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"Radio On."
Nico Minoru

Radio On is the second episode of the second season of the television series Runaways.


Karolina, Nico, and Molly try to retrieve the Staff of One, but Tina puts up a fight. Karolina grows closer to Jonah while Alex and Livvie share a kiss.


In the morning following their first night at the Hostel, the Runaways are suddenly woken up by a violent earthquake striking Los Angeles. Once the tremors subside, they realize that Karolina Dean is not among them, as she secretly went to meet with her biological father Jonah in order to know more about herself and her powers. Jonah encourages her to remove her Church of Gibborim Bracelet and to learn how to master her powers. She then returns to the other Runaways. Alex Wilder announces that he is leaving for work, but the Runaways insist on knowing what he is up to, forcing him to reluctantly reveal that he is working for Darius Davis.

PRIDE also gather to discuss the earthquake, although they cannot determine whether it is connected to the PRIDE Construction Site. Janet Stein then leaves and secretly meet with Jonah at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, and Jonah reveals that he is keeping Victor Stein alive in a Healing Algorithm, in which Jonah tasks him with building a new Dematerialization Box. Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder remain at the PRIDE Headquarters to monitor the surveillance feed, but Catherine doubts that they will ever be able to find the Runaways and decides to go and talk with Flores. Geoffrey is then called by Janet, who wants him to lend her the Abstract.

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Nico Minoru, Molly Hernandez and Dean leave for a mission in order to steal the Staff of One from Tina Minoru. They break into the house and encounter Robert Minoru, who peacefully urges them to return home. They then find Tina, who uses the Staff of One to single-handedly battle against the three Runaways. In the fight, Hernandez is projected in the mansion's pool, and Tina freezes its surface, trapping Hernandez under a thick layer of ice. Tina becomes overwhelmed by the power of the Staff and nearly strikes down Dean, but Nico is able to make her return to her senses.

Tina thus ends the fight and agrees to yield the Staff to Nico, but warns her that if she takes it and leaves, she and Nico will no longer be mother and daughter. Nico leaves anyway with Dean and Hernandez. She then has an argument with Dean, blaming her for the mistakes she made during the fight against Tina. Nico insists that the Runaways should train so they can fight better together, but Dean is doubtful that they are able of such a thing. Once the teenagers are over, Robert picks up Dean's bracelet, which she dropped, and criticizes Tina for entrusting Nico with an artifact as dangerous as the Staff of One.

Remaining at the Hostel, Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes try to restore power in the mansion. Yorkes laments that she feels completely lost and that her world is being turned upside down, including because of her beginning relationship with Chase. However, Chase is able to calm her down and to comfort her, leading to the teenagers sharing a kiss. They then work on restoring power in the Hostel, and although Chase makes some mistakes causing some LADWP workers to come and inspect the Hostel, they are able to scare them off thanks to Old Lace and power up the Hostel.

Nico, Dean and Hernandez return to the Hostel, and express gratitude to Chase and Yorkes for their work. Nico announces that starting from the next day, they will practice their powers and equipment together so that they are able to fight as a team. Later, Nico and Dean reconcile and decide to spend the night together. Yorkes goes to see Hernandez after learning what happened with Tina, but Hernandez replies that she wants to remain alone. In the night, she sneaks out of the Hostel, deciding to become a vigilante.

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Alex goes to Darius Davis' House, helping Davis and Tamar to move in. He gets acquainted with Tamar's sister Livvie as well, and is invited over for dinner with the family. Once the meal is over, Alex and Tamar find themselves alone in the latter's room and eventually share a kiss. Watching Alex departing, Davis calls Geoffrey, who has just been told by Catherine that they have to frame someone else for Destiny Gonzalez's murder, and offers to bring back his son to him.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Take Me for What I Am Henrey Ford
  • Alex Wilder has dinner with Darius Davis and his family and receives another payment. Alex and Livvie start putting away the leftovers, then she invites him to her room.
Gangnam Style Psy
Last Man Standing Bien
  • Nico Minoru changes the radio station, then Karolina Dean comes to the room and they both apologize for what happened earlier.
The Rage Kid Cudi
Happy Man Jungle


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