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"I am a sorcerer! A practitioner of the mystical arts!"
―Quinton the Great[src]

Quinton the Great was a sorcerer and the original owner of the Hostel. Trapped in the Dark Dimension, Quinton was forced to become an emissary of Morgan le Fay, until his experience with the Runaways encouraged him to oppose le Fey's tyranny. Quinton later helped the Runaways to find Alex Wilder, however, he was killed by AWOL's soldiers and turned into a zombified version of himself. Quinton became violent and cruel, and tried to kill the Runaways, only to get killed by Nico Minoru.



Quinton the Great lived in a mansion in California and was a sorcerer who was known as a street magician. He owned a lot of weapons which Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes later turned into Anti-Gibborim Weapons using the Inhibitor Pods.[3] Quinton later became trapped in the Dark Dimension and became an emissary of Morgan le Fay.[1]

Trapped in the Dark Dimension

Encounter with the Runaways

While trapped in the Dark Dimension, Quinton came across Alex Wilder, Tina Minoru, Stacey Yorkes, and Victor Stein, and advised them not to leave the Dark Dimension version of his mansion. While talking to them, Yorkes tried to steal Quinton's monocle. However, they went against Quinton's advice and left anyway, becoming trapped in their worst memories.

Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Molly Hernandez, and Gert Yorkes later woke up in the mansion and met Quinton, who tried to get them to see a magic show, but they refused as they realized that they did not have their powers. Quinton warned the Runaways not to leave the building and stormed off. They followed them and asked for help, and Quinton explained that Wilder, Minoru, Yorkes and Stein left the Hostel and were trapped in their worst memories. They decided to leave, and Quinton disguised himself as Amy Minoru and followed Minoru as the Runaways were trapped in moments designed to torture them.

While disguised as Minoru, Quinton stopped recreations Akari, Tokiko, and Judith Minoru from attacking Nico Minoru. Quinton volunteered to help Minoru find her mother and led her to Tina Minoru, finding her over Amy's corpse, asking Nico to help cast a spell to resurrect her. Quinton left as Nico convinced Tina to leave.

Quinton met with the Runaways, as well as Tina, Stacey Yorkes, and Victor Stein, at the mansion, still disguised as Amy Minoru. Quinton admitted to being an emissary of Morgan le Fay, but had decided not to turn them over to her. Quinton watched as Tina and Nico cast a spell for them to leave the Dark Dimension, and transformed back into himself.[1]

Morgan le Fey's Retribution

Morgan le Fay attacked Quinton as punishment for him refusing to turn in the Runaways and destroyed his mansion, including his performance stage. He was forced on the run and met again with the Runaways, along with Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson. Quinton told the group that le Fay was pulling at the fabric between worlds, planning to have the Dark Dimension consume Earth. Quinton agreed to help the group reach the prison where Alex Wilder was being held, and stayed back while the group entered the prison, resulting in Quinton's death, as a street sign was thrown through his chest.[4]

Quinton the Zombie

Quinton was reanimated as a zombie and attacked the Runaways and Tandy Bowen. Bowen threw daggers of light at Quinton, but they had no affect. Tyrone Johnson appeared, and Quinton began teleporting and fighting the group. Bowen threw a dagger to Nico Minoru, who caught it, turning it into a special dagger with her dark magic, which she used to successfully kill Quinton.[4]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: To be added
    • Illusion Manipulation: Quinton can create illusions. He was able to impersonate Amy Minoru before Nico's eyes.
    • Explosion Spell: Quinton was to cast a powerful spell which made a padlock explode, creating sparks.


  • Staff Mastery: While impersonating Amy Minoru, Quinton is highly skilled in the use of the staff as a weapon. He was able to use it to reflect the energy blasts from the recreation of Nico's family members in the Dark Dimension back to the them.



  • Staff: To be added


  • Hostel: Quinton the Great owned the Hostel and kept his supplies there. When he became trapped in the Dark Dimension, Quinton used its version of the Hostel as his base of operations.




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