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"I don't like paperwork but I'd rather get a paper cut on my finger than a bullet in my ass."
―Rafael Scarfe to Misty Knight[src]

Rafael "Rafe" Scarfe was a hard-nosed detective with the New York City Police Department and Misty Knight's partner. Due to his personal tragedies, as well as a long and difficult career, Scarfe would become a corrupted cop who carried out dirty work for the Stokes Crime Family, including killing witnesses for Cottonmouth's crimes. When Scarfe saw the opportunity to make a lot of money by instead turning against his employer, Scarfe then tried to blackmail Cottonmouth, only to be shot in the gut. As a result, Scarfe went to Luke Cage and confessed all his crimes, in exchange for Cage's protections, giving his final statements and confessions of his crimes to Knight before eventually dying.


Harlem Detective[]

Mentoring Misty Knight[]

"A lot of people wrote me off back then. But not Scarfe. He took me under his wing. He taught me how to police for real. I have no idea what he saw in me back then, but he has had my front and my back."
Misty Knight to Perez[src]

Working as a detective within the New York City Police Department in Harlem, Rafael Scarfe was assigned to investigate the murder of Peter "Pistol Pete" Stokes, however, he was unable to pinpoint the culprit and the case was abandoned.[5] Scarfe had been out on the front lines to witness the Battle of New York, which gave Scarfe a belief that much of what they did as officers, did not matter while they lived within a world of gods, such as Thor.[6] Working for the NYPD, Scarfe had decided to mentor Misty Knight when she was promoted from a patrolwoman to a detective, since no other detectives were willing to work with Knight. Over time, Scarfe and Knight had become good partners and close friends, as Scarfe taught her how to police the streets and stay safe.[7]

Framing Cockroach[]

"I looked everywhere, it ain't here."
"Just slow down, open your eyes, take in the room."
"I did all that."
"All right, let me take a look. Don't take it personal, my eyes are softer than yours by at least twelve years."
Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe[src]

Having heard reports of a shooting in Harlem, Scarfe and Misty Knight took two other officers into the Apartment of Cockroach Hamilton, and began searching for the firearm that was used. However, as they continued the search, Hamilton insisted that he had not broken any law, claiming to know his rights, although Scarfe dismissed his objections, as Knight admitted that they had not been able to find the gun, with Scarfe insisting that it was there.

With Hamilton insisting that he did not have a gun there, Scarfe told him to shut up, calling him by his legal name, while Hamilton insisted that he preferred to be called Cockroach, while Scarfe scoffed at. Taking Knight aside, Scarfe was told that she had searched everywhere and failed to find the gun, to which Scarfe advised her to slow down, open her eyes, and take in the room, with Knight still insisting that she had done all of that already. Frustrated and determined to convict Hamilton, Scarfe had suggested that he search the bedroom himself, jokingly claiming to have softer eyes than Knight.

While inside of the bedroom, Scarfe then placed the murder weapon there himself, framing Hamilton for the crime, as he then proceeded to return into the room holding the gun, mocking Hamilton just as he was insisting that the New York City Police Department had no evidence against him. With Hamilton insisting that the gun was not his, Knight questioned where Scarfe had found it, to which he claimed that it had been hidden behind the headboard, as he turned to the two uniformed officers in the room and had asked them to escort Hamilton to the 29th Precinct Police Station to be charged for the crime.

With Hamilton still furiously insisting that he had been framed and that somebody had put the gun there, Scarfe and Knight instead mocked him as he was being dragged away. Once they were alone, Scarfe removed his gloves, before Knight looked over at him and commented that he had been right about Hamilton being guilty of the crime, with Scarfe noting that he had told her that they would find the gun eventually. Based on the false evidence that Scarfe had placed, Hamilton would be convicted and sent to Seagate Penitentiary, while Scarfe did not reveal what he had done, happy to have Hamilton behind bars.[8]

Discussing Corruption[]

"We go in, head in the back, grab three, four ounces of blow, H, whatever. We'll put the tail of Haverland, pull his ass over. 'License and registration?' 'Sure.' 'Ooh, whoa, whoa, whoa, what's that on the backseat? Step out of the car, sir, you're under arrest.' Next thing you know, he's on all fours, begging for his mommy in Ryker's. It ain't a set up if he's guilty, and you said it, he's guilty."
―Rafael Scarfe to Misty Knight[src]

While Scarfe and Misty Knight were concluding their shift at the 29th Precinct Police Station, Scarfe noticed Knight place a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey, as he got up and helped himself to a glass, pouring one for Knight as well, which she refused. As Scarfe questioned what was wrong, he noted that she was likely still upset about the case involving Haverland, which Knight noting how Haverland was scamming old ladies, but that she was unable to actually prove that he was doing it.

In response, Scarfe acknowledged that Haverland was smart, so they had to figure out how to be smarter than him, suggesting that he had a solution. Scarfe then noted Meg who sat by the evidence room in the Precinct, and that every ten minutes she left her desk for a cigarette every ten minutes, suggesting that they could stand nearby, wait for her to go have a cigarette, and then sneak into the evidence room. Remaining serious, Scarfe had suggested that they steal some cocaine or heroin, and then pull over Haverland in his car and place these drugs inside, and false convict him for drug possession.

Scarfe jokingly suggested that if they did this, they would have Haverland begging for his mother while being sent to Ryker's Island, suggesting that it would not be considered a setup if Haverland was guilty for something else, noting that Knight had already said that he was guilty. Seeing that Knight was not responding well to the idea, Scarfe then burst out laughing, with Knight calling him an asshole, while he noted that he had her completely fooled. However, while they laughed about this joke, Scarfe had then noted that it would be nice if convicting the bad guys was actually that easy.

However, Knight insisted that what they did in the New York City Police Department could only work one way, and that was if they followed the letter of law, with Scarfe agreeing and noting that this is what he had taught her. With Knight in a better mood, she suggested that they get another drink at the Lenox Lounge, although Scarfe rejected the offer, noting that he had to return home and see Earl Scarfe, as he had told Earl that they could stay up and watch the New York Mets, with him and Knight joking about her fondness for the New York Yankees, as Scarfe had then left the office.[8]

Death of Earl Scarfe[]

"It was punishment. It was God. He's... he's... he's paying me back for all the things that I've done. That's why I left the gun unlocked. That's why Earl found it."
"No, listen to me, God wouldn't do that. He knows that you are a good cop, and an even better man."
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

One night, Scarfe's son Earl found his father's loaded pistol at their home, resulting in him shooting and killing himself.[7] Following the death of his son, Scarfe was brought back to the 29th Precinct Police Station, where he sat alone in the interrogation room, until Misty Knight found and comforted him. Devastated by the loss, Scarfe claimed that it was not an accident, but was God punishing him for everything that he had done, although Knight told him not to think like that.

As Scarfe cried from grief, Knight took his hands and told him that God would not do that to him, insisting that God knew that Scarfe was a good cop with the New York City Police Department, while calling him an even better man. Knight had then promised that she would be there for Scarfe, as he attempted to smile, only to break down in tears.[8] Earl's death had a profound impact on Scarfe, with Knight noting his sense of humor vanished. Scarfe would also become a dirty cop, accepting bribes from Cottonmouth, although he would secretly record all of his meetings with Cottonmouth.[7]

Hunting Stolen Guns[]

Ambush at the Harlem Junkyard[]


Scarfe and Misty Knight at the crime scene

"Dominicans? Cubans?"
"Puerto Ricans."
"Thought that parade was last week."
"Who can keep track?"
―Rafael Scarfe and Schmidt[src]

Following the reports of a shooting in 2015, Scarfe had arrived at the scene to find multiple dead bodies, as he questioned Officer Schmidt if the victims were from Dominican Republic or Cuba, to which he was told that they were from Puerto Rico. As Schmidt had questioned who one of the victims was attempting to call before he died, they were greeted by the arrival of Detective Misty Knight, who joked that he was calling Ghostbusters, causing them both to laugh.

As Knight asked Mark Bailey what he had found, Bailey simply made a sarcastic comment about it being a beautiful day to be working. However, as Knight pulled back the victim's balaclava, she recognized him as Dante Chapman, as Scarfe knelt down for a closer look. Knight explained to Scarfe that she knew Chapman's mother, as well as knowing that Chapman had worked as a bartender at Harlem's Paradise for Cottonmouth. It was then determined that the shooting had come from a gun deal which had been interrupted, with Knight believing that Cottonmouth was likely involved with this somehow.[1]

Another Body Found[]


Scarfe finds the corpse of Shameek Smith

"We'll need dental to confirm I.D., his face is jacked."
"They definitely dumped him here, they got him somewhere else."
"Looks like he got him by a truck."
"Yeah, a truck with two fists."
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

By the evening, Scarfe and Misty Knight were then called out to the streets of Harlem, where another body had been found, with Scarfe being forced to look at the victim's ID to confirm he was Shameek Smith, as his face had been beaten so badly he could not be identified. Knight noted that Smith had likely been killed elsewhere, and his body was dumped. Scarfe noted that Smith looked like he had been hit by a truck, as Knight had noted that he had been beaten to death, before Knight quoted Benjamin Franklin's comment that three people kept secrets if two were dead.

Knowing that Dante Chapman and Smith were close with Chico Diaz, they determined that Diaz was likely the third person involved with the shooting, and the only one still alive. However, Scarfe made a sarcastic comment about Franklin's death by electrocuting himself, suggesting they should not base their theories on him, as they debated if Franklin deserved their respect. Scarfe then questioned if Knight believed that Diaz was the one who beat Smith to death, which she denied due to Diaz's size compared with Smith, while noting that they would not know for sure until they were able to find him.

Scarfe noted that Knight had told him that Chapman had not been at the bar in Harlem's Paradise when she had been there the night of the shooting, as he questioned if she had spoken to the man who had replaced him, to which Knight insisted that she had barely spoken to him, having only ordered a few drinks. Scarfe suggested that there was a pattern, or something else that they were missing from their investigation, so they needed to go talk with him, although Knight insisted that this would be a complete waste of their time, although Scarfe had insisted it would be worth a shot regardless.[1]

Ongoing Investigation[]

"Somebody got jacked, and somebody got pissed."
"And somebody got dead."
"This ain't over yet."
Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe[src]

While they continued working the case at the 29th Precinct Police Station, Scarfe complained that Misty Knight was staring at all of the photos from the crime scene, noting that she looked at them like they would start moving. As Knight insisted that the photos did move and talk to her, Scarfe dismissed the comment, noting that a clue was a clue, regardless of how small it was, while Knight noted that the shooting was personal, to which Scarfe noted that money caused violence.

Knight noted to Scarfe that nothing in Chico Diaz's record had suggested that he would be capable of beating Shameek Smith to death and leaving his corpse in the streets, commenting that Diaz likely did not have the stomach for such a level of violence against his friend. Knight also noted to Scarfe that they had found vomit at the junkyard, which had fibers consistent with that of a winter's mask. As Knight suggested that one of the robbers did not have the heart to go through with it once Dante Chapman had been shot and killed, and suggested that this would be Diaz, based on his record.

Scarfe then got up to look at the photos himself, and commented that Diaz was now their last man standing, as he mockingly suggested that Knight's earlier discussion about Benjamin Franklin had been wrong, as Knight suggested it was about the Benjamins either way. As Scarfe listened to her closely, Knight had summarized the entire situation as somebody getting jacked, and this resulting in somebody getting angry, with Scarfe concluding her point by noting that somebody had ended up dead, as they looked at the photos from the crime scene, with Knight then insisting that this was not over with yet.[9]

Questioning with Basketball[]

"Hey, you better throw like Cheryl Miller, not Barney Miller."
"Sometimes I forget how old you are."
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

Continuing with their investigation, Scarfe interrupted a basketball game being played, allowing Misty Knight to greet Chauncey. Scarfe watched on while Knight asked if Chauncey had seen Chico Diaz, which he denied, despite Knight noting that it was unlikely that Chauncey did not know Diaz, who often played basketball in the same courtyard. As Chauncey continued to deny that he had seen Diaz, Scarfe insisted that they were wasting their time by asking him.

In response, Knight suggested that Chauncey pass her the ball, offering to play a game in exchange for information about Diaz, while offering a get out of jail free card for non-violent felonies for him if he was able to beat her at the game, which Scarfe remained unsure about. Although Scarfe insisted that the New York City Police Department would not agree to that, Knight still began the game with Chauncey. As the game began, Knight handed Scarfe her gun and jacket, with Scarfe suggesting that she would need to throw like Cheryl Miller rather than Barney Miller to win.

In response, Knight teased Scarfe by noting that those older references had reminded her of how old he was, as she stepped back over to Chauncey to begin the game, with Chauncey questioning if Scarfe was going to hold Knight's purse as well for her. Scarfe then stood by and watched as Chauncey threw the ball in the net, before Knight did the same thing. Before throwing another ball, Knight showed Chauncey her name on the court floor, indicating that she was considered a legend in Harlem's basketball players, as Knight proceeded to easily beat Chauncey at their game.[9]

Meeting with Pop[]

"Dante Chapman was found dead at the scene, Shameek Smith was found about eighteen hours later, beaten to death. Last person to see Shameek Smith alive, other than at a strip club, was right here at the shop with his homeboy."
"They were both here, Chico gave Shameek a fade in that chair, right next to where you're standing. That's it though, that's the last time I saw them both."
―Rafael Scarfe and Pop[src]

Knowing that Chico Diaz had been working at Pop's Barber Shop as a hairdresser, Scarfe joined Misty Knight as they went there for a visit, with Scarfe insisting that Diaz would not have shown up for work. However, while Knight agreed with this, she insisted that Pop would tell them the truth about who Diaz really was to help the investigation, although Scarfe attempted to dismiss Pop as simply being a barber, to which Knight insisted that Pop was a little bit of everything.

While Scarfe had noted that Pop clearly was not a great sense of character, Knight insisted that Pop had a big heart, and that he should not be faulted for that. However, before they got inside the barber shop, they were met by Turk Barrett as he was leaving, with Knight stopping to speak with Barrett, asking Scarfe to wait for her inside, but not to start questioning Pop without her, to which Scarfe noted that he could not start their questioning tactics without her. Scarfe then entered the barber shop, where he stopped to briefly watch the football game while waiting for Knight to rejoin him.

Once Knight arrived, she greeted Bobby Fish, as Scarfe stood by while Pop returned and greeted her with a hug, as they shared some jokes about her career in basketball and at the New York City Police Department. Pop then addressed Scarfe, asking if he was Knight's partner, only for Scarfe to reject Pop's handshake and introduce himself, while walking around the barber shop. As Knight explained that they were looking for Diaz, Scarfe questioned if Pop had heard about the junkyard shooting, which he denied, which had surprised Scarfe, as Knight explained that it was a gun deal that had gone wrong.

Scarfe then took down some of the pictures that were hung around the barbershop, pointing to images of Dante Chapman and Shameek Smith, explaining that Chapman had been found dead at the scene and Smith had turned up dead eighteen hours later. Scarfe went on to explain that the last person to see Smith alive, other than a stripper, was Diaz at the barbershop. Pop explained to Scarfe that both Diaz and Smith had been there, with Diaz cutting Smith's hair, as he insisted that this was the last time he saw them, before Luke Cage walked inside and asked if they thought Diaz had killed Smith.

Scarfe watched as Cage and Knight awkwardly introduced themselves, as they seemed to have some past history, before Pop explained that in his barbershop, people like Diaz and Smith knew the rules, which included respect and no street talk, but he had no control over them once they left. With Knight noting that Diaz was a person of interest who could have important information for their investigation, Cage asked Knight if this included telling somebody who they really were, to which Scarfe interrupted and claimed that they just meant pertinent to mean useful, questioning if Cage had Diaz's phone number.

Interrupting, Pop told Scarfe that Diaz had missed work for the last two days, and that he was due rent for Diaz's chair, suggesting that he might return his call eventually. With that, Knight gave Pop her card and asked him to tell Diaz to call into the 29th Precinct Police Station to make his official statement, asking Pop to call her regardless, as she noted that Diaz might not be safe without their help. With that, Scarfe watched Knight tell Cage that it was nice to meet him, before she walked out, with Scarfe following behind her, taking a final look back at Pop and Cage as he closed the door.[9]

Attack on Pop's Barber Shop[]

"They were after Chico?"
"No doubt in my mind."
"I checked out Cottonmouth, he's been at the club all night in VIP."
"So, we don't have shit? No decent witnesses except for Chico?"
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

Scarfe would return to Pop's Barber Shop, following reports of a shooting there, as he arrive to find the Barber shop heavily damaged, while he also learnt that Pop had been killed, while Chico Diaz was injured. Scarfe also learnt that Lonnie Wilson had been saved by Luke Cage, who had shielded him from the gunshots. As he looked around the scene, Scarfe approached Torre and asked if he saw the shooter, although Torre noted that it was a miracle that anyone survived.

Once Misty Knight had taken a statement from Cage about what had happened, she spoke with Scarfe, who explained that a traffic camera had picked up a vehicle heading to the Barber Shop, but they had found it in the Bronx, having been torched and with no finger prints. Scarfe and Knight agreed that the shooter was targeting Diaz, as Scarfe noted that he had confirmed that Cottonmouth had been at Harlem's Paradise all night, giving him a strong alibi. Scarfe had confirmed to the frustrated Knight that they had no witnesses other than the unconscious Diaz, and no other leads to go on.

Once they were off duty, Scarfe and Knight got a drink in the streets, as Knight noted that Cage must have gotten hit by some of the shots, while he had been shielding Wilson from the bullets, as she noted that he had clear bullet holes in his shirt. While Knight went on to note that they found blood all over the Barber Shop, but questioned how none of it had been Cage's and how he had not been hit, only for Scarfe to note that she must be drunk, and dismissed her claims about Cage's survival. However, Knight had insisted that she was not drunk yet, while she then took some more of Scarfe's drink.[9]

Further Public Shootings[]

"'I ain't seen shit.' It's the catchphrase of the day."
"Classic. I should get that trademarked, you know how many times I hear that?"
"Nah, I can't hear shit either."
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

Scarfe and Misty Knight were called to the scene of two criminals, who had been shot and wounded in the streets of Harlem, and had their supply of guns stolen. Scarfe had attempted to get statements from the two wounded criminals, only for them both to insist that they had not seen anything, with Scarfe informing Knight of this, with Knight jokingly claiming that they should put a trademark on that statement, based on the number of times they heard it from these criminals.

Knight had then noted to Scarfe that the gunshots were clearly precise, as Scarfe agreed that the shooters clearly knew what they were doing, having only learnt from the wounded criminals that the shooters had been speaking Spanish, leading them to believe that they could be connected with the Colon Crime Family. Knight had then asked Scarfe if the victims were connected with Cottonmouth and the Stokes Crime Family, to which Scarfe claimed that he did not know, explaining that their computers were down and they would have to check once they were back at the 29th Precinct Police Station.

Needing to find a lead and a connection, Knight had then suggested to Scarfe that they go to the hospital and get Chico Diaz to identify them and learn if they were any of the people who had attacked Pop's Barber Shop. Agreeing to this plan, Scarfe questioned who would drive them there, as they played rock, paper, scissors to see who would drive, which Scarfe lost as he chose scissors to Knight's rock, as Knight tossed the keys in the air, with Scarfe sarcastically making a reference to Driving Miss Daisy as they then drove towards the hospital where Diaz was currently recovering.[6]

Questioning Chico Diaz[]

"Like you said, you're the victim, not a suspect, right? So, go, wherever. You got no clothes, you got no money, and your friends are gonna be looking to finish the job, right? But you're a man, you're gonna be just fine, Chico. Chico is the man."
―Rafael Scarfe to Chico Diaz[src]

Arriving at the hospital, Scarfe and Misty Knight went to Chico Diaz's room, as they showed Diaz a photograph of him with Dante Chapman and Shameek Smith, as Knight questioned how they had gone from being close friends in high school, to them moving into crime and Chapman and Smith ending up dead. Knight noted how Chapman had ended up working for Cottonmouth, where he earned some good money, before seeing an opportunity to pull off a robbery that had gone wrong.

With Scarfe standing by, he listened to Knight suggest that Diaz was a part of the junkyard robbery, and the attack on Pop's Barber Shop had been payback, as she questioned what had happened to Chapman. Finally, Diaz confessed that Smith had killed Chapman, as Knight questioned if he was admitting to this, which shocked Diaz, as he claimed that he had only assumed that Smith killed Chapman, with Scarfe telling him to never assume anything. Scarfe suggested that Diaz might be telling the truth, as he and Knight suggested that Smith had refused to share the money between him, Chapman and Diaz.

They went on to play out the scenario as Smith shooting Chapman to ensure the money was split two ways instead of three, and suggested that Smith was later caught with his share of the money by Cottonmouth, only for Diaz to deny even knowing who Cottonmouth was, which Scarfe scoffed at. Knight explained that Cottonmouth was the man they stole from, who was Chapman's former boss and the man who indirectly killed Pop. Scarfe listened as Knight told Diaz that they did not want him, but wanted to take down Cottonmouth for killing Smith and Pop, as she asked him to testify against Cottonmouth.

However, Diaz told Knight that he could not do that, as Scarfe sat down frustrated, while Diaz asked to have his handcuffs taken off, calling himself the victim, only for Knight to again demand he testify, insisting that he could save lives if he did. Despite everything Knight said, Diaz still told her and Scarfe that Harlem would handle the situation. Knight had then left Diaz's hospital room, leaving Scarfe to remove Diaz's handcuffs, explaining that he would be allowed to leave, knowing that there were people in Harlem who wanted him dead, although he gave Diaz his card if he decided he needed help.

Scarfe reminded Diaz that he had no money, and not even any clothes, but mockingly suggested that he would be fine, calling him the man, before walking out of Diaz's hospital room. Once Scarfe had gone back into the hallway, he had found Knight speaking with Luke Cage, as he was suggesting she come back to his apartment to work things out, flirtingly suggesting that she bring her handcuffs. As Cage walked past them to get to Diaz's room, Scarfe then walked past Knight without saying a word, but also making it clear that he had known something was going on between her and Cage.[6]

Suspecting Luke Cage[]

"You got a real problem with this guy. Well, maybe, you shouldn't have jumped in the sack with him so quickly. How soon did it happen? Couple of days after you were undercover at the Harlem's Paradise?"
"Same night."
"Damn girl! His place or yours?"
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

Following reports on a raid of a building, Scarfe and Misty Knight arrived to find several criminals knocked unconscious, as well as a woman clearly high on drugs. Scarfe stood by as Knight greeted the drugged out woman, and questioned what had happened there, to which the woman claimed that a hooded man came through there. As Knight questioned if she saw the hooded man's face, and what he looked like, the woman only said that he looked good, much to Scarfe and Knight's frustration.

Having returned to the 29th Precinct Police Station, Scarfe spoke to Knight about his plan with Chico Diaz, noting that you needed to get into the head of people like Diaz, and make him believe that he needed the assistance of the New York City Police Department, giving him the illusion of freedom. However, as Scarfe looked up, he realized that Knight had not been listening to anything he had said, as she apologized and explained that she was thinking about Pop. Scarfe then asked how long Knight knew Pop, as she explained that they met when she was nine, and he supported her basketball career.

Knight went on to tell Scarfe that Pop did not coach her, as she never saw him outside of Pop's Barber Shop, where her father used to take her, which Scarfe teased her about. As Scarfe prepared his lunch, he listened to Knight explain how Pop and her father used to argue about basketball, until he had to interrupt her once he realized that Knight's father had been a fan of the Boston Celtics, which had horrified Scarfe. This led to an argument between Scarfe and Knight about the Celtics, with Knight noting that Bill Russell of the Celtics had been the first black coach, which Scarfe dismissed.

Scarfe then suggested that he had always assumed Knight did not have a boyfriend because she loved black men, but not many black men in Harlem could get with a girl who carried a gun and could kick their ass, but then suggested that the real reason she was single was because she was a Celtics fan living in New York City. However, Knight then explained that she really liked the Detroit Pistons, which horrified Scarfe even more. Knight then explained that she used to hear Pop and her father argue so much about basketball that it actually had made her want to play the game herself, which she did.

Scarfe noted that it sounded like Pop had taught Knight well, to which Knight noted that she had been playing basketball in college, when she realized how much those conversations in Pop's Barber Shop had shaped her, with Scarfe acknowledging how much people loved Pop. Knight explained to Scarfe that, even in the most wild and dangerous days in Harlem, Pop's Barber Shop had remained safe, until Luke Cage started working there. Scarfe then noted that if Knight had an issue with Cage, she should not have slept with him so soon, with Knight admitting that they hooked up on the same night they had met.[6]

Debating Vigilante Justice[]

"I saw the Incident up close. What we can do as cops, what we can't do. Now, unless this sidearm that I'm wearing suddenly turns into some kind of magic hammer, this whole job is irrelevant."
"They have no training, no responsibility. You have to know what you're doing, they don't have the right to start meting out justice."
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

While they were working at the 29th Precinct Police Station, Scarfe found Misty Knight staring at their wall of evidence again, much to his frustration, while Knight complained that Scarfe had broken her concentration. However, Scarfe insisted that Knight's priorities were out of wack, as he said that she was looking at pictures of the recently raided Crispus Attucks Complex, while he was looking at the millions of dollars worth of contraband that had been found there.

Knight questioned if Scarfe knew the money was Cottonmouth's, while they agreed that they had to suggest that this was only allegedly. Scarfe then noted that he could not understand why somebody would go through the hell of raiding the complex, only to then leave all the money behind, with Knight suggesting that it was done to take the money off the streets. Knight went on to note that once the money had been logged, whoever owned it did not have access to it anymore, with Scarfe noting that this was a serious message that somebody was sending, while Knight noted that nobody was killed in the raid.

As Scarfe suggested that the people involved were nobodies, Knight insisted that it was strange that all the gunfire had been heard, and yet nobody had been killed, as reports suggested that the hooded man had taken gunfire but not been killed, while had only slapped and thrown the criminals aside without killing anybody. With Knight asking if this seemed strange, as the hooded man seemed to only want the complex shut down, Scarfe dismissed this, questioning who cared. With Knight surprised by this, Scarfe noted how many investigations they had that started and ended within these exact same projects.

Scarfe went on to note that somebody had now come along with the intention of cleaning up a years worth work for the New York City Police Department himself, suggesting that he did not see an issue with that. However, Knight insisted that there was something wrong with vigilantes working in Harlem, suggesting that it was anarchy, and a breakdown of their own system of justice. Scarfe then went on to note all the lawyers, paperwork and excuses that they had to go through as police officers, suggesting that other than cleaning blood and arresting the same people, there was not much else for cops to do.

As Knight questioned whose side he was on, Scarfe noted that he had been on the front lines for the Battle of New York, and had come to the conclusion of what they could, and could not do as cops, was irrelevant. Scarfe noted that unless his sidearm could transform into Mjølnir, their entire job was irrelevant. However, Knight argued that a vigilante had no training or responsibility, and therefore did not have the right to enforce justice. In response, Scarfe noted that their hooded man had hit the gun running spots, and he thought that this was wonderful and that they should thank him for his work.

With Knight questioning if they should thank the hooded man for doing their jobs, Scarfe agreed, noting that he did not like paperwork, but preferred it to the risks of being shot. Scarfe then pointed to all the weapons that they had seized as a resulted of the hooded man's vigilante work, questioning if Knight actually wanted to be in the middle of that conflict, where her only reward would be a meal and a photo with their mayor. While Knight called him a credit to their badge, Scarfe then got a call from Chico Diaz, asking to meet with him, as he left to collect him while Knight worked on the case.[6]

Dirty Cop[]

Assassination of Chico Diaz[]

"I suppose you heard about what happened at Cispus Attucks today?"
"That's why I called. My turn."
"Your turn for what?"
"Tell you everything."
―Rafael Scarfe and Chico Diaz[src]

Scarfe picked up Chico Diaz as agreed, and drove him to a quiet area to talk in private, as they discussed their preferred fast foods, with Scarfe noting his fondness for Willie Burgers. Diaz then questioned where Misty Knight was, to which Scarfe just said that she was busy. While Scarfe took off his tie, he asked if Diaz had heard about the raid of Crispus Attucks Complex, as Diaz admitted that this was why he called, noting that it was his turn to tell him everything.

Scarfe listened as Diaz told him that he had been told that he now owed it to Pop to come forward with the truth, as Pop had done his part, now it was time for him to do his. Diaz had then promised Scarfe that he would tell the truth about Cottonmouth, and would give the New York City Police Department all the names and dates that they needed to bring down Cottonmouth and the rest of the Stokes Crime Family, as Scarfe nodded along, considering what to do. Diaz then noted that Pop had used to talk to him about responsibility, and about what it meant to be a man, and standing up straight.

Death of Chico

Scarfe coldly strangles Chico Diaz to death

As Diaz continued talking about how Pop had told him to take charge of his life, quoting his saying of forward, never backwards, he began to tell Scarfe about Luke Cage and his connection with all the raids. However, Scarfe waited for Diaz to turn his back, and proceeded to wrap his tie around Diaz's throat, managing to strangle Diaz to death, and thereby also ensuring that Diaz would never be able to expose Cottonmouth's criminal empire, risking the money that Scarfe made from Cottonmouth. With Diaz dead, Scarfe got his breath back and put his tie back on, before putting the body in his trunk.[6]

Updating Cottonmouth[]

"What else I got for ya? What else I got? Well, I know whose been busting up your shit all day, and who raided the projects, all by himself. Don't imagine you know anything about Luke Cage? Do you?"
"Luke Cage? That's who did all this shit?"
"That's what I'm telling you."
―Rafael Scarfe and Cottonmouth[src]

Scarfe had then gone to Harlem's Paradise, where he asked Zip to inform Cottonmouth of his arrival. As he walked inside, Scarfe looked up at the balcony, where Cottonmouth held a baseball bat and greeted him, with Scarfe sarcastically noting that he had warmer receptions in the past. Cottonmouth then questioned what the use of him having him on his payroll, if he did not get any early intel, only for Scarfe to insist that he had more than enough intel for Cottonmouth to have.

Scarfe had then stepped behind the bar and helped himself to a drink, as Cottonmouth came down to speak with him, as he questioned if Scarfe had information about the Crispus Attucks Complex raid, which cost him eighty percent of his cash reserves. With Scarfe only saying he might have information on that, he threw his keys to Zip, explaining that Chico Diaz's corpse was in the trunk of his car, noting that Spurlock's Mortuary would be able to take care of Diaz's corpse for them, as Scarfe noted that this situation was now dealt with, and accepted Cottonmouth's unspoken gratitude for this.

As Cottonmouth then questioned what else Scarfe had for him, he explained that he knew Luke Cage had been attacking all of his facilities, with Cottonmouth expressing his shock that Cage was the one responsible. Scarfe had then noted that, as a proud member of the New York City Police Department, he and Misty Knight were accountable for each other, and so he had been able to track Knight's GPS and learn where Cage lived, offering to give it to Cottonmouth. While Cottonmouth called Scarfe Virginia Slim, he left to pay Cage a visit, with Mariah Dillard telling him to just get it dealt with.[6]

Destruction of Genghis Connie's[]

Misty Confused 2

Scarfe and Misty Knight find the wreckage

"What's the matter?"
"This is Luke Cage's place. Rafe, this was outside in, not inside out."
"Or there'd be shit all across the street like projectiles if the explosion had been on the inside."
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

Using the intel that Scarfe gave him, Cottonmouth had then gone to Genghis Connie's and destroyed it with an RPG, with Luke Cage still inside. As the Fire Department of New York City arrived at the scene to put out the flames, Scarfe also arrived with Misty Knight, as she questioned if there were any survivors still inside the wreckage, with the fire department saying it was unlikely. Scarfe questioned who Jin Lin was, as he was told that Lin's wife and their tenant, Cage, were inside when it came down.

While Knight gave the fire department her card and asked them to call if anything changed, she explained to Scarfe that this was Cage's home, as Scarfe feigned surprise. Knight then told Scarfe that the explosion came from the outside, which he agreed with, noting that there would be debris in the streets if the explosion had come from the inside. Knight had then spotted a NYPD CCTV camera, as she decided to learn if it worked and see if they could get answers from it, as Scarfe had then promised to call the 29th Precinct Police Station and to get them to supply the footage before they had arrived.

LC204 - NYPD investigation

Scarfe watching all of their CCTV footage

Once they were back at the 29th, Scarfe joined Perez and Knight as they looked over the footage of the explosion, as they confirmed that it was not caused by a gas leak, but by an RPG. As Perez questioned who would use a rocket in Harlem, Knight made it clear that she believed Cottonmouth was responsible. Scarfe and Knight then looked over the rest of the CCTV footage that they could find, but failed to find anything that would be enough to accuse Cottonmouth, as all of the license plates were not visible. Scarfe then suggested that they call the bomb squad to head to Genghis Connie's to find evidence.

However, they were then interrupted as Knight got a call from the fire department, informing her that something was happening back at the wreckage. Scarfe had then suggested that Knight leave to investigate herself, while he asked their video tech to send him hard copies of the CCTV recordings. Once he was alone in the room, Scarfe quietly made a call to Zip, and requested a chance to speak to Cottonmouth, intending to update him on the situation that was happening. While Scarfe had remained at the Precinct and updated Cottonmouth, Knight witnessed Cage managing to break himself free from the wreckage.[10]

Questioning Luke Cage[]

"Is she the reason rockets keep getting dropped on your head?"
"A good cop would ask the person doing the shooting that question."
"Oh yeah, wise guy? Well, how about this? What's going on between you and Cottonmouth?"
―Rafael Scarfe and Luke Cage[src]

While driving through Harlem, Scarfe and Misty Knight had come across Luke Cage, while he was speaking with Blue, as Knight questioned if Cage ever got tired of hanging out near crime scenes. As Scarfe stood by, Knight then showed Cage a photograph of a woman, which she had pulled out of the wreckage of Genghis Connie's, claiming that he could not have it back, as it was being held as evidence, despite Cage insisting that it was his property.

With Knight holding the photograph back, Scarfe had then held up the fragments of RPG which they had collected from the wreckage, questioning if Cage knew why he was being shot with rockets, suggesting that the woman in the photograph could be the reason behind the violence against him, only for Cage to simply note that a good cop would ask those questions to the shooter. In response, Scarfe questioned what was going on between him and Cottonmouth, to which Cage simply claimed that Cottonmouth did not like the way he was washing up the dishes at Harlem's Paradise and fired him.

Knight had then insisted that the chaos happening around Cage had to stop, claiming that innocent people were getting hurt as a result all of the chaos. Knight told Cage that he had to become part of their solution, or to leave Harlem, as Cage promised that he would leave, but that he first had to do right by Pop. With that, Cage began to walk away, only for Knight to call after him and question if he would be going to Pop's memorial at Mount Olivet Baptist Church, which he said he would be, only for Knight to tell him not to go. With that, Scarfe and Knight got in their car and drove away.[11]

Avoiding Suspicion[]

"It'd be easier just to kill him."
"Not really, we don't know if he's got a backup plan."
"You better have a backup plan for getting them guns."
―Rafael Scarfe and Perez[src]

Having collected his lunch, Scarfe returned to the 29th Precinct Police Station, and gave Misty Knight were lunch as well, commenting on her meaty lunch compared to his own vegetarian. Seeing that they were joined by Captain Betty Audrey and Lieutenant Perez, Scarfe jokingly questioned if they were hitting on Knight, as Perez joked that she was fair game while Scarfe was not around, and Audrey had asked Knight to call her when she had some information that she could use.

Scarfe asked Knight what that meeting was about, to which Knight had simply claimed it was about Luke Cage, as she claimed that Audrey and Perez were losing sight of Cottonmouth by focusing too much on Cage. Scarfe jokingly claimed that this was what happened when they played with raffle tickets in the Precinct, as Audrey and Perez had forgotten how to do actual police work. Knight then asked Scarfe to look over the raid of the Crispus Attucks Complex again once she was back from Pop's memorial, as he promised to get started while she was away, telling her to say goodbye to her friend.

However, as soon as Knight had left the room, Scarfe then got a call from Perez, asking to meet him in private. Scarfe and Perez then met in the park, with Perez explaining that Internal Affairs were now onto him, and had given Audrey the heads up, and they were now looking to see what Knight knew about his comings and goings. However, Perez then told Scarfe that they had even bigger problems than IA, as Cottonmouth needed Domingo Colon's guns to be collected out of evidence immediately, as Scarfe cursed Cottonmouth for putting them into this situation, while Perez asked for his suggestions.

Scarfe then suggested that it would be easier for them to just kill Cottonmouth, which Perez denied, noting that they did not know if Cottonmouth had a back up plan, only for Scarfe to not that they needed a backup plan for getting the Hammer Industries guns out of storage. Perez then explained that he had recruited Sergeant MacLean to handle it, although Scarfe complained that MacLean would likely get them caught, while Perez insisted that he was up to the task, as he was also on the Stokes Crime Family's payroll, so if they were to get discovered, MacLean would also go down with them.

As planned, Scarfe collected a truck full of the Hammer Industries guns, which were moved from the 29th Precinct by MacLean, to then be given back to the Colon Crime Family. However, while Scarfe was looking over the guns, he got a text message from Cottonmouth, questioning if he had collected all of his merchandise, with Scarfe beginning to reply to him, only to then realize that, now he had the guns in his possession, he was in a strong place to blackmail Cottonmouth in exchange for the guns. Making a plan to blackmail Cottonmouth, Scarfe deleted his message, and kept the guns for himself.[11]

Betraying Cottonmouth[]

"I don't need another dime, I need a hundred thousand. No cash, no guns. No guns, no Domingo. The ghetto CNN is working overtime, if you don't make it straight with Domingo, you're done. Plus, I got all your cash in lockup, oops."
"Think about how you want to spend the rest of your life, Detective."
―Rafael Scarfe and Cottonmouth[src]

Scarfe had arranged to meet with Cottonmouth on the outskirts of Harlem, as Cottonmouth noted that he never thought he would be so happy to see Scarfe's ugly face, to which Scarfe jokingly claimed that they all could not be as pretty as Cottonmouth. Scarfe was then asked by Cottonmouth if he had the Hammer Industries guns for him, as he explained that it was waiting for him in the warehouse, only for Scarfe to then note they were not squared up yet, as he wanted more money.

Scarfe demanded that Cottonmouth pay him an extra hundred thousand dollars, which Cottonmouth refused to give him, while Scarfe continued to insist, noting that without that money, he would not give Cottonmouth the guns, and therefore he could not make his deal with Domingo Colon. Scarfe went on to note that if Cottonmouth failed to make his deal with the Colon Crime Family, then his career would be finished, before noting that all of Cottonmouth's cash was still in lock up at the 29th Precinct Police Station. In response, Cottonmouth gave Scarfe a chance to rethink this threat against him.

Cottonmouth Scarfe struggle

Scarfe struggling against Cottonmouth

However, Scarfe simply laughed at Cottonmouth, noting how much power he had lost since Luke Cage had started attacking his bases. Enraged, Cottonmouth proceeded to punch Scarfe in the face, as he attempted to grab his gun to defend himself, resulting in a struggle between him and Cottonmouth. While they fought for control of the weapon, Cottonmouth was able to twist Scarfe's wrist, causing him to drop the gun, before he threw Scarfe to the ground. Before Scarfe could get to cover, Cottonmouth had then picked up his gun, as he proceeded to shoot him in the gut, as Scarfe hid behind his car.

While Scarfe attempted to hide, Cottonmouth had proceeded to continue shooting at him, blowing out his car windows as he hide from the gunshots. While Scarfe looked down at his gunshot wound, which was bleeding heavily, Cottonmouth had simply laughed at him, while Scarfe screamed in shock and horror that he had just shot a cop. However, the gunshots had attracted the attention of a worker on the other side of the pier, as Cottonmouth then got back into his car to leave, while still threatening to beat Scarfe to death once he caught him, leaving Scarfe bleeding on the ground, and struggling to stand.[7]

Luke Cage's Protection[]

Suckas Needs Bodyguards

Scarfe asking for Luke Cage's protection

"I'm an asshole! There's no disputing that. I am a despicable human being. But Cottonmouth is a hell of a lot worse! And I have what it takes to put him behind bars for the rest of his life!"
"What did you say?"
"I can take him down."
―Rafael Scarfe and Luke Cage[src]

Having managed to get away, Scarfe was able to drag himself back to Pop's Barber Shop, where he then collapsed on the floor, still heavily bleeding from his multiple gunshot wounds. Eventually, Scarfe was found by Luke Cage and Claire Temple, as Scarfe had immediately demanded that they not contact the New York City Police Department, not even Misty Knight. When Cage then questioned why Scarfe had come to him, Scarfe explained that this was because Cage did not trust them, and he had been right not to.

Temple insisted that they needed to take Scarfe to the hospital, only for Scarfe to insist that if they did, he would be killed, noting that they had already killed Chico Diaz, choosing not to reveal that he had been the one to kill Diaz. Temple noted that Scarfe had lost a lot of blood and asked Cage to carry him to one of the chairs, as she began examining the gunshot wounds in Scarfe's legs and gut, while he winced in pain. Temple concluded that she would be able to remove the bullet in his thigh, but noted that the bullet in Scarfe's side might have pierced his liver, which she could not fix.

Cage questioned why he should not dump Scarfe at the 29th Precinct Police Station, to which Scarfe insisted that people were trying to kill him. While Temple got Scarfe to put pressure on his wound, he questioned who she was, as Temple just said that she was the woman trying to save his life, as he thanked her. Having given him a warning that this was going to sting, Temple proceeded to beat up some tweezers and began pulling the bullet out of Scarfe's leg, causing him great pain. Scarfe then asked to hide out inside of the barber shop for a while, only for Cage to demand some more answers first.

While Scarfe insisted that he could not explain everything yet, Temple successfully removed the first bullet. Scarfe had then admitted that it was Cottonmouth who had shot him, as Cage questioned if he had been working for Cottonmouth the entire time, which Scarfe admitted was true, noting that he got the Hammer Industries guns out of lock up for him, only for Cottonmouth to attempt to kill him when he dropped them off, with Scarfe still holding back the details. Cage questioned why he could protect Scarfe, to which he noted that Cage survived a shooting, and a missile strike, meaning he was qualified.

However, Cage then asked Scarfe what had happened to Diaz, as he claimed that the Stokes Crime Family had killed him, only for Cage to deduce that he was lying to him. Scarfe finally confessed that he had killed Diaz, as Cage responded by wrapping his hand around Scarfe's neck, and considering strangling him, until Temple convinced him to stop. While Scarfe got his breath back, Cage insisted that they were done with him, and went to leave with Temple, with Scarfe calling out to him, begging him to stop, and confessing to being an asshole, but insisting that Cottonmouth was still the bigger threat.

Scarfe told Cage that he had the evidence to put Cottonmouth behind bars for the rest of his life, causing Cage to come back as Scarfe told him that he had detailed notes of murder investigations that he had covered up for Cottonmouth. Scarfe went on to explain that Cottonmouth used Spurlock's Mortuary to dispose of bodies, which was where Tone and Diaz had disappeared to. Scarfe also admitted to having the name of every Officer on Cottonmouth's payroll. Scarfe told Cage that the notes were in his apartment, as Cage left to collect them to prove Scarfe was telling him the truth.[7]

Apology and Death[]

"You better let me do the interrogation, partner. I'm better at it."
"You're better at it? No you're not."
"I got rapport."
"Yeah, you got rapport."
"I'm sorry."
―Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight[src]

While Scarfe remained in the chair, Claire Temple continued to ensure that he did not fall asleep, and risk dying from the blood loss. Eventually, Scarfe was rejoined by Luke Cage, who had returned from his apartment, where he said that he had been seen by Misty Knight, meaning other Officers would soon be coming to the Barber Shop looking for Scarfe. As Temple noted that Scarfe could not walk, Cage offered to carry him, while Temple arranged transport.

Temple had then revealed that her mother had brought them a van to transport Scarfe in, as Cage picked up the wounded Scarfe and carried him to the back of the Barber Shop. Cage then dumped Scarfe in the back of the van, with Scarfe complaining that he was not being careful enough. As they began driving, Temple noted that Scarfe needed surgery, as Cage explained that they were headed to One Police Plaza, where Scarfe would be dropped off with the evidence, and Blake Tower could take it from there, with Scarfe getting protection until he had testified against Cottonmouth.

Temple Scarfe Vitals

Scarfe being driven alongside Claire Temple

Scarfe complained that Cage was thinking about Cottonmouth while he was dying, as Cage just noted that if Cottonmouth had as many cops on his payroll as Scarfe had claimed, then they would be on the streets of Harlem looking for him. As they drove, Cage noted that the New York City Police Department were blocking the roads, as Scarfe then noted that he would have done the same thing to track down a fugitive. Eventually, Cage noted that they were being followed, only for them to begin being shot at, while Cage drove down the side streets in order to escape.

Eventually, Cage was forced to pull over, as he punched his way through the side of the van and through the brick wall of the building to get them away from the incoming gunfire before they were found. As Scarfe was being dragged through the hallways by Cage and Temple, he complained that he was beginning to feel colder, fearing that he was getting closer to death. However, the members of the Stokes Crime Family managed to catch up with them, and began shooting at them, with Cage using his body to block the gunshots, while Temple helped Scarfe to safety, leaving Cage behind to subdue the shooters.

Dragging him through the hallways, Temple took Scarfe upstairs, as Scarfe complained that he was exhausted, and begged to stop, although Temple insisted that they had to get to One Police Plaza first. Losing his senses, Scarfe told Temple that he had to see Earl Scarfe, as Temple insisted that he would be able to see Earl once they were done, unaware that Scarfe's son was dead. However, Scarfe and Temple then saw a car driving at full speed towards them, as they closed their eyes and awaited the impact, only for Cage to step in front of them, taking the full brunt of the impact, and destroying the car.

LC - ScarfeDyingInTheStreets

Scarfe dies while making a final confession

Once they were joined by Knight, Scarfe finally collapsed from blood loss, as Temple told him to hold onto her hand and look at her, trying to keep him awake. Knight told Scarfe that he had a lot of explaining to do, and he would not be getting out of this, only for Scarfe to jokingly claim that Knight would better leave him to do the interrogation, as he was better at it, as he had rapport. In his final moments, Scarfe held Knight's jacket, as he apologized to her, before he succumbed to his wounds and died in the streets, as Knight mournfully begged her friend and partner to wake up.[7]


Evidence Dismissed[]

"How many other cases got bounced because of Scarfe?"
"As many as thirty."
Misty Knight and Tom Ridenhour[src]

The public exposure of Scarfe's corruption put the New York City Police Department in a center of a large controversy, similar to what happened with Wilson Fisk's case. Betty Audrey had to take the responsibility and relieve herself of her duty as the Captain of the 29th Precinct Police Station, as she failed to stop the corruption in her precinct. Because of Scarfe's corruption and inability to testify due to his death, all evidence that he contributed were dismissed by the court, which allowed Cottonmouth to avoid conviction.[12] Moreover, multiple police cases that Scarfe ever worked on were now reduced to unfounded, which resulted in many criminals getting their charges dropped, such as Cockroach Hamilton.[13]

Misty Knight's Fear[]

"The other way I become Scarfe. And I cannot become Scarfe."
"I'm not worried you will."
"Yeah, well, you're not me."
Misty Knight and Tom Ridenhour[src]

Continuing working as the Detective in New York City Police Department, Misty Knight got frustrated with her inability to stop Cockroach Hamilton, who was guilty in criminal activity and domstic abuse. Since Scarfe was the one who planted fake evidence in his apartment, Hamilton was liberated from jail, and Knight was helpless to do anything, as long as the law was concerned. At one point, Knight made a decision to plant the Judas Bullet in his apartment which would result in Hamilton being charged with federal offense.[8]

Although it did not came to fruition, due to Hamilton being already murdered by Bushmaster, Knight could not help but feel like she is growing similar to Scarfe. Despite the fact that Hamilton was not innocent, Knight found her attempt to get him convicted by using Scarfe's methods unforgivable regardless.[14] Fearing that she could follow the same path her partner took, Knight decided to quit her job as the police officer, however, she had to return when Tom Ridenhour died, and the conflict between the Stokes Crime Family and Bushmaster threatened the whole Harlem.[15]


"Lawyers and paperwork and excuses. Other than mopping up blood and arresting the same piece of shit over and over, you know, not much we can do as cops."
―Rafael Scarfe to Misty Knight[src]

Rafael Scarfe was a hard-nosed, yet cheeky detective. He was also shown to be easily getting tired with people like Misty Knight because of her way to investigate a crime scene as if it really happened now. Sometimes Rafael can work with criminals like Cottonmouth in which he was later caught by Misty to be working with Cottonmouth. But even though he liked to work with criminals, he could also betray them just like what he did to Cottonmouth when he was asked about the guns from Hammer Industries. In which it made him getting shot until he lost a lot of blood causing him to die.


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  • Glock 19: Scarfe grabbed his sidearm when an argument with Cornell Stokes escalated into a confrontation. Scarfe tried to shoot him, but they struggled for control of the handgun. Stokes ended up grabbing it, and shot Scarfe a couple of times, hitting him in the stomach and legs, and severely injuring him before leaving him behind.
  • Colt Detective Special: Scarfe planted this revolver in Cockroach Hamilton's apartment and succeeded in framing him for a crime.


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Appearance for Rafael Scarfe


  • In the comics, Rafael Scarfe was Misty Knight's partner, and an honest police officer until he eventually began to murder criminals that had gotten away with their crimes.
  • Scarfe was a vegetarian.[11]

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