"I got one plan and that plan requires a fricking Quarnyx Battery, so figure it out!"
Rocket Raccoon[src]

Quarnyx Batteries are energy devices used by the Nova Corps and the Tivan Group.


Escape from the Kyln

Planing the escape from the Kyln, Rocket explained that the final piece for their freedom is a control panel holding a Quarnyx Battery, which if removed would trigger the prison's emergency lockdown. However, as he was explaining this, Groot had wandered to the control panel and ripped the battery off, having failed to hear about the consequences of doing so.[1]

Tivan Group Request

"Three Quarnyx Batteries, seven cases of Cotati seeds."
Knowhere Dispatcher[src]

A dispatcher of the Tivan Group was ordering Quarnyx Batteries and Cotati seeds, before being abducted by Drax the Destroyer to send a message for Ronan the Accuser.[1]


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