated. With Cooley still on the phone, Rafe gently opened the suitcase inside the van and ensured that the money was inside, however when he began to remove the money, he accidentally activated a bomb which exploded, killing Rafe and destroying the money.[1]





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