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"I created Mysterio to give the world someone to believe in. I control the truth... Mysterio is the truth!"

Quentin Beck's Campaign was a series of global drone assaults that were disguised as natural disasters, as organized by illusion specialist Quentin Beck.

Hungry for public recognition after being fired from Stark Industries, Beck feigned these attacks to paint himself as the world's next major superhero after Iron Man's death. Beck falsified a narrative that the disasters were perpetrated by interdimensional entities with element-based powers.

Spider-Man and his classmates eventually discovered Mysterio's true agenda and the true nature of the Elementals, and he exposed Mysterio's drone workforce in the Battle of London before defeating him.


Fired from Stark Industries

Quentin Beck was employed by Stark Industries, where he began working as an engineer, specializing in holographic technologies. Beck had assisted in the invention of the illusion technology prototype during his employment. Tony Stark took an interest on Beck's invention, but opted to use the system for therapeutic pursuits, and codenamed it the Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing, or B.A.R.F., much to Beck's displeasure.

In 2016, Stark went to use B.A.R.F. to revisit his last reunion with his parents before their untimely deaths while giving a presentation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Beck attended the presentation from behind, furious at Stark for naming his work in relation to regurgitation, and envious over being discredited of his work. Combined with the callousness he developed out of his need for attention, due to being unrecognized for the inventor he was, Beck was fired from Stark Industries due to his instability.


Skirmish in Mexico

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Morocco Incident

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Battle in the Grand Canal

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Attack on the Prague Carnival

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Ambush in Berlin

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Battle of London

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