The Mo-Cap Suit was designed and used to maintain Mysterio's elaborate deceptions as it was allowing him to appear to be wearing the Mysterio Suit and disguise himself as Nick Fury.

The suit's function also incorporated his domed Mo-Cap facial tracking helmet to give additional gesture believability so he could emote as though he were at the location, even if he were in another location.


During Quentin Beck's Campaign, his Mo-Cap suit was designed to fit him with use of his illusion tech so he could appear in costume. This also allowed him the benefit of having the suit manifest illusory so he would not be bogged down by the weight of the real suit.

The illusion tech also made it easier for the spheroid helmet over his head to transition. Once the illusion suit was active, it could then "go into battle" while Beck himself was cloaked by his drone fleet. The Mo-Cap Suit was made to be worn for practicality in contrast to the tangible and elaborate Mysterio Suit, which was made for flare and show but strut the detail of the character "Quentin Beck" to other people.

The suit's additional technologies were remotely operated by William Ginter Riva, allowing Beck freedom of movement to act while another supported his scripted actions or attacks against Spider-Man.[1]


  • Film-type Mo-Cap Suit: Beck's Mo-Cap Suit is a full body grey and black suit, using primary shapes as reference points to match Beck's body and gestures to the actions of the illusion suit in the drone projections. This form of motion capture suit is most prominent in films for special effects.
  • Dome-Interface Face-Tracker Helmet: Beck's dome shaped helmet is meant to also mirror the unusual and "other-worldly" design of his 'hero' persona. The dome shape allows unencumbered range of sight, while also tracks his facial expressions to allow projections of his face to be as he emotes to others, even when across a city. After the events in Prague, the helmet was linked to E.D.I.T.H. thus granting intuitive interaction with the Stark Industries drone fleet.
  • Computer Data Gauntlet: Beck keeps a functioning mini-computer on his left forearm, connected to the drone collective OS, allowing him to coordinate and view through the lenses of the drone fleet.
  • Gun Holster: Despite not being on the actual front lines of his performances as Mysterio, Beck was never left unarmed. He maintained a Glock 9mm handgun holstered to his right thigh, should he ever be caught unawares. He drew this gun in a last ditched attempt to kill Parker on Tower Bridge, failing only due to the latter's hyper-awareness allowing him to counter.
  • Load Bearing Harness and Toolkit: The harness was made for the purpose of carrying the miniature server on Beck's back for utilizing his Dome helmet so as to functionally command Riva's drone army. The toolkit equipped the computer gauntlet on his left forearm and handgun on his right thigh, for practical operation and defense.


  • Image Projection: With the incorporation of Beck's illusion technology, the Mo-Cap suit could appear as any other clothing with the illusion tech coating it in a designated projection. Such as the case with the Mysterio Suit during instances with the Elementals where Beck was seen but not interacted with.
  • Drone Interface: By use of the helmet and wrist mounted mini-computer, the suit had dual access to Riva's personal drone fleet, and the E.D.I.T.H. drones from the Stark satellite.


  • Quentin Beck's filming Mo-Cap also works a soft reference to his comic book origins where he was once a film studio SFX (Special Effects) artist.

Behind the Scenes

  • This mo-cap suit is also the same type with which Marvel Studios uses for characters, such as Hela, Thanos, Korg and Hulk.
  • The shapes and patterns on the Mo-Cap suit use the Sierpiński triangle design for holographic special effects overlay of Beck's Mysterio suit. This is a common practice in film SFX for digital editing of unique forms with a mathematical design; such as Hela's costume, which was a Mo-Cap suit, overlayed with her Asgardian armor.


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