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"I walked through this door because someone came in before I did. A woman, she was bleeding, and I followed the blood here."
Tandy Bowen to Papa Legba

Rabbit Hold is the fourth episode of the second season of the television series Cloak & Dagger.


Still on her quest to find out more about the sex trafficking ring, Tandy takes a dangerous trip to find Mayhem, who may have the answers she is looking for. Meanwhile, Tyrone's past actions catch up to him and put Adina in harm's way.


Following the disappearance of Mayhem after being absorbed into the Dark Dimension, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen return to the St. Theresa's Church. Tyrone admits that the same thing happened months before with James Connors, and Bowen blames him for not having told her that earlier as Connors is the key to Tyrone returning to his old life. Since Tyrone is unable to open a portal to the Dark Dimension as well, they figure out that it occurs when he is extremely afraid. Bowen attempts to frighten him by throwing Lightforce daggers at him, but with little success. As they talk, however, Tyrone explains that he is afraid that even if he returns to his old life he will fail to protect his loved ones again, and this fear is enough to open a portal for Bowen to enter.

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In the Dark Dimension, Bowen encounters Papa Legba, who appears as a younger version of Tyrone and who explains that he saw Mayhem, who he describes as half a woman. Bowen, who wants to find Mayhem to ask her about the missing girls, is told that to succeed she must give up on the use of her Lightforce powers. As such, she inserts a Lightforce dagger into a pair of coin-operated binoculars, which gives her a two-faced coin: on one side, she can see the drawing of her dagger, while the other side displays a cloak: neither Bowen nor Tyrone are allowed to use their powers, else Bowen will be expelled from the Dark Dimension.

Using the binoculars, Bowen arrives to another location in the Dark Dimension: The Esplanade, a mall where she is ambushed by Mayhem. Bowen convinces Mayhem to help her as Mayhem will not be able to exit the dimension on her own. Thanks to Bowen, they are able to access another part of the mall, where they find a store where someone has been living for months. Both Mayhem and Bowen know that it is Connors, although he is nowhere to be found. They also find a record store, and realize that all the pictures on the records display the missing girls.


Bowen is even more astonished to find records showing pictures of her, and recognizes them as illustrating the worst moments of her life, when she had no hope that the situation would improve. Upon finding some records that are seemingly brand new, Bowen decides to listen to them. As it turns out, they plunge her into reliving three different memories in which she was a witness of her father's abuse towards her mother, but remained ignorant of it either because she was too young or because she walked away from it. After smashing the third record in anger, Bowen realizes that Mayhem is gone.

Meanwhile, Tyrone is alerted by Brigid O'Reilly that the Uptown Block Kings recognized him on a wanted poster in the Bywater Station House, meaning that they have his name and his address. Tyrone thus returns to his former home and warns his mother Adina that she is in danger. Tyrone urges Adina to go, but she insists on hiding some documents first. Tyrone firstly attempts to teleport away with Adina, but due to Bowen's deal inside the Dark Dimension, he is unable to do so. Adina thus takes him out and they manage to steal a car to drive away from the Uptown Block Kings.

Forced to stop and avoid a police checkpoint, Tyrone and Adina get on a bus. However, Tyrone recognizes Solomon, a young member of the gang he previously saved from Mayhem, and instructs his mother to get out of the bus. He then takes his mother to hide inside the Clemence Convent, believing that the history of the place will buy them some time. As they hide, Tyrone tells the story of the convent to Adina, explaining that he heard it from his former girlfriend Evita Fusilier. Adina also remembers Bowen visiting her home and voices her distrust towards her. The discussion is then interrupted when Solomon reveals himself and alerts the other gang members.

Threatened by Solomon and his gun, although his grip is far from being steady, Tyrone reminds him that he saved his life. Adina then tries to appeal to Solomon's good sense, explaining that his own mother would not want him to be on a criminal path. This distracts Solomon long enough for Tyrone to disarm him. Tyrone orders Solomon to tell the Uptown Block Kings that the NOPD is coming, and calls O'Reilly to reveal his whereabouts. A full police operation is mounted to arrest Tyrone. O'Reilly is allowed to go in alone for sixty seconds, and Tyrone convinces his mother to go with her. He then remains alone in the convent, ready to be arrested.

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In the Dark Dimension, Bowen finds Mayhem attempting to hang Connors for his crimes. Bowen attacks her into a fist fight, but is forced to use a Lightforce dagger to save Connors' life. By doing so, she has breached the rules set out by Papa Legba. However, it also enables Tyrone to use his powers once more, and he is able to teleport away from the convent. Both Bowen and Tyrone thus suddenly arrive back into St. Theresa's Church. Upon regaining consciousness, they hear a noise of glass breaking: unlike Mayhem, Connors has also escaped from the Dark Dimension and has quickly left the church.


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Still I Rise Thutmose
...Baby One More Time
(Britney Spears cover)
Galia Arad
  • Mayhem puts on one of the shrink-wrapped records, which produces a vision of Tandy Bowen's parents arguing when she was a baby.
We Don't Want To Go Home Nina Sky
  • Tandy Bowen puts on the second record, which produces a vision of her younger self.
Voices in the Water Lux Veritas




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