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"In this universe, Janet van Dyne contracted a quantum virus that corrupted her brain."
The Watcher[src]

The Quantum Virus is a virus that originated from the Quantum Realm, capable of turning its host into a zombie.



The Quantum Virus originated from the Quantum Realm. In one reality, during her thirty years of isolation in the Quantum Realm, Janet van Dyne contracted the virus, which corrupted her brain.

In 2018, Hank Pym traveled to the Quantum Realm to rescue van Dyne, but found that the virus had transformed her into a zombie. She promptly attacked her husband, infecting him with the virus, too. The two later returned to Earth and attacked and infected Scott Lang, though Hope van Dyne was able to escape.[1]

Zombie Apocalypse

The virus spread rapidly across the United States of America, prompting the Avengers to arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to try and prevent its advance. However, Captain America was immediately bitten and attacked by Pym, and the rest of the Avengers fell to the zombie outbreak (except T'Challa). With Earth's Mightiest Heroes defeated, the rest of the world soon succumbed to the virus as well.[1]


The Quantum Virus is a powerful virus, being able to transmit rapidly. It primarily spreads through saliva, meaning if those infected can bite through flesh, the virus can spread easily. Even extraterrestrials are not immune to the virus, as Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, and Thanos became infected. Despite the damage the virus does to the mind, the zombies produced from the virus can still retain knowledge and skills which they had prior to being infected. Many of the Earth infected heroes were completely capable of using their skills such as fighting, using advanced technology, and using magic. However, Ants are immune to it as they devoured Zombie flesh without being turned into Zombies.[1]


  • In the comics, the Hunger was a zombie virus which took over two alternate Earths similar to the main Marvel Universe, infecting almost all superheroes and villains in the world until devouring all living beings.


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