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"Please, I didn't see anything, I didn't see anything, I didn't see anything..."
―RJ Nakajima to Winter Soldier[src]

RJ Nakajima was a management consultant who was killed by the Winter Soldier after falling witness to an assassination.


Massacre at the Hotel Inessa

"He had a job with a consulting company. And, uh, he was working abroad and he was killed. The police said “Wrong place, wrong time,” but… I will never know what really happened to him."
Yori Nakajima to Bucky Barnes[src]

At the Hotel Inessa, Nakajima was parting ways with a group of consultants, telling them he needed to prepare for a session tomorrow. As he headed towards his room, however, the Winter Soldier immediately assassinated a group of guards, before crushing a man's throat with his Prosthetic Arm. Nakajima, in his fright, was unable to properly insert his key to the door, which attracted Winter Soldier's attention. Nakajima pleaded that he would not tell anybody of what had happened, though Winter Soldier would shoot him without hesitation.[1]