"Quebec ain't like South America, with those terrorist gun-runners you read about."

Quebec is the largest province of Canada.


Escape Attempt

Bruce Banner, on the run from the United States Armed Forces, boarded a truck heading to the Québécois border, in order to hitch a ride without knowing that he was heading out of the United States to Canada.

The Canadian Border Patrol stopped the truck, and, despite the trucker's complaints, he had to open the freight in order to have his cargo checked in a random control. While the trucker explained that he wasn't carrying cargo, as he was headed to Canada to pick the cargo up, Banner was found inside.

The border patrol intended to arrest both Banner and the trucker, before checking a wanted notice issued by the Armed Forces, cuffing Banner in order to send him back to Virginia.

However, that event triggered Banner's transformation into Hulk, who threw the trucker and other vehicles in a fit of rage, even demolishing the elevated highway over the Border Control.

The Armed Forces showed up to take control of the situation, with General Thaddeus Ross commanding the detachment. Ross found physical evidence that related Banner to the incident, an engraved watch given to Banner by Ross' own daughter, Betty.[1]

Banner spent some time in Canada after the incident, and he eventually got involved in the death of two Canadian hunters.[2]

Kidnapping Attempt

Sonia bought bus tickets to Montréal in Quebec in attempt to get her son, Vido out of the United States and his father, Oscar Arocho. However, bus was stopped by Jessica and Alisa Jones, and Arocho took his son back.[3]

Planned Escape

"I think we can get to Montréal in eight hours."
Jessica Jones to Alisa Jones[src]

Being wanted by the NYPD, Jessica planned to travel to Montréal in Quebec and from there, make their way to Uruguay.[4]


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