"Can you determine the mine based on the impurities?"
"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We've done that already. It's from the Dacey mine in Tanzania, which is owned by–"
"Quinn Worldwide. I'm sure you studied the CEO in your chemical engineering classes, or saw him on the cover of ForbesIan Quinn."
Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz[src]

Quinn Worldwide is the name of Ian Quinn's corporation, a huge multi-national conglomerate.


"This weekend, Quinn Worldwide's got its annual shareholders gathering. We'd risk global outrage."
Phil Coulson[src]

One of the major activities of the organization is mining, owning the Dacey mine in Tanzania. Outwardly the business looks generous and benevolent philanthropist with charitable donations exceeding more than eight billion dollars; in truth, the company is ruthless in its practices, shunning regulation and oversight to the detriment of the environment and local populations.

Seeking to avoid regulation and legal blowback, Quinn moved his operation to Malta, where he obtained citizenship and could operate free from legal persecution from other nations. It was during this time, after twenty years and twelve mines on six continents, where his company, during a mining operation, finally discovered a large deposit of Gravitonium.

During a shareholder meeting of his company Skye infiltrated his villa, posing as a guest, to allow Phil Coulson and Grant Ward to get through the security barrier.[1]

When Seth Dormer and Donnie Gill were making the Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device, one of the rarest components, Thermopile radiation sensors, were shipped to Seth's father, a lawyer for Quinn Worldwide.[2]

When Quinn was arrested by John Garrett and taken to the Fridge, his assets were frozen.[3] How this affected Quinn Worldwide is currently unknown.

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