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The Quantum Vehicle is a technologically advanced vehicle used by Hank Pym to go into the Quantum Realm to rescue Janet van Dyne.


The Quantum Vehicle was built by Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne in an attempt to dive into the Quantum Realm and save Janet van Dyne, who they believed to still be alive in this dimension thirty years after she disappeared. Pym and Hope planned on opening a Quantum Tunnel which would open a stable passageway to the Quantum Realm so that the Quantum Vehicle could go in it.

Two events delayed the activation of the Quantum Vehicle: firstly, the first activation of the Quantum Tunnel resulted in an overload, causing Pym and van Dyne to shut it down and look for a stabilizing piece of equipment; secondly, the Arrest of Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne by the FBI due to the location of the Mobile Laboratory having been disclosed by Luis. Eventually though, the Quantum Vehicle was ready for its activation, with Pym as its user.

With the vehicle's systems locked onto coordinates given by Janet herself to find her in the Quantum Realm, Pym dove towards the dimension. However, the vehicle briefly stopped on the journey due to losing the calibration data, remaining stuck in a microscopic level where it drew the attention of some Tardigrades. The vehicle then resumed the calibration, enabling it to continue its course towards the quantum void. It eventually arrived to its destination, hitting the quantum structures before brutally landing on a plane surface.

Exiting the vehicle, Pym went to find van Dyne, who saved him just as he was about to lose his mind due to the influence of the Quantum Realm. Both of them then got back into the Quantum Vehicle and waited for the Mobile Laboratory to be rescaled back to its full size. Once this was achieved, albeit by Ghost, the Quantum Vehicle began its ascent towards its original dimension. It eventually brutally emerged out of the Quantum Tunnel, violently hitting Ghost in the process.[1]


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