"Iron Man! What are you doing robbing a bank? You're a billionaire."

The Queens Community Bank is a bank located in Queens, New York City.


Robbery at Queens Community Bank

While leaving Happy Hogan a voicemail about his recent accomplishments, Spider-Man noticed four men wearing Avengers masks infiltrating the Queens Community Bank and decided to follow them.

Casually entering the bank, he watched the men use advanced weapons to rip open the ATM machines. Spider-Man made his presence known, sarcastically referring to them as the real Avengers, and engaged them in battle.

SMH Fan's Guide 23

Spider-Man fights off the bank robbers

At first, he took on the robbers with little effort until one of them brandished an anti-gravity gun and began to even the odds with Spider-Man. Eventually, though Spider-Man managed to subdue the robbers, the weapon exploded, leveling the bank and destroying nearby bodega Delmar's Deli-Grocery. Realizing that Mr. Delmar was still in the bodega, Spider-Man left the bank and rescued Mr. Delmar and his cat from the ruins before leaving the scene.[1]

The incident was captured by Spectrum News NY1 and broadcast while Parker and his aunt May were dining at a Thai restaurant.[1]


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