"We need a component to stop the tunnel from overloading again."
Hope van Dyne[src]

The Quantum Stabilizer is a high-tech device used to stabilize quantum overloads.


Quantum Stabilizer was developed in order to decrease the level of the quantum overloads and later was obtained by a black-market dealer Sonny Burch. Working on designing of Quantum Tunnel, Hank Pym realized that he need stabilizer and Hope van Dyne arranged a meeting with Burch in his restaurant Oui, where he informed van Dyne that he knows who she is and refused to sell a device to her.

She then left the restaurant and wearing Wasp Suit, attacked Burch's men. He handed device to Uzman and ordered him to flee while his men hold van Dyne. Van Dyne followed them to the kitchen where she defeated all enemies and took the device. Before van Dyne could leave the restaurant she was attacked by Ghost who attempted to take a device. Starr managed to threat Pym and stole a device, along with Mobile Laboratory.

Pym then managed to track down the laboratory to the Ghost's Hideout where van Dyne and Scott Lang were ambushed by Starr. Bill Foster then explained Pym that he is going to use a device to stabilize the tunnel and extract quantum energy from Janet van Dyne. However, before he left, Pym tricked him and ordered his ants to help him. They then escaped, retrieving a device with laboratory. Inside the laboratory, Pym and van Dyne then wired a device to the tunnel.[1]



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