"Your people ever talk the name Quincy Purcell McIver?"
"No. Must not have been that important. You know, history remembers queens and kings. Not the flunkies."
John McIver and Mariah Dillard[src]

Quincy Purcell McIver was the co-founder of Harlem's Paradise, the husband of Gwen McIver, and father of John McIver.


"Two dishwashers. One Jamaican, the other American. Like brothers... they built their empire together. Bushmaster's Rum, Harlem's Paradise. Until the Italian gangsters and the Irish cops and the politicians them come for their company. But mi fada nah wan' sell. He's Jamaican. We resist. But Buggy Stokes, him cave in when they told him that he could keep the bar, and make a likkle profit off the rum if he got rid of mi fada. So he kill mi fada. But not before mi fada shot him back in him belly. It took Buggy Stokes five month to die."
LCS2 Quincy & Buggy

McIver and Buggy Stokes

Moving to the United States from Jamaica, Quincy McIver worked as the dishwasher, together with Buggy Stokes. They became good friends, and worked together to purchase the nightclub, named Harlem's Paradise. McIver personally designed an interior of the club and shared the recipe of the Bushmaster Rum that was highly popular.[1]

Eventually, the Italian Mob, an Irish policemen, and the local politicians were interested in taking Harlem's Paradise over. McIver ultimately refused to give the club that they built by their own. However, they contacted Stokes, promising him that he could keep the bar and earn the profit if he got rid of McIver. Stokes attacked McIver, shooting him down, however, McIver managed to shot him back in the belly before his death.[2]







  • In the comics, Quincy McIver was the brother of John McIver who took his fallen brother's alias of Bushmaster. He joined the Serpent Society and often came into conflict with Captain America.


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