"She found him... She found him."
"She found Stick, she gonna kill..."
―Quinn and Daredevil[src]

Quinn was a member of the Chaste. He was stabbed through the chest by Elektra while she was searching for Stick, but managed to warn Daredevil in time for him to rescue his mentor.


Chaste Soldier

Killed by Elektra

Having learned that the assassination attempt against Elektra had failed, Quinn and another member of the Chaste then found and informed Stick of this development. Unsurprised that Jacques Duchamps had failed in his mission, Stick deduced that Elektra would soon seek him out to gain her revenge, so he went to his weapons cabinet and prepare himself for the fight, while giving Quinn a document which he claimed contained key information about the Chaste which needed to be protected.

As Quinn and the other Chaste soldier then got in their car and prepared to leave, however, Elektra appeared behind them and fatally stabbed both of them through the back with her Twin Sai before charging inside to confront Stick. Despite barely being able to breath due to the deadly wound, Quinn drove the car outside Matt Murdock's Apartment and crashed, causing Matt Murdock to run outside to investigate. With his final moments, Quinn informed Murdock that Elektra had found Stick and would kill him.[1]






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