"And now , it's time for "The Captain America Adventure Program," brought to you by Roxxon motor oil. Tonight's thrilling tale takes us deep into the heart of the Ardennes Forest, where Hitler's Nazi guard have ambushed the 107th Infantry and taken Betty Carver, the battalion's beautiful triage nurse as their hostage."
―Radio Announcer[src]

The Radio Announcer was the narrator of radio serials about Captain America that were made popular in the years after World War II.


He hosted The Captain America Adventure Program, created by the Roxxon Corporation to capitalize on Captain America's popularity. One episode he hosted featured Captain America rescuing his girlfriend Betty Carver, the triage nurse of the 107th Infantry Regiment, from Adolf Hitler and his Nazi guard.

Once again, the powers of freedom and democracy prevailed and Captain America rescued Betty, who like a typical damsel-in-distress felt so lucky to have a man as brave and strong as him. Hitler promised that he still had a few tricks up his sleeve and that Captain America would not be able to defeat his secret weapon. With Betty wondering what that could be, the announcer announced the conclusion of the episode and urged listeners to tune in the next week for another thrilling tale.[1]

Radio Announcer Valediction 2

The radio announcer hosting an episode on May 8, 1946

On May 8, 1946, the first anniversary of V-E Day, he presented an episode of The Captain America Adventure Program in which Captain America and Betty Carver shared a tearful farewell as his plane went down over the sea of Japan. Beforehand, he recommended Diamond Toilet Soap, which he said was popular with three out of every four movie stars.[2]


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